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Silk Jacquard Gown Water Pattern Pearl White


Product Summary

Material: 100% silk
Production area: Japan
Color options: Pink beige, Elegant navy, Charcoal gray
Size options: Free
Size: Length 124cm/Bust 111.7cm/Waist 110.2cm/Sleeve length 46cm

A silk gown with a traditional Japanese pattern "Flowing water pattern" with a wish to ward off bad fortune. 

The theme of this work is based on the concept of water, representing the nurtures of life & sometimes can even be threatened by people at times. No matter how much the machines & technology have been developed, there’s a strongly inseparable link between humans & water with the view to the reason that the human body is made of fluid water.

Among the traditional Japanese patterns that have been handed down from generation to generation, there are several that represent water in their auspicious patterns. This time, we have chosen a representative pattern from among them, the "flowing water" pattern, as pure and clear, and often been produced & designed in first-class kimono designs as a pattern of good omen to ward off evil. 

Plagues & calamities have exceeded our imagination, among this art piece, it’s through its expression of the wish to ward off evil spirits by expressing pure water that washes away deep sorrows and sufferings created. It is a piece of clothing that should be worn during "sleep time" when people are most innocently vulnerable.

"Tango Silk" with 1,300 years of history

Tango is the largest silk weaving region in Japan. Tango silk continues to evolve into a fabric with a texture unparalleled anywhere in the world, thanks to the supple and soft texture produced by high-quality soft water and the techniques developed by Tango weavers through trial and error.

Silk threads, a natural fiber, are "living creatures" and even if the same operation is repeated, the results will differ. In the simple but complex process of combining, twisting, and weaving various yarns, Tango craftsmen face the "living creature" on a daily basis to create the desired texture and feel. It is a beautiful and natural expression that cannot be woven even by the latest machines. The many variations of this expression and the fine texture are the characteristics of Tango silk.

Jacquard weave is a fabric woven in such a way that the pattern stands out. This technique is often used for kimono fabrics, as it has a three-dimensional effect and a luxurious feel compared to prints that express patterns. Jacquard weaving delicate silk is never easy. A first-class weaver's skill is essential to create beautiful silk jacquard fabric.

This time, we used silk jacquard fabric from the textile brand “create ebara”, which has a factory in Tango, Japan’s leading silk fabric production area. With outstanding technology, a luxurious fabric with a beautiful flowing water pattern on smooth silk has been completed.

Elegant lace woven with silk

The silk gown is elegantly decorated using silk lace woven with the unique technology of Tango's Yasuda Textile. The "transparent silk" woven using a technique called "karamiori" will make you fall in love with its delicate and beautiful texture. The polite and outstanding technology of Japanese craftsmen shines.

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