Foo Tokyo

[john masters organics collaboration gift] Travel care gift and knit room socks (gray and blue)


Peace of mind for your travels

A travel care gift that combines a johnmasters organics 4-piece hair care set and Foo Tokyo's knit room socks.

Johnmasters Organics offers a portable size hair care set that won't weigh down your luggage so that you can enjoy a special bath time while being surrounded by high-quality scents while traveling.

It prevents dryness and leads to moist, manageable hair.

Foo Tokyo offers soft and warm knit room socks that are useful in the fall and winter. Since the yarn is mixed with wool, it has moisture absorption and deodorizing properties in addition to heat retention, so you can stay comfortably even in a heated room without getting stuffy. These room socks are perfect to accompany you while you're at home, but you'll also want to take them with you when you travel during the cold season. 

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