[The Latest Version] Comfort in Cold Winter: Luxury Pajamas for Men

Many men might wear cheap sweatshirts or jerseys as their winter pajamas.

However, it is important to pay attention to your winter pajamas, and it seems to have more benefits than you might imagine, such as a better night's sleep and satisfaction with the comfortable feel of your pajamas.

Pajamas are usually rarely seen by others, but choosing comfortable and easy-to-wear pajamas can be a great opportunity to make a big difference in your life itself.

Here, we introduce pajamas recommended for men that will be very useful in winter. All of them are high quality pajamas made in Japan, so you can be assured of their comfort and quality.

Find your favorite pair and start wearing comfortable pajamas today.

Creating an environment for a good night's sleep is important in the cold winter months.


Winter is a season when the quality of sleep inevitably declines.

It is hard to wake up in the morning because it is cold, and the dry air causes sore throats. It is difficult to get a good night's sleep due to the cold and dryness of the room.

Even in the cold season, commuting to work or going out can be a chore. If you cannot get enough sleep, your work performance will also decline.

Therefore, it is very important to get enough sleep during the winter season.

Here are some techniques you can use to improve your sleeping environment during these cold winter months.

Techniques for a Cold Winter Sleep Environment

Choosing Warm and Comfortable Men's Pajamas

In winter, we tend to sleep in heavy clothes just because it is cold. The cause of not being able to sleep soundly in winter is that the cold causes muscle tension, which impedes blood circulation and prevents the body's deep temperature from dropping.

Wearing thick clothes with the intention of protecting against the cold conversely puts a burden on the body, and the weight of the clothes reduces blood circulation, which in turn interferes with good sleep.

By choosing men's pajamas made of silk or wool blend, which retain heat and are light and comfortable to wear, you can get a warm and comfortable sleep.

Maintain a constant room temperature

When it is cold, people try to keep warm by piling up several blankets, but if too many are piled up, the weight of the blanket presses down on the body, and this in turn impedes blood circulation.

Many people dislike leaving the air conditioner on because it dries out the room, but on the contrary, leaving the air conditioner on all night and maintaining a constant room temperature will lead to a good night's sleep.

If you choose the "quiet mode" of the air conditioner, the warm air will be muted to reduce dryness. Adjusting the direction of the air flow so that it is not directed directly at the person can also prevent dryness.

Wear a mask when sleeping

When air conditioning is turned on, it becomes difficult to keep the humidity at "40-60%. Therefore, it is recommended to take humidification measures together. Using a humidifier if you have one, drying clothes indoors, and placing houseplants are also effective.

It is also recommended to wear a mask when sleeping, as it can humidify the throat more. In this case, choose cotton or silk rather than non-woven masks. These materials contain moisture between the fibers, so they retain more moisture.

Men's pajamas are recommended for a good night's sleep in cold winters


We have introduced several techniques for creating a good sleeping environment during the cold winter months, and one of the best is to choose warm and comfortable men's pajamas.

After all, it is important to keep the body itself cool during the cold winter months, and quality pajamas are essential for a good night's sleep.

Below we will introduce some recommended pajama materials.

Recommended materials for men's winter pajamas

Silk material

Silk, born from the cocoons of silkworms, is made of amino acids and is gentle to the skin because its composition is similar to that of human skin. It has excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties, so even though it is thin, it is effective in regulating temperature and can be worn warmly in winter.

It is lightweight and comfortable, so it can be worn stress-free throughout the year.


Wool is a material with excellent heat retention properties. It warms up quickly with body heat, making it ideal for nightwear in seasons with extreme temperature differences.

In addition to its heat retention properties, wool also has excellent moisture absorption and deodorant properties, so it is warm but not stuffy.

Cotton material

Cotton is characterized by its fluffy and gentle comfort. It has excellent breathability and moisture absorption properties, keeping you dry and comfortable. It also retains heat, making it a suitable material for winter pajamas.

Another advantage is that it is durable and water-resistant, making it easy to care for.

To get through the cold winter, why not try a new pair of pajamas made of the material that suits you best this winter?

Foo Tokyo's recommended men's winter pajamas


Foo Tokyo, a lifestyle brand that offers loungewear made with the finest materials and comfort, has a selection of men's pajamas that we recommend for the fall and winter seasons.

We have carefully selected the best pajamas for you, so if you find one that interests you, please take a look at our collections.

 Foo Tokyo has a wide selection of men's pajamas, and we recommend them as gifts.

1) Silk pajamas

Foo Tokyo "Silk Pajamas" are beautiful pajamas with a luxurious look and feel. They are made of 100% silk, a high-grade fiber, so they feel wonderful against the skin and keep you warm even in winter.

Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of these pajamas.


