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【Limited quantity】Nightgown White Cashmere


A limited quantity item using a blend of white cashmere and organic extra-long cotton.

This nightgown is luxuriously made of a blend of noble and beautiful high-quality white cashmere and the finest cotton grown in the silk road's meltwater.

Cashmere goats live in the Himalayan region of Nepal and the Mongolian highlands. A goat's hair is densely covered with thick bristles that cover the body and delicate and soft downy bristles on the inside.

"White cashmere" is a rare material that carefully collects downy hair that can only be obtained from 150g to 250g per cow. The fabric used is a blend of white cashmere and organic extra-long cotton.

Combining the luster of cashmere and extra-long staple cotton, it is characterized by its luster and its superior moisture retention and heat retention properties compared to other animal hairs.

Detail1 Processing method

The outer fabric of the gown is cut flat at the top of the pile woven fabric. You can enjoy the smooth texture like velour. The inner fabric is brushed and features a soft texture like a marshmallow.

Detail2 Sewing

The number of seams that come into direct contact with the skin is reduced as much as possible to pursue comfort.

By covering the hard seams that connect the fabrics with taping, we researched specifications that do not cause unevenness on the inside, and are devised so that you can enjoy stress-free time at home.

These garments are sewn at a domestic factory that has the world's top-level sewing technology that supports famous European and American maisons, with a skilled patterner who has supported numerous collection brands, paying attention to detailed silhouettes and specifications.

Detail3 Design

・By placing the armholes at the top, it is designed to increase the range of motion of the arms. When you raise your arms, your clothes will not be stretched and difficult to move.

-Because the belt loop is looped and fixed at one point, the belt loop does not come into contact when you sit down. With this specification, you can change the position of the belt at any time, for example, the position of the waist or the position of the stomach.

・Researched the elbow bend angle, pocket size, and sloping method so that the hand can be smoothly inserted into the pocket. The shape of the packet is not rectangular, but rather slanted so that the pocket slopes toward the back.

[Product Overview]

Material: Cashmere 17% Cotton 83%

Country of Origin: Japan

Size Expansion: FREE

sizes: Length 130, Bust 121, Hips 123, Hem 131.4, Length 83, Cuffs 37.5
(Unit : cm)

Model height: 173cm


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