Immerse yourself into the Tranquil Autumn

We may found ourselves unaware of the changes of each seasons when we're unconsciously living in the hectic days of lives. However, have you ever experienced the moment that daunt you away from the beautiful scenery in front of you? 

The cherry blossoms have begun to bloom & fall as if i have blinked my eyes at the dazzling green of summer, 

When i looked upon the sky, summer seems to exist, the sky was just a little higher, and scaly clouds were floating in distance.

Which version of yourselves that you've become at the first half of the year of 2022?

Immersing yourself into the tranquil autumn & taking some time to focus on the scenery that surrounds you, sometimes you deserve more than a praise for your efforts & endeavours in life.

Find yourself the moment that shall be allow to drift away the pressure & create the pleasure & completely relaxed time of yourselves, when you can enjoy the moment & take a little but of escape from real life.