Silk Pajamas for a Quality Sleep Experience | Benefits, Care, and Recommended Items

Silk pajama is a type of loungewear that combines both superior comfort and luxuries feeling. For improve the quality of sleep and relaxation, choosing the right bedding is important.

Silk pajamas are one of the most popular choices for pajamas, let’s take a closer look to what makes them so appealing.

First about the material, Silk. Silk is a natural fiber and is characterized by its softness and smooth texture. Silk gently conforms to the skin when touched, providing a comfortable feeling. Silk is also highly breathable and has great ability to regulate humidity, that so provides comfortable sleeping experience. Even if you perspire, you will still be able to concentrate on your sleep as it remains dry.

Not only comfortability, silk pajamas also have health benefits. Silk is antibacterial, which inhibit the growth of bacteria. Silk also has allergy suppression effects making it a suitable fabric for people with allergy skin problems. Silk’s smooth surface reduces friction, preventing skin from becoming dry and itchy.

Silk pajama offer not only health benefits also beauty benefits. Silks smooth material reduces friction with hair, which reduces hair damage and prevents messy hair in the morning.

Silk also has moisturizing effect, preventing your skin from drying out. You should try silk pajamas if you want your skin to keep moisturized when you wake up in the morning.

“Wearable Beauty Essence” Silk's effects and characteristics

Foo Tokyoのシルク生地

About the material

There are pajamas that are made 100% only by silk, which means that only pure silk is used.100% silk made pajamas maximizes the characteristics of silk.

Therefore, when choosing silk pajamas, we recommend that you focus on the material, and look for 100% silk made pajamas.


Softness and feeling of the silk pajamas

silk also has the characteristic of being nonirritating to the skin. Silk fibers are smooth and reduce friction on the skin.

This characteristic of silk makes it safe to wear for people with sensitive skin or allergies. In addition, silk also has antibacterial properties that inhabit the growth of bacteria.

With this properties silk reduces the risk of dry skin problems.


Comfortable in both winter and summer/Wearable for all-season and ability to regulate the humidity


Silk is a highly breathable fabric. A thin layer of air is created between the silk fibers, promoting air circulation. Allowing the silk pajamas to absorb and evaporate moisture and perspiration. Therefore, even those who easily perspire in the night can sleep comfortably.


Health and beauty benefits of silk pajamas

ウォータカラー シルクキャップ ミスティレイク

Gentle to the skin and allergy suppression effects

Silk pajamas are gentle to the skin and effective against allergy. Silk’s smooth fibers reduce friction with skin, preventing rough and itchy skin.

Silk also has antibacterial properties. Therefore, for those who have sensitive skins, silk pajamas minimize skin irritation and provide a comfortable sleeping environment.


Moisturizing and wrinkle improvement effects

Silk pajamas have moisturizing and wrinkle improvement effects. Silk fiber easily absorb moisture and prevent your skin from drying out.

Therefore, wearing silk pajamas can maintain the moisture balance of your skin and reduce skin problems caused by dryness.

In addition, silk’s smooth material reduces the strain on the skin caused by rolling over during sleep, preventing wrinkles from occurring.

Silk pajamas are also recommended to keep the skin moisturized when you wake up in the morning.


Health effects on skin and hair from silk pajamas

Silk pajama also have positive effect on hair and skin health. Silk’s smooth fiber decrease friction in the hair, reducing hair damage and messy hair in the morning.

Silk’s moisturizing properties also works on your hair, preventing it from being dry.

Also, wearing silk pajamas promotes blood circulation in the skin and improves metabolism. Improving the clarity and radiance of your skin and keeps it healthy. Silk’s antibacterial properties also support scalp health and helps preventing scalp problem.


Care for silk pajamas (making silk pajamas last longer)

silk pajamas are made of high-quality materials and require proper care to maintain their beautiful texture and comfort to last longer. Here are some tips on how to take care of your silk pajamas.


Hand washing is recommended

Silk is a delicate material, so hand washing is recommended. Use lukewarm water and wash gently with neutral, detergent. Be careful not to rub too hard or wrinkle them.

Avoid bleach and bleach containing detergents. bleach and bleach containing detergents will damage the silk fiber. We recommend using detergent specifically designed for silk.


Avoid fabric softener

Silk pajamas have a soft texture, but fabric softener coats the fiber which impair their softness. Avoiding fabric softener will let you enjoy the natural texture more.


Dry in the shade

When drying silk pajamas, hang them in the Shade. Avoid direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight may deteriorate the silk fibers. Gently dry in well-ventilated place will make the beautiful texture of silk last longer.


Iron on low temperature setting

If wrinkled, we recommend using a steam iron. When using an iron, low temperature setting is recommended. Also apply steam while covering the ironing area with a cloth such as a handkerchief.

Do not expose the silk fabric directly to the heat of the iron.


Clean before storage

When storing silk pajamas for a long period of time, make sure to clean before storage. Storing silk pajamas dirty may weaken the silk fiber and cause damage.


Silk pajamas can be kept beautiful and usable for a long term of time with special care.

