Elegant aroma for bath times

Bath oil, a perfect gift collection for fragranced oils. 

We have prepared for two types of Foo Tokyo original scents based on the Darjeeling tea & fresh herbal green tea flavour that reminds us of a luxurious hotels. 

- 2 new scents to choose from -

Flower: Jasmine scent

The moment when you drop the oil into the bathtub, the elegantly floral jasmine based scent spreads & the middle based of refreshing Darjeeling tea flavour creates