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[for KIDS] Organic Cotton Pile Poncho White


Product Summary

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Color: White/Gray/Pink
  • Place of production: Japan
  • Size: Length 70cm/Width 65cm

Creating items that parents and children can enjoy together

Popular model Emi Suzuki has collaborated with the commissioned fashion brand collection "Lautashi" to create a collection centered on children's clothing that parents and children can enjoy together.

This project started with Emi Suzuki's idea, "If I'm going to wear something for a child, I want to make items that are comfortable and have been carefully considered."

The theme of this collection, created by combining the two brands' special techniques and hearts, is "Feel the Timeless Comfort - comfort that transcends various senses."

We have created items that are comfortable to wear and allow both adults and children to relax and feel at ease.

When developing the kids line, Emi Suzuki wanted to incorporate children's sensibilities, so the embroidery icons and the textile design (marbling pattern) of the silk items were jointly created by Emi Suzuki and her daughter.

Clothes that make parents and children feel connected

Another theme is "clothes that make parents and children feel connected."

We used the same fabric for both adult and children's clothing because we want parents and children to enjoy matching looks and linked coordination.

The designer's wish is for people to enjoy unity in their daily lives and feel a sense of emotional connection.

Wraps your child's skin softly organic cotton pile poncho

The poncho is made of rare and highly valuable organic cotton grown without genetic modification on land where no pesticides or chemical fertilizers have been used for more than three years, and is soft and moist to the touch, with excellent water absorption.

A poncho for children that is useful in a variety of situations, such as after a bath or during leisure activities.

The original handwritten logo of Emi Suzuki's daughter is embroidered on the bottom right.

Made with rare organic cotton Carefully selected safe materials


Lautashi x Foo Tokyo's cotton pile poncho uses DCH-32, a rare ultra-long staple organic cotton that accounts for less than 0.001% of the world's cotton production.

The farm is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, in southern India. Despite being surrounded by a harsh environment where the temperature difference between day and night can exceed 20 degrees Celsius, organic cotton is grown in good health thanks to the blessings of the seasonal winds that blow from the Arabian Sea to the Indian Ocean.

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