Proper hand washing, shade drying, avoid usage of fabric softener, and ironing at low temperature setting to keep your precious silk pajamas in good condition.


Silk pajamas made in Japan “Foo Tokyo”


Foo Tokyo is a loungewear brand that insists on made in Japan in all of our products. Each piece is carefully produced at a factory in Japan with world class sewing technic and technology.

In recent years, we have been attracting nationwide attentions, including being sold in high-end department stores and being used as costumes for tv dramas. Our products include not only sleep wear but also gowns, towels, and other products that touches the skin.

You can feel our high-quality silk pajamas while wearing it, just because our products touches your skin. you can trust our products quality, we insist on made in Japan in all of our products with the best care and attention.

From Foo Tokyo you can purchase luxurious silk pajamas made of 100% high quality silk, which is ranked 6A/5A, the highest grading for silk in the world.

If you are looking for high quality silk pajamas made in Japan, this is the one brand you should check out.


Extensive experience in high-end department stores. Luxury brand that also handles in-flight clothing for luxury sleeper trains and private jets.


Foo Tokyo has an extensive track record in high end department stores throughout Japan.

Foo Tokyo is also a luxury brand that is currently attracting nationwide attention for its clothing for the "ななつ星 in 九州(Seven Stars in Kyushu)" cruise train, which is coveted by travelers from around the world, as well as for its in-flight clothing for private jets and indoor clothing for Michelin-starred auberge hotels.


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Foo Tokyo's signature silk pajamas have also been used as costumes for popular TV dramas and featured in many TV programs and magazines because of their beautiful appearance.

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Where can I buy FOO TOKYO silk pajamas?

The official online store is the best place to buy Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas. In case you need to exchange the size of an item, we can take care of it immediately.

Foo Tokyo offers excellent after-sales support for silk pajamas. When you purchase silk pajamas from the official online store, you will receive a 10% discount coupon that you can use on your next purchase.

Silk is a delicate natural material, and after wearing it for a long time, the fabric may inevitably become thin or tear. For users of silk pajamas, this kind of after-sales support is an important service.

Click here to visit Foo Tokyo official website

For custumers who would like to see or try on our products before purchasing, please visit our store. At &SLEEP on the 6th floor of Matsuya Ginza, you can always see Foo Tokyo's products in the store. Foo Tokyo also holds many other POP UP STORES throughout the year.

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Recommended silk pajamas popular among men

【セットアップ】シルクパジャマ エレガントネイビー

All of Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas come in unisex sizes, so both men and women can choose their favorite from among all variations.

The most popular among men is the classic silk pajamas in elegant navy. Indigo, which is even darker than navy blue and seems to lull you into a deep sleep if you wear it, is called "勝色(Katsu-iro)" in Japanese, and has been said to be a color of good luck due to its name.

This navy silk pajama set is highly recommended as a gift for men.


Recommended silk pajamas popular among women

【セットアップ】シルクパジャマ ピンクベージュ

This pink-beige color of the standard silk pajamas is particularly popular among women. The beautiful " pink-beige light color," which shows different expressions depending on the way the light hits, brings a sense of security and happiness that warms the heart when worn.


Silk pajamas that express your personality

In addition to standard silk pajamas, Foo Tokyo offers unique and cute silk pajamas that can only be purchased at Foo Tokyo. If you are looking for beautifully designed pajamas that will enchant you just by looking at them, this is what you’ve been be looking for.


Interior-Like Silk Pajamas

Interior Like Pajamas not only as pajamas but also as a decorative element that adorns your room, Interior Like Pajamas are inspired by Japanese ceramics.

The surface of the pajamas is decorated with Foo Tokyo's original textile design, which uses an acanthus pattern as the essence and interweaved birds, which symbolize happiness and luck in the pattern.

It is a beautiful and picturesque piece of clothing that transcends the "framework of clothing" to bring a dignified elegance to any setting.


Watercolor Silk Pajamas

The Watercolor Silk series was created with the aim of creating resort wear that shares an enchanting view with you, as if in a dream.

These pajamas, which are printed on fine silk using a special technique to create vivid watercolor paintings, are available in two color ways: "Evening Glow," which looks like a cutout of the sky at dusk, and "Misty Lake," which expresses the resort's symbolic misty lakeside in layers of blurred colors.

Water-colored silk pajamas, show different characteristic depending on the cutout. Highly recommended for those who want their pajama to be the one and only special pajama in the world.


Silk Jacquard Pajamas

Silk Jacquard pajamas are made of luxurious Jacquard silk woven in a way that the traditional Japanese technic "流水紋様(running water pattern)" used for kimonos.

This product, which can be said to be the masterpiece of Japan's world-class excellence technics. It is more than just a pajama; it is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship.

The "流水紋様(running water pattern)" is a very auspicious pattern that is believed to ward off evil spirits, and to wash away bad lucks and misfortunes. It is sure to please if given as a gift on special occasions.


