Ideal outfits taken along with your trip

We are gradually returning to our pre-corona daily life,
Beautiful scenery, exciting activities, delicious food, and a relaxing inn. 
In order to make the most of your time and create the best memories,
it is important to take a good rest while traveling. 
Today, we would like to introduce some tips for traveling
so that fatigue doesn't carry over to the next day.


Many ryokans and hotels in Japan provide yukata and pajamas, so some people may not want to bring pajamas or loungewear from home.
However, there are times when it is difficult to choose the size of the loungewear that fits your body, or the material does not suit your skin, and this may interfere with your sleep.

In order to avoid such troubles, we recommend that you bring pajamas and loungewear that are familiar and comfortable.


Here are some tips on how to choose pajamas and loungewear to bring on your trip.

1. Compact and wrinkle-resistant

When traveling, you want to keep your luggage as compact as possible. For that reason, it is recommended that the room wear for travel is made of a material that is compact and does not wrinkle easily

2. Designs that make

you feel good while traveling. The time spent at the inn is also an important part of your trip. If you have your favorite room wear, you can enjoy the time you spend in your room without worrying about it.

3. Relax your tired body from the daytime activities

That's why I want to be more particular about the quality of rest than usual.

For the room you bring with you on your trip, choose one that is comfortable and does not feel constrictive.

4. Comfortable and comfortable material

Suitable for the season It is difficult to fall asleep when the heat builds up in your body.

Travel Pajamas & room wear 

1. Royal Organic Cotton Flare Dress 

Royal Organic Cotton Flared Dress Navy

Royal Organic Cotton Flare Dress Beige

This flared dress is recommended for women who love to travel. 

This room wear is made of rare royal organic cotton and finished with

"Nashiji knitting".

The recommended point for travel is that the material is wrinkle-resistant. It can be rolled up and stored in a travel bag, so it can be carried without being bulky.

The elegant frills on the sleeves and hem add to the mood. It is the first place to enjoy taking pictures at the inn.

2. Royal organic cotton T-shirt (poncho) & wide pants
Just like the flared dress, this simple loungewear is made of royal organic cotton finished with "Nashiji knitting" and can be enjoyed by both men and women.

With its loose, easy-to-move, stress-free design, it's the perfect piece to soothe your tired body during the day.

This is also made of a material that does not easily wrinkle, so it can be rolled up and stored in a bag.
3. Subin cotton dress

The one-piece dress, made with luxurious use of "Subin cotton", which is said to be the cotton of jewels and is only 0.1% harvested in the world, is characterized by its extremely soft texture.

Once you wear it, you will be addicted to it because it is extremely comfortable and easy to care for, so it will come in handy even on long trips.

With this loungewear, you will surely be able to sleep soundly even in an unfamiliar environment.