Made of 100% precious luxury fiber silk

Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas are made of 100% silk, a precious fiber. Silk is a natural fiber made of protein from the cocoon of silkworms.

Silk is a protein fiber that combines about 20 kinds of amino acids that are gentle to the skin, and reigns as a high-class material among the many types of fibers.

The silk used in this product is a rare luxury fiber that is rare even in the world. It has a very elegant luster as well as a supple texture.

Silk is also highly breathable and absorbs water approximately 1.5 times more than cotton.

People release as much as 1 liter of water while sleeping, and silk is able to catch the water released while sleeping and release it to the outside, making for a very comfortable sleep.

Pajamas made with attention to detail by skilled pattern makers


Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas are made by skilled pattern makers who pay close attention to the details of the silhouette and specifications.

The pattern makers, who are experienced in supporting numerous collection brands, are very particular about even the smallest details of the pajamas.

For example, there are many inexpensive fast-fashion pajamas on the market, but most of them are mass-produced by machine based on a pattern, with little attention paid to comfort and wearability.

Some of them may have frayed sleeves or may not fit properly.

Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas, on the other hand, are the ultimate in quality, sewn in Japan at a factory with world-class sewing technology, and each piece is carefully and painstakingly sewn so that every detail is easy to move in and stress-free.

Because they are carefully made to fit the human body, they have the advantage of being comfortable to wear and sleep well.

Pajamas with careful attention to the way the curves are attached for ease of movement

Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas incorporate meticulous sewing for ease of movement. For example, while sleeping, people often assume various poses depending on their sleeping position.

For the tops, we aim to create pajamas that allow you to lift your arms without feeling stress, and even the way the armpits are curved is carefully sewn.

In addition, to ensure that there is no burden on sleeping comfort, fabric is used in abundance, and the finest quality silk is lavishly incorporated.

Warm and comfortable to wear even in cold winters

Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas are excellent temperature regulators. Fabric made of 100% natural silk can contain a lot of air between the fibers.

This makes them less susceptible to outside temperatures even in cold winters, and their low thermal conductivity keeps them warm and comfortable.

In addition, although silk may appear thin and easily torn at first glance, it is actually stronger than wool or cotton. Therefore, even if you happen to snag your pajamas somewhere, they are sturdy and tear-resistant.

For this reason, Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas can be worn comfortably even in cold winters.

Explore our silk pajamas collection here.

Interior-Like Silk Pajamas are a must have item 

FooTokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク
These interior-like silk pajamas are one of the most popular items of Foo Tokyo's silk pajama series.
FooTokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク セットアップ

Created under the theme of "Wear the Intelier", this item is also inspired by Japanese ceramics.

While previous silk pajamas have been plain, the new silk pajamas feature a design of acanthus, which has been loved as a sacred plant since ancient Greek times and evolved into a Japanese arabesque pattern through the Silk Road, as well as the Foo Tokyo logo, a bird.

FooTokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク カップル

The pajamas' subdued colors and design make them easy to wear for people of all ages, making them ideal for gifts and other occasions.


2) Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas

This design is also used in in-flight wear for private jets. The double buttons utilized in jackets, which are typical formal wear, are used to create an elegant silhouette. As this model can be used year-round, it can be worn even in winter.

This model is made of DCH cotton, a rare extra-long staple cotton that can only be harvested from 0.1% of all the cotton in the world. Yarns made from DCH cotton, which is gentle to both bare skin and the environment, are silky soft and smooth to the touch, making this a pleasant and lightweight product.

When traveling, you may have had trouble staying at a hotel that only has bathrobes.

This design is useful as a cardigan in many situations, such as on the plane, in the hotel, at breakfast in the hotel, or in a restaurant. It is also appreciated by men who frequently travel on business.

Since it is 100% cotton, it can be washed on the trip and dries quickly.

3) Cotton pile pajamas

These pajamas are the most popular item at Foo Tokyo during the winter season. You are lucky if we have them in stock, as they are sometimes sold out before Christmas even if they come in.

Warm and soft, they are perfect for getting through the winter.

Foo Tokyoのコットン パジャマ

Victoria Merino Wool, a "special yarn" made by crossing the natural functional fiber "extra-long Supima Cotton" with a small amount of "extra-fine Merino Wool", is a fabric created by Foo Tokyo's unique blend.

It has an airy feel like wearing silk and a unique, stress-free feel. While maintaining the warming and deodorizing properties of wool, the fabric also overturns the image of wool as "prickly" or "stuffy," resulting in the creation of cotton pajamas with the highest level of comfort.

Explore our cotton pajamas collection here.

4) Organic Cotton Sweatshirt & Sweatpants

Foo Tokyo オーガニックコットン スウェットシャツ & スウェットパンツ

 Foo Tokyo has created a long-awaited sweatshirt product. A stylish piece of sweatshirt material that is not sloppy at all has been born.

