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【Bottoms】Interior Like Silk Pajamas

"Wear the Interior"

Silk pajamas created under the theme of "Wear the Interior" .

The interior-like collection is not merely pajamas, but also a decorative item for a room where inspired by Japanese ceramics, interpreted as the decoration for the room.

The essence of the Acanthus Leaf, which has been cherished as a sacred plant since ancient Greece, and has evolved into Japanese arabesque patterns through the Silk Road, it is an original Foo Tokyo product that interweaves a bird that symbolizes happiness & blessings.
Beauty that transcends the “framework of clothes” that brings dignified elegance to its place.

Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas have been chosen by many people as a perfect gift to convey their feelings to their loved ones .

In recent years, Foo Tokyo silk pajamas have been highly evaluated nationwide, being used as TV drama costumes & being introduced by renowned magazines & handled / purchased / exhibited by luxury department stores such as Isetan Shinjuku.
100% special silk is applied & tailored by delicate sensibility & professional Japanese craftsmanship for home-relaxation. 
By applying the world's highest 6A/5A rank, Foo Tokyo applies the special silk with the unique fabric, so-called the gem of the fabrics, that may relax 

By using 100% of the world's highest "6A / 5A rank" special silk and applying Foo Tokyo's unique ingenuity throughout, we have achieved an elegant design that feels like it will stick to your bare skin. It is a gem that makes you feel happy just by looking at it.

For example, the piping, which tends to play a supporting role in the design, uses a thin and soft material, and has been given attention to detail as an important accent color that complements each fabric color. The buttons are beautifully shiny shell buttons that decorate pajamas like casual jewelry.

In addition, since silk is a delicate fabric, it has the weak point that the crotch part is easy to tear, but by changing the stitching, we have increased the strength and durability while maintaining the softness. When you pick up Foo Tokyo silk pajamas, please turn them inside out. Foo Tokyo silk pajamas use “bag stitching” that hides the edges of the cloth, so that the edges of the cloth do not touch the skin and cause stress, so it is smooth wherever you touch it and feels like it will stick to your skin. It has come true. Silk, which is a soft and delicate fabric, requires advanced techniques for such fine sewing. Foo pajamas are made with the skilled techniques of Japanese sewing craftsmen who support top maisons .

"Nurturing 'beauty' in high-quality tranquility" Top-notch
wearable serum

Silk is said to be a beauty essence to wear .

Silk is a special natural fiber that has been loved by people for its ability to make the skin beautiful . The composition rich in amino acids is very close to human skin, making it a gentle material that can be worn by people with sensitive or atopic skin. Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas are made using only 100% of the finest raw silk .

8 hours a day spent sleeping. Night time, which occupies 1/3 of our lives, will be transformed into a special time to "cultivate beauty while cherishing the mind and body ."

Enjoy the aging of silk

The secret of silk's smooth texture is that the fibers are exquisitely delicate & soft. Therefore, once you wear it and wash it, the texture of the fabric will change periodically. 

After 6 months of wearing it, wrinkles will appear along the lines of your body, and you can relax while enjoying the changes that are unique to you.

Material: 100% silk Country
of origin: Japan
Color options: Ivory
Size options: S, M, L, LL Models wearing: Male 178 cm wearing L size / Female 165 cm wearing M size


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