Foo Tokyo

Cotton cashmere pile gray set (bustier and pants)


Product Summary

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Color: White/Gray/Pink
  • Place of production: Japan
  • Size: Length 70cm/Width 65cm

Creating items that parents and children can enjoy together

Popular model Emi Suzuki has collaborated with the commissioned fashion brand collection "Lautashi" to create a collection centered on children's clothing that parents and children can enjoy together.

This project started with Emi Suzuki's idea, "If I'm going to wear something for a child, I want to make items that are comfortable and have been carefully considered."

The theme of this collection, created by combining the two brands' special techniques and hearts, is "Feel the Timeless Comfort - comfort that transcends various senses."

We have created items that are comfortable to wear and allow both adults and children to relax and feel at ease.

When developing the kids line, Emi Suzuki wanted to incorporate children's sensibilities, so the embroidery icons and the textile design (marbling pattern) of the silk items were jointly created by Emi Suzuki and her daughter.

Clothes that make parents and children feel connected

Another theme is "clothes that make parents and children feel connected."

We used the same fabric for both adult and children's clothing because we want parents and children to enjoy matching looks and linked coordination.

The designer's wish is for people to enjoy unity in their daily lives and feel a sense of emotional connection.

Soft cotton fabric with cashmere blend

We want to create loungewear with a design that appeals to women, while paying particular attention to texture and comfort. Emi Suzuki chose cotton cashmere pile fabric.

By blending a small amount of heat-retaining cashmere with cotton, which has excellent water absorption, it achieves a good balance of being warm but not stuffy. It has a smooth and fluffy feel that you can't help but want to touch, enveloping your body and bringing you peace of mind.

Foo Tokyo ラウタシ コラボレーション

The bustier uses a wire-free type to eliminate the feeling of pressure. It is designed to fit the human body.

The fabric itself has stretch properties, so it is recommended as an inner layer for your room or when you want to be active.

The back of the bustier has a cat motif on the front and is embroidered with a collection-limited logo.

By adopting a leggings design for the pants, we designed them to make women look beautiful in a relaxed mood.

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