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Organic Cotton Baby Bib


Foo Tokyo chose to use the finest organic cotton & is very keen to the design of our baby items, which are made from the finest standardized organic cotton. 

Foo Tokyo's towel fabrics are certified under the Imabari Towel Standard, and the design of these baby items is also carefully selected.

The towels are made of rare organic cotton grown without genetic modification on land that has been free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for more than three years, so they are not only gentle on baby's skin, but also absorb water well.

Each item is embroidered with Foo Tokyo's iconic original logo featuring a bird symbolizing comfort and happiness. Each item is available in white, charcoal, and pink.

In recent years, Foo Tokyo's items have been carried in famous department stores such as Isetan Shinjuku, and are highly acclaimed nationwide.

Made from rare organic cotton:

Foo Tokyo has been producing pajamas, loungewear, and towels that are close & friendly to the skin. Foo Tokyo continues to introduce baby items while paying close attention to materials, production backgrounds, and designs.

Foo Tokyo baby goods are made of DCH-32, a rare extra-long staple organic cotton that accounts for less than 0.001% of the world's cotton production. The plantation is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in southern India. Surrounded by a harsh environment with a temperature difference of more than 20°C between day and night, this organic cotton is grown in good health by the blessings of the seasonal winds that blow from the Arabian Sea to the Indian Ocean.

DCH-32" extra-long staple cotton is grown on an organic cotton farm contracted by a Japanese spinning company. Organic cotton is cotton grown without genetic modification on land that has not been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers for at least three years.

In ordinary non-organic cotton farming, a lot of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used for the purpose of mass production, in order to stabilize the yield and to harvest the cotton quickly. On this farm, however, instead of using insect repellents to control pests, handmade medicinal herbs are used in accordance with tradition.

In addition, each cotton fiber is carefully hand-picked one by one to avoid damaging the cotton fibers and maintain the fluffy texture when it is finished into yarn.

Three Elegant Colors for the Transition of Time

Foo Tokyo's baby goods come in three colors: white, pink, and charcoal gray. This color scheme was inspired by the story of a cherry tree.

It is the Usuzumizakura, one of the five most famous cherry trees in Japan. The cherry tree is 1,500 years old and is known for its pink buds that turn white as they reach full bloom, and then turn pale black as they mature over time, hence the name. The three colors evoke the beauty of the transition of time.

Material: 100% cotton
Place of production: Japan
Size: 13.5 cm (length) X 20 cm (width)


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