Tips to surprise your loved ones: making them even more enchantingly special

Tips to surprise your loved ones: making them even more enchantingly special 

On the special occasion of birthdays & anniversary, there are more people are fond of giving out traveling gifts to their loved ones. A trip that you can completely enjoy together.

Traveling, regarded as an extraordinary experience, can be said to become a perfect set for surprise. 

There's surely no one who will be unsatisfied when someone tries their best to surprise them for a pleasant gift or trip, which will remain stored in their memory.

Today, by introducing the surprising gift to those who are planning to start their commemorative trip with their beloved ones this summer,

Here are some shared tips to fulfill your surprising journey: 

Today, we would like to introduce how to give a surprise gift to those who are planning a commemorative trip with their loved ones this summer to create the memorable trip.

- Send large gifts to your accommodation in advance

If it is a small gift, it is possible to carry them around without being noticed. 

In such cases, there's a way to send gifts to your accommodation in advance,

When sending a gift to the address of your accommodation, please be sure to contact the accommodation in advance and request that the package be picked up. Also, let them know in advance if you want the gift to be left in the room or if you want room service to carry it to your room after check-in.

- We recommend something that is not too giant & can be carried during your trip.

We recommend gifts that aren't too gigantic, easy to carry & most of all, it can be easily used in some ways during your trip.

Gifts that are too large not only become a burden on the recipient's accommodation, but also make it difficult to carry them home afterwards.

Items that cannot be used during a trip may cause people to wonder,

"Why now?"

Clothes that you can wear the next day, room wear that you can enjoy immediately at your accommodation, a little good liquor that you can enjoy in your room as a small gift, and bath oil that adds some fun during your bath time.

- Leave a sweet message that impress your partner 

Why not writing a message card to express your gratitude every once a while along with your well-prepared gift, the feeling of cherishing will surely remain in your heart for the rest of your life.

At Foo Tokyo, we offer a service that encloses a card with a message that you have entrusted to us as a gift. If you are considering a surprise gift, please contact us.

Gift items that you want to give to your travel destination for more special memories

silk pajamas 

Royal organic cotton flared dress


Foo Tokyo bath oil