Foo Tokyo 2024 holiday gifts recommendations

Birthdays and Christmas come once a year. Especially when it is the birthday or Christmas of a close family member or friend, or maybe your partner. The person celebrating the event is often in the mood to get into the festive mood.

What to give as a birthday gift this year? I am sure many of you are wondering what to get your loved ones for their birthdays this year. For those people, we recommend giving pajamas or loungewear as a gift. High-quality pajamas and loungewear, which you would not buy for yourself but would be happy to receive, have recently become popular as gifts.

What kind of pajamas/loungewear to choose is also a matter of the giver's skill. Because it is a birthday gift or a Christmas gift, you want to be particular about the brand of loungewear you choose. It is natural to want to give a good gift. But you don't know what kind of loungewear or what brands are available. Or, there are many different brands, but you don't know what to choose. Also, there may be some of you who are not sure what to choose.

To answer these questions, we highly recommend choosing pajamas/loungewear as birthday gifts or Christmas gifts for your close one from among Foo Tokyo's popular items.



Why pajamas are the perfect gift?

Foo Tokyoのギフトボックスの中にシルクパジャマを入っている

pajamas/loungewear are a great gift idea.

Even if the idea of "How about giving pajamas/loungewear as a birthday present? “Even if the idea comes to your mind, you may still wonder, if it is possible to give out pajamas or loungewear as a birthday or Christmas present? Some people may feel a little hesitation. Especially if you are not used to giving such gifts, what if they don't like it?

In fact, many people won’t buy pajamas/loungewear by themselves. According to a survey, more than 70% of people change into loungewear for relaxation after returning for work. Although many people change after getting home, surprisingly only few of them buy their own pajamas or loungewear.

For this reason, it is a good idea to choose pajamas or loungewear that are priced in a range that is normally difficult to buy and made with high-quality materials and superior technics for the best of the best in Japan as a gift for a special occasion.

Furthermore, if you can give a gift of pajamas/loungewear that matches the receiver’s tastes, they are more likely to be pleased with it.

Your time at home is precious, escaping from social roles and taking a break for all the crazy thing outside, wearing a high-quality pajamas/loungewear will definitely make you have a more comfortable time at home. So, giving a luxurious high-quality pajamas/loungewear will be a great gift.



How to choose pajamas and loungewear for birthday or Christmas gifts


When choosing pajamas or loungewear as a birthday gift, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid mistakes. Here are a few points to keep in mind.


Understand the preferences of the recipient

First of all, it may seem obvious, but it is important to understand the preferences of the recipient.

What kind of designs do they like to wear, and what kind of colors and materials do they prefer? These things are very important when considering pajamas/loungewear as a fashion item. Do they like cotton? Or do they prefer pile material?

Do the recipients prefer a button-shirt type or an one-piece type? Or do they prefer gowns? It is important to conduct thorough research. What colors you like will also play a major role when considering specific loungewear.


Understanding the Lifestyle

Next, it is also important when choosing loungewear to keep in mind the lifestyle and mindset of the person you are gifting it to.

For example, if the gift is pajamas/loungewear for someone who spends a large amount of time at home, ease of movement, such as being stretchable, is important. On the other hand, for someone who spends a lot of time in a calm environment, you may choose a more relaxing material. By selecting a garment that is suited to their lifestyle, you can avoid the situation where you give a gift but they don't wear it.


Choose high quality.

In any case, choosing something a little more luxurious that you would not buy yourself will add a special birthday touch. Also, if the garment is of good quality, it will become more comfortable against your skin as you wear it, and you will be able to have it worn for a much longer time.


Five FOO TOKYO pajamas perfect for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts

Soak in the daydreamsの写真

Foo Tokyo’s brand name is named after the word "ふ(foo)" (which represent the sound of relief and to let out a breath) as a symbol of relaxation, proposing a time to rest from the bottom of your heart. Because we live in an era when there is not enough time to rest, we, FOO TOKYO offers quality items based on the concept of high-quality rest.


What kind of items do FOO TOKYO present?

True to its concept, "Foo Tokyo" offers all kinds of loungewear items made by superior quality silk and cotton materials.

For example, the "Spin Cotton Square Tank Top". This tank top is luxuriously made by spin cotton, a high-grade material that is said to be only harvested from only 0.1% of the world's cotton maker.

In addition, it is sewn at a factory in Japan with world-class sewing technology, which is also an endorsement of its technology. In addition, in order to take advantage of the quality of the material, bag stitching is used in the sewing section to make it more comfortable to wear.


