Foo Tokyo

Interior Like Silk Pillow Case

Product Summary
Material: 100% silk
Color: Pink Beige/Mint Green/Elegant Navy/Charcoal Gray
/Pearl White/Ivory/Evening Glow/Misty Lake

Country of Origin: Japan

Size expansion: width 73 cm x height 55 cm
(external dimensions: width 78 cm x height 60 cm)
Compatible pillow size: Supports sizes up to 50 x 70 cm

A pillow case large enough to fit a spacious 50cm x 70cm pillow. It is well known that you can take care of your hair with a silk cap, but the idea is to take care of not only your hair but also your skin with silk while you sleep. A pillow case made from Foo Tokyo's standard fabric and decorated with the Foo Tokyo logo as an icon. It is an envelope type pillow case.

There are five color variations: Pink beige (light color), Mint Green (celadon color), elegant navy (katsu color), charcoal gray (indigo brown), and pearl white (pearl color). It has the meaning of "auspicious" wishing for the happiness of the person who wears it, and is chosen by many people as a gift.

Foo Tokyo's silk items are sold in famous department stores such as Isetan Shinjuku, and are highly rated nationwide.


Silk is said to be a beauty essence to wear.

Silk is a special natural fiber that has been loved by people for its ability to make the skin beautiful. The composition rich in amino acids is very close to human skin, making it a gentle material that can be worn by people with sensitive or atopic skin. Foo Tokyo's silk items are made using only 100% of the finest raw silk.

8 hours a day spent sleeping. Night time, which occupies 1/3 of your life, will be transformed into a special time to nurture beauty while caring for your mind and body

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