Foo Tokyo

Foo Tokyo Bath Oil Gift Set of 1 (Luxe Flower)

Fragrant bath oil reminiscent of a luxury hotel
Perfect gift to take away with you, also available at each department store.

Foo Tokyo's bath oils are rich in plant oils that firm and moisturize the skin.

Foo Tokyo bath oil, which has been popular since its launch, has been renewed and is now available as a gift item with two different fragrances.

Based on Darjeeling Tea & Fresh Herb Green, which has a fragrant fresh aroma reminiscent of a luxury hotel, this gift item contains Dreaming Aroma, which has a fresh aroma, and Luxe Flower, which has a rich jasmine scent.

Please refer to each page for details on the characteristics of each fragrance and product outline.

Dreaming Aroma
Luxe Flower

Foo Tokyo Bath Oil is enriched with pure oils such as rose hip oil (crabapple fruit oil), rice nuka oil, and argan oil, which have high moisturizing and firming properties. It protects skin after bathing, which tends to become dry.

Product Outline
Content: 30ml (for approximately 20 uses)

Directions: Add a few drops of bath oil to the bathtub. Stir gently to let the fragrance fill the bath and spread a thin layer of oil on the surface of the water. As soon as you get out of the bath, the oil spread over the surface of the water will form a thin moisturizing film on your skin. If you prefer, you can massage the oil into the skin without rinsing it off.

Ingredients: DPG, fragrance, water, rice nuka oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, crabapple fruit oil, sunflower seed oil, PEG-7 glyceryl coconut oil fatty acid, kiwifera oil, and kiwifera oil. -7 glyceryl coconut oil fatty acid, yellow fern resin extract, tocopherol, ascorbyl dipalmitate.

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