Cotton wool pile pajamas popular for both pairs and men

Foo Tokyoのコットンパジャマ

These cotton wool pile pajamas are made from cotton wool fabric with a soft touch that is perfect for fall and winter. They are available in three colors: lavender, which is relaxing for your eyes before going to sleep, turquoise, which seems to lull you into a deep sleep, and burgundy, which has a calm tone.

The surface fabric used in these pajamas is a smooth short pile that you will love to keep on touching, and wool is also used to keep the pajamas warm and cozy, which also provides antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

They are recommended for couples or married couples to wear together as they are unisex designed.

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FOO TOKYO's most popular silk pajamas



Foo Tokyo's most popular item is our silk pajamas. Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas is made by 100% high quality silk with the world’s highest grading of "6A / 5A rank" silk. Which is popular as gifts.

Each silk fabric is carefully dyed in a factory in Japan, and comes in five color ways: elegant navy, charcoal gray, pink beige, pearl white, and mint green.

These are also recommended for matching pajamas for couples or married couples.

Silk pajamas are popular for several reasons. First of all, they are meltingly comfortable. Once you put your sleeves on, you will be addicted to the comfortable feel, which is only possible with high quality silk. It is said that when you fall asleep in comfortable silk pajamas, the quality of your sleep will improve and you will wake up feeling different the next morning. These pajamas are especially appreciated by those who are busy and do not get a good night's rest.

The second reason for this pajama's popularity is the beauty effect of silk. Silk has the effect of "beautifying and toning the skin," and silk pajamas are also known as " wearable beauty essence. If you give them to those with sensitive skin or those who care about beauty, they will surely be delighted.

Last but not least, is its enchanting beauty. When you open the gift box, there you will find a pair of luxurious pajamas with a beautiful pearl-like luster. It will surely be an unforgettable gift experience.

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Interior-Like Silk Pajamas

【セットアップ】インテリア ライク シルクパジャマ

This popular silk pajamas are made of 100% high quality silk and are decorated with Foo Tokyo's original textile design.

Created under the theme of "Wear the Interior" the item is inspired by Japanese ceramics. While previous silk pajamas have been plain, these silk pajamas feature a design of acanthus, which has been loved as a sacramental plant since ancient Greek times and evolved into a Japanese arabesque pattern through the SilkRoad, and Foo Tokyo logo, a bird, representing good luck

The pajamas are perfect for gift-giving, due to their relaxing colors and design, making them easy to wear for people of all ages.


Popular with stylish men. Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas

【セットアップ】ロイヤル オーガニックコットン ダブルボタン パジャマ

Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas, which use the double buttons utilized in jackets, a typical formal wear, for relax wear, are now drawing attention from people who want both comfort feelings and fashion looks at home

Despite their unique design, these pajamas are slowly gaining popularity, and the double-button design is now used as in-flight wear on private jets and as indoor wear in the famous auberge hotels.We highly recommend this item as a gift for those with a high sense of fashion.

Recently, more and more people are choosing pajamas, loungewear, towels, and other items made of organic cotton. Because these items directly touch your skin, we insist in making or product gentle on your skin and at the same time friendly to the environment. Making them ideal as gifts.

Foo Tokyo also focus on organic cotton items from the perspective of sustainable manufacturing, and has introduced innovative pajamas with excellent design and loungewear with a silky, smooth texture that is extremely pleasant to your skin.

Organic cotton is a material that can only be produced in limited quantities, making it both expensive and rare. Since these items are so comfortable for your skin and eco-friendly, consider giving them as a special gift to express your gratitude will be a good choice.


Foo Tokyo will be the best gift for who?

Foo Tokyo" offers a wide variety of items in simple and elegant styles, made of high-quality materials, of course. The variety of pajamas and loungewear types is wide, including gowns, pajamas, and one-piece suits, and they are all superior in quality. You will be able to find a loungewear item that everyone will like.


Foo Tokyo's loungewear comes in many different sizes, and many people who cannot afford to buy pajamas or loungewear for themselves but would like to receive high-end pajamas or loungewear as a gift may find it easy to find something they like.

Foo Tokyo loungewear will also make a great gift for a loved one, and the gift boxes are very stylish and luxurious.


Give pajamas and loungewear as birthday gifts and Christmas gifts!

Luxury quality pajamas and loungewear can give you a feeling of comfort that you may not have experienced before. we can also suggest better quality items that are not too intrusive, based on our understanding of the recipient's preferences.


We wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect item for your loved ones!