Foo Tokyo

Royal Organic Cotton Poncho Beige


Foo Tokyo's Royal Organic Cotton Poncho Beige

- Tailored with the world premium materials & traditional Japanese-inherited technology
- Available in three color variations: Greige / Navy / Beige                                                - Rare royal organic cotton is applied with exceptional sewing techniques of nashiji knitting.                                                                                                                                  - The silhouette is created by Japanese pattern makers who have supported brands & Japanese sewers who support top maisons.                                                                  -The simple rectangular creates the beautiful drapes of design while wearing & creating a dramatic silhouette.

Loungewear is also considered as the perfect gift suit for each occasion, directly purchased & been exhibited among each high-end department stores, from nationwide known as Isetan Shinjuku to the others worldwide. 

The optimum solution of yarn & knitting sewing technique creates the refreshing & elegant comfort.

A combination that we were convinced from among the many materials available in the world. Royal organic cotton" is finished with "nashiji weave". This is the one and only piece of loungewear that Foo Tokyo has found that combines relaxation and dignified beauty.

This is made of DCH cotton, a rare extra-long staple cotton that only 0.1% of all the cotton in the world can be harvested. Yarns made from DCH cotton, which is gentle to the skin and the environment, are soft, silky, and comfortable. Its unique texture, which is rare in the world, makes it an ideal material for relaxing wear.

In pursuit of the perfection of loungewear, Foo Tokyo focused on the opposite concept of "formal wear," nashiji knitting. Developed in Bishu, a region famous for wool fabrics synonymous with formal wear, nashiji has a finely textured surface that does not stick to the skin, making it cool and comfortable to wear even in summer. The use of high-quality, soft yarns means that skin friction is not an issue at all, and the fabric is smooth yet light, making it ideal for addictive comfort. 

The lining is designed to be as gentle as possible against the skin by applying a seamless pouch stitching. The Japanese craftsmen's hands are also applied to each and every seam.

Product Overview

Color: Greige / Navy / Beige 
Place of Origin:Japan
Material: 100% cotton
Size range: Free
Model wearing: Female 165cm

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