Foo Tokyo

Silk Shorts Pearl White


Silk shorts made from 100% unprocessed "raw silk"

Silk short pants using Foo Tokyo's standard silk fabric.

The design is such that it hangs slightly to the left and right when viewed from the front, and a beautiful A silhouette is completed with a camisole and top. You can also wear it as a set according to the season and purpose.

There are two stitches running on the crotch,

making it a relatively strong sewing specification.

Available in 3 colors that are carefully dyed one by one.
Also available at high-end department stores

Japan has one of the world's most delicate "dyeing" techniques. Foo Tokyo's silk shorts are carefully dyed one by one at a carefully selected domestic factory.

There are three color variations: pink beige (light color), charcoal gray (indigo brown), and pearl white (pearl color).

In recent years, Foo Tokyo shorts have been highly acclaimed nationwide, such as being handled by famous department stores such as Isetan Shinjuku .

Made of 100% special silk, these
Silk shorts are made with the delicate sensibility of Japanese craftsmen.

By using 100% of the world's highest "6A / 5A rank" special silk and applying Foo Tokyo's unique ingenuity throughout, we have achieved an elegant design that feels like it will stick to your bare skin. It is a gem that makes you feel happy just by looking at it.

When you pick up the Foo Tokyo silk shorts, please try turning them inside out. Foo Tokyo silk shorts use “bag stitching” that hides the edges of the fabric, so that the edges of the fabric do not touch the skin and cause stress, so it feels smooth wherever you touch it and feels like it will stick to your skin . is realized. Silk, which is a soft and delicate fabric, requires advanced techniques for such fine sewing. Foo Tokyo silk shorts are made with the help of skilled Japanese sewing craftsmen who support top maisons.

"Nurturing 'beauty' in high-quality tranquility"
Top-notch wearable serum

Silk is said to be a beauty essence to wear .

Silk is a special natural fiber that has been loved by people for its ability to make the skin beautiful . The composition rich in amino acids is very close to human skin, making it a gentle material that can be worn by people with sensitive or atopic skin. Foo Tokyo's silk shorts are made using only 100% of the finest 'raw' silk .

8 hours a day spent sleeping. Night time, which occupies 1/3 of our lives, will be transformed into a special time to "cultivate beauty while cherishing the mind and body."

Enjoy the aging of silk

Did you know that silk ages just like leather ?

The secret of silk's smooth texture is that the fibers are very fine. Therefore, every time you wear it and wash it, the texture of the fabric will change like a tree carves annual rings. This is how silk changes over time.

After 6 months of wearing it, wrinkles will appear along the lines of your body, and you can relax while enjoying the changes that are unique to you.

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