Foo Tokyo's popular loungewear is not limited to silk pajamas

Foo Tokyo is well known for its high-quality silk pajamas, but silk pajamas are not the only reason for Foo Tokyo popularity. We also have robes, towels, and beddings like pillowcases and eye masks.

We would like to introduce a few more smooth and comfortable pajamas and loungewear that will satisfy those who prefer silk pajamas.


Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas

These double-button pajamas, with their elegant cuttings despite being pajamas, these are designed as indoor wear for private jets.

The fine organic cotton fabric is soft and comfortable to the touch, and the silken finish gives it a smooth, almost silky feel, but at the same time gives you the cozy feeling of cotton.



This one-piece loungewear made of " SUVIN COTTON," a rare cotton also known as "jewelry cotton," is perfect for women looking for cute, casual, mature loungewear.

The characteristic of SUVIN COTTON is its moist and unique texture. Due to its high oil content, it has the luster of silk and the smoothness of cashmere, even though it is made of cotton.



Popular pair pajamas for couples

Foo Tokyoのコットンパジャマ

Foo Tokyo also presents matching pajamas for those who are looking for matching pair pajamas for you and your family member. Most of our products are in unisex sizes and each item is available in a wide variety of colors, so you can match the exact same design, or even purchase different colors for fun. You can also create your own combinations at home by matching shirts and pants of different colors. Foo Tokyo's high-quality pair of pajamas are also highly recommended as a gift for occasions like wedding celebrations, birthdays, and as holiday gifts for Christmas and all the other holidays.


Cotton Pajamas

Cotton pajamas are as popular as silk pajamas. Available in turquoise blue, lavender, and wine red, they are chosen by many as a pair of color-coordinated pajamas with your partner.

Our cotton pajamas have a soft and airy feel that makes you want to keep touching them is so comfortable that once you put them on, you will become addicted to the touch.

If silk pajamas for two are out of your budget, sharing the comfort experience of our cotton pajamas for the price of one pair of silk pajamas might be a good choice for you.


Foo Tokyo’s pajamas are high recommended as a gift


Modern people lack the time to truly rest. Foo Tokyo's pajamas have been gaining popularity as a gift item in recent years, offering a moment of peace and relaxation that allows you to breathe a comfortable sigh of relief.

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If you want to surprise someone with a gift, but don't know their size, don't worry. If the pajamas don't fit, please contact Foo Tokyo directly and we will exchange the size for you immediately. This service will allow you to choose your gift easily.



How to wash and care silk pajamas?


Washing and care instructions

Silk is washable, but because silk is a very delicate kind of fabric, hand washing is recommended, dissolve mild detergent in lukewarm water, and wash gently by hand. For those using a washing machine, using a laundry bag and selecting the delicate course is recommended.


Introduction of special detergents and washing methods for silk pajamas

To make your silk pajamas last longer, it is important to use detergent that is designed for silk and using the right washing method.


Choose a detergent specially designed for silk

We recommend that you choose a detergent specially designed for silk or a detergent specially designed for delicate fabrics available on the market.



Cautions for machine wash

When using a washing machine, wash on a delicate course with a laundry bag. Set the washing machine at a low speed to protect the fibers of the silk pajamas.


How to iron and store silk pajamas

To keep silk pajamas in good condition, care should be taken in ironing and proper storage.


Iron on low temperature setting

If your silk pajamas are wrinkled, iron them on a low temperature setting. We recommend using an ironing cloth to avoid direct contact with the silk fibers.


Cleaning during storage

Before storing silk pajamas for a long time, clean them before storing them. Storing them soiled may damage the silk fibers.


Storage in a garment bag

Silk pajamas should be stored in a breathable garment bag. This not only protects them from insects and dust, but also preserves the texture of silk for a longer time.


To ensure the longevity of your silk pajamas, pay attention to washing and care instructions, ironing, and storage. By taking these care methods, you can enjoy your silk pajamas in beautiful condition forever.


Relaxing in silk pajamas


The charm of silk pajamas also lies in their luxury and elegance. The luster of silk gives the wearer a sense of elegance. Moreover, silk pajamas are available in a wide variety of designs and colors, allowing the wearer to choose according to his or her own style and taste.

Silk pajamas are popular with both men and women. Many designs for women are feminine and elegant. Silk pajamas for men, on the other hand, tend to be simple, classic designs that give a gentlemanly air.

When choosing silk pajamas, it is also advisable to pay attention to those made in Japan. Japan is highly regarded for its silk pajamas in terms of production and technology, and the quality is reliable. In addition, silk pajamas made in Japan with traditional techniques are characterized by delicate sewing and beautiful designs.

Finally, here are some notes on how to select silk pajamas. The quality of the material, the fit against the skin, and the size you choose are all important. It is also important to follow proper care of silk pajamas to keep them in good condition. Silk pajamas are a luxury item and can be used for a long time with proper care.

Silk pajamas are an attractive combination of comfort, beauty benefits, and luxuries feeling. Choosing the right silk pajamas can improve the quality of sleep and your relaxing time. Foo Tokyo highly recommend you to get a silk pajama as a gift to yourself.