Foo Tokyo

Royal Organic Cotton Hair Scrunchie: 2-way Type


Sustainability / Sustainable Fashion: 

Upcycled cotton & silk hair accessories: 

Foo Tokyo realizes the concept of sustainable fashion with a coordinated scrunchie hair band, we have strived to reach our vision of sustainable fashion by reducing the maximum footprints of production. 

- Premium highest rank of silk & cotton                                                                              - Upgrade hair tie quality of accessories - pure silk scrunchies are perfect suit to beauty routine.                                                                                                                      - Two-way scrunchies are designed to be gentle while applying on your delicate hair without any annoying ridges caused by hair elastics.                                                - Silk hair accessories have been shown to reduce friction with the nutritional protein embedded in silk.

Fashion Sustainability 

The ribbon scrunchie and hair band are items inspired & created by the concept of sustainability. Upcycling is one of the sustainable efforts to make use of materials that are not expected to be used in the production process, etc., and convert them into other products.

Recycled products have an environmental impact such as incineration to return the product to its raw material, but upcycling does not impose such an impact and allows the effective use of resources as they are.

Clothes are usually made by cutting out multiple parts from a single piece of cloth and sewing them together. Since curved parts are cut out of rectangular cloth, a small amount of leftover cloth is produced from the gaps.

Product Summary

Material: 100% cotton                                                                                                  Color: Navy/ Graige                                                                                                    Country of origin: Japan                                                                                                Size availability: FREE

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