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【Tops】Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas Off-White


Perfect as a pair of pajamas or a gift
Double button organic cotton pajamas.
Also available in high-end department stores.

Available in cobalt blue and off-white, these pajamas are perfect as a pair of pajamas. The elegant double-button design creates a relaxing and quality experience.

Foo Tokyo's cotton pajamas are the perfect gift to send to your loved ones.

Foo Tokyo's pajamas are sold in famous department stores such as Isetan Shinjuku, and are highly acclaimed nationwide.

Elegant design and lightweight comfort
Foo Tokyo's original
Double-button organic cotton pajamas
In its quest to perfect cotton pajamas, Foo Tokyo focused on the exact opposite concept of "formal wear. The elegant silhouette is achieved by using double buttons, which are used for jackets, a typical formal wear.

The elegant silhouette is shaped by skilled pattern makers who have supported the collection brands and Japanese sewing craftsmen who support famous European and U.S. maisons.

In addition to the elegant design, the lightness and comfort required for pajamas are realized by paying thorough attention to fabrics and colors.

DCH cotton, a rare extra-long staple cotton that can only be harvested from 0.1% of all cotton in the world, is used. Yarns made from DCH cotton, which is gentle to the skin and the environment, are silky soft and smooth to the touch. The fabric knitted with these yarns is further processed with a silken finish to make it even smoother, resulting in a fabric with a melt-in-your-mouth feel that is suitable for relaxing wear.

The fabric can be machine-washed in the same way as regular clothes without concern for the material.

It is available in two colors, light cobalt blue and off-white.

The lining is designed to be as gentle as possible against the skin by applying a seamless bag stitching. The Japanese craftsmen's hands have been added to each and every seam.

These special organic cotton pajamas have an elegant design, yet are light and comfortable to wear as pajamas.

Product Outline

Place of origin: Japan
Color range: Cobalt blue / Off-white
Sizes available: S / M / L / LL
Model wearing: Male 178cm size L / Female 165cm size M

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