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Silk Gown Charcoal Gray


Model height: 168cm / wearing size M
This silk gown is made of 100% unprocessed "raw silk".

This silk gown was created in response to a request for a gown made of the same fabric as Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas.

We recommend that you wear it on your bare skin. It can also be worn over pajamas. Enjoy the same melt-in-your-mouth comfort as silk pajamas.

A peaceful way to end the day
Charcoal gray "Aibokucha
It's also suitable for your gift option sent to your loved one.

Japan has one of the most delicate dyeing techniques in the world. Foo Tokyo's silk gowns are carefully dyed one by one at selected factories in Japan.

Since you spend about 1/3 of your day sleeping, we chose colors inspired by traditional Japanese colors to help you relax from both the visual (design) and tactile (comfort) perspectives.

Aisumicha, an indigo-tinted ink color, was a favorite color in the mid-Edo period (1603-1868). It is said to have originated from "Aisumicha," which means "the reconciliation has been completed.

It is said to have originated from "Souzai-cha," which means "the handfasting has been completed." It also means "the case has been settled," and we hope that the wearer will end the day in peace by wearing this color.

It is also a symbol of "good luck," wishing for the happiness of the wearer, and is often chosen as a gift by many people as the best way to express their feelings to their loved ones.

In recent years, Foo Tokyo silk pajamas have been used as costumes for TV dramas and sold at famous department stores such as Isetan Shinjuku, and are highly regarded nationwide.

The silk pajamas are made of 100% special silk and tailored by Japanese craftsmen with delicate sensibilities.
Silk gowns tailored to the delicate sensibilities of Japanese craftsmen

The gowns are made of 100% "raw silk," the world's highest grade of silk (6A/5A), and are designed with Foo Tokyo's unique techniques to create a comfortable fit and elegant design that feels as if it is absorbed into the skin.

Silk is also called "beauty essence to wear.


Silk is a special natural fiber that was adored by centuries, it's the luxurious skin-friendly fibers that applied to the human skin, any types of sensitive or atopic skin can also comfortably enjoy the wear.

"Nurturing beauty & wearable serum produce premium tranquility." Silk is said to be a beauty essence to wear, also as a wearable serum. 

Silk is a special natural fiber that has been adored by people for its ability to make the skin beautiful. The composition rich in amino acids is very close to human skin, making it a gentle material that can be worn by people with sensitive or atopic skin. Foo Tokyo's silk camisole is made using only 100% of the finest raw silk . 8 hours a day spent sleeping. Night time, which occupies 1/3 of our lives, will be transformed into a special time to "cultivate beauty while cherishing the mind and body ."

Enjoy the aging of silk naturally.

Did you know that silk ages just like leather ?

The secret of silk's smooth texture is that the fibers are very fine. Therefore, every time you wear it and wash it, the texture of the fabric will change like a tree carves annual ring. This is how silk changes over time.

After 6 months of wearing it, wrinkles will appear along the lines of your body, and you can relax while enjoying the changes that are unique to you.

Outline of the product
Material: 100% silk
Place of production: Japan

Color variations: pink beige, elegant navy, charcoal gray, pearl white

Size range: Free

Size: Length 124 cm / Bust 111.7 cm / Waist 110.2 cm / Sleeve length 46 cm

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