[Limited Edition/ Stores] RESITR X Foo Tokyo: Designer limited edition

This February, Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas is in the collaboration with the Tokyo-based designer-dedicated retail residing in Roppongi - RESTIR, a luxury select shop that carries the worldwide known top brands including "MONCLER", "LOEWE", and "Off-White".
Foo Tokyo released their limited collection together with the Restir with the customized color of dark gray.
Foo Tokyo together with RESTIR's responsible creative director to produce the collection for nights & dedicated to the production details not only focusing on the fabrics itself but also on the silhouette of each body type. 
-RESTIR limited color : silk pajamas collection 

Dark Gray silk pajamas are inspired by the shop concept of the designer select shop of RESTIR, where have collected & stocked the worldwide brands in stores.The buttons are decorated with black pearl, inspired by the shells of black pearls and the silhouette design is created to be a more stylish impression.

RESTIR ONLINE limited color silk pajamas:

*Limited color silk pajamas are available in L/LL/LLL sizes only. 

-Designer's note

Roppongi is a district in Tokyo where gather most celebrities in town. We have chosen to match the limited customized color of dark grey into this year's collaborative collection. 

- What makes the collaboration with RESTIR special & the reason how it has become a trend

Color selection has been part of the procedures while we're making the pajamas.

Choosing the colour that matches the images of RESTIR, the first thing came to mind was black, as a matter of fact, it seems that "black" is not a trendy color in most countries. When i was looking for a deeper color that fits the impression, dark gray color is the one that certainly suits the shop as we had previously expected.

 Black pearl oysters, regarded as the mother shells of black pearls, were selected for the button to match the fabric with an effortlessly chic and luxurious color that suits RESTIR.
Each button has a very different color & luster, it is made by the deep & soft black buttons, the combination of the natural material silk and the black oyster buttons with different expressions creates the best impression of each other's beauty.
The deep, soft black buttons are made by hollowing out shells, shaving them, and polishing them carefully one by one, so each button has a different color and luster. The combination of the natural material silk and the black oyster buttons with different expressions presents the best of one's beauty while wearing it. 

- Enjoy the charm of silk that shows various expressions throughout the day

Silk is world-renowned fabrics that presents the luxuriously & effortlessly look of all time. The glowing soft texture embodies the comfortable look & surely presents the charms of silk which have continuously fascinated people of all time. Once you've picked up Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas, you will certainly be amazed of the design & the glowing texture.

From the dedication of the fabric selection to the details of each pieces of design & sewing techniques, feel free to visit us anytime at our offline stores.

-RESTIR Fashion Select shop 

Located in Roppongi area where most of the celebrities gather in town, when you step into the store, you will certainly be amazed by the appearances that surrounds you, inside the stores, you will find a space dedicated to a design concept area, where gathers most of the world-renowned designer brand of all time.