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【SET-UP】Royal Organic cotton double button Pajama Navy


Product Summary

Material: 100% cotton  Production area: Japan Color options: cobalt blue / off-white / navy Size options: S / M / L / LL Models wearing: Male 178cm L size / Female 165cm M size

Double button cotton pajamas perfect for pair pajamas and gifts, also available at each high-end department stores nationally & globally.

There are three color variations, cobalt blue , off-white, and navy, which are designed perfectly for paired pajamas. The elegant design of the double button creates a high-quality relaxing time.

Foo Tokyo's cotton pajamas have been chosen by many people as a perfect gift to convey their feelings to their loved ones .

Foo Tokyo pajamas display at famous department stores nationally & globally such as Isetan Shinjuku.

Double-button organic cotton pajamas developed by Foo Tokyo with elegant design & light-weighted comfort.

With the aim of producing perfect cotton pajamas collection, the double button design generally derived from the formal casual wear of formal jackets.

The elegant silhouettes are created by skilled pattern makers who have supported collection brands and Japanese sewing craftsmen who support famous European and American maisons.

In addition to the elegant design, we have achieved the light comfort required of pajamas by thoroughly focusing on fabrics and colors.

Uses rare ultra-long cotton "DCH cotton" that can only be harvested at 0.1% of the cotton that exists in the world. Threads made from DCH cotton, which is gentle on the skin and the environment, are silky soft and smooth to the touch. By applying a mercerization process to make the fabric knitted with this thread even smoother, the fabric has a melting texture suitable for relaxing wear.

We have dedicated to our producing materials, washable & ultra-cozy premium cotton fabric.  

Available in three warm colors: cobalt blue, off-white and navy.

Foo Tokyo follows traditional Japanese craftman techniques during production, the lining is sewn inner bags without any seams embedded inside, the special organic cotton pajamas are designed ultra-comfy as possible.

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