It is an easy-to-use piece that is unique to Foo Tokyo, with careful attention paid not only to the functionality of the fabric's feel and ease of movement, but also to the details of the design.

You can take it with you on vacation or on a business trip. Since this product has a fashionable collar, you can walk around in the airplane or in the hotel with this product. It is a very easy-to-use piece of clothing.

5) Nightgown Yak Torfan

Foo Tokyoナイトガウン ヤクトルファン

Foo Tokyo "Nightgown Yak Torfan" is a luxury gown made from "yak" hair, which has excellent heat retention properties. This item is sewn with natural water and can be used for comfort in a cold night room.

A gown made of "yak" wool, which can only be made by skilled craftsmen

Foo Tokyo's "Nightgown Yak Torfan" are gowns made from yak, a type of villi. Yak may not be a well-known fiber, but it is in fact an extremely high-end natural fiber, comparable to cashmere.

Yak is a member of the cattle family and is a cold-tolerant animal that lives in rocky areas at altitudes of around 400 meters above sea level. Yak hair is waterproof, resilient, fine, supple, and lustrous.

Since it is the hair of an animal that lives in cold regions, its thermal protection is said to be higher than that of cashmere.

Foo Tokyoナイトガウン ヤクトルファン 家 カップル

Generally, yak hair is not often used for clothing. One reason is that the sewing technique is very difficult. However, Nightgown Yak Turfan uses approximately 14% yak as a material.

This is because Nightgown Yak Turfan is developed mainly by skilled craftsmen. This is a large, roomy gown in a free size, yet it is made of luxurious yak fabric of the highest quality.

In addition to the attention paid to the materials, experienced pattern makers also pay close attention to the detailed specifications, carefully sewing each gown one by one to make it easy to move in and comfortable to wear.

This is a piece that is representative of Japanese craftsmanship, a luxury gown that, once worn, will make you want to wrap yourself in it all day long.

"Shuttle loom," a 55-year-old technology that has been handed down from generation to generation

Nightgowns Yak Turfan uses a "shuttle loom" that has been used by skilled craftsmen since 1963. This is a loom that uses a jumping shuttle to weave, and it can produce fabrics with a unique texture and feel.

Few factories in the world use shuttle looms, which can produce only 25 meters of fabric per day.

Even so, it is a production method that maximizes the appeal of the material, and the texture of the fabrics produced by shuttle looms has attracted many people.

In addition, Nightgowns Yak Turfan is luxuriously made from yak fabric and the finest cotton grown in the snowmelt of the Silk Road.

As a result, the fabric has an indescribable comfort, and is truly heavenly to wear and sleep in. The color is an elegant shade between gray and beige and can be worn by both men and women.

Foo Tokyoナイトガウン ヤクトルファン 側面

In addition, Nightgown Yak Turfan is manufactured domestically, but the manufacturing location is Imabari, which is world famous for its "Imabari Towel".

The fabrics made in Imabari are made with water with minimal impurities, which brings out their unique texture and softness.

Beautiful natural water is also used abundantly in the nightgowns, and the original charm of the threads and fabrics is brought out in this product.

We also recommend these bathrobes!

Foo Tokyoプレミアム メンズバスローブ
This Premium Men's Bathrobe Stripe Pile is one of the best selling items in Foo Tokyo's popular line of bathrobes.

It is finished in Foo Tokyo's original gray color, with striped piping and a shirred surface for a superb feel.
Foo Tokyoプレミアム メンズバスローブ 男性
The pile finish on the lining ensures water absorbency, making it a bathrobe that achieves both design and functionality.

You can experience the comfort of this bathrobe whether you wear it on your bare skin or over pajamas.

Stay warm and relaxed in men's winter pajamas!


In winter, even if you are careful to keep warm when you are out, you may inadvertently spend time in light clothing at home.

Many men spend time in simple pajamas, especially after taking a bath, and they may catch a cold because of their inappropriate loungewear.

However, pajamas are often worn for approximately half of the day, and changing to better loungewear or sleepwear can often bring benefits to one's life.

Choosing quality pajamas, such as those from Foo Tokyo, which are highly absorbent and warm, may help you get a good night's sleep and improve your performance at work.

We also recommend layering a "gown" in addition to pajamas. Just by adding a quality gown, you will be able to cover up the cold without having to rely on a heater so much.

A gown that is comfortable against the skin will envelop you in a cozy warmth every time you put it on, allowing you to relax at the end of the day.

Finally, Foo Tokyo offers not only pajamas, but also high-quality towels and underwear. These products, along with sleepwear, will make your daily bath time even more comfortable.

In the coming winter months, you will be able to enjoy a warm and relaxing night's sleep by using the pajamas that suit you best, along with high quality gowns and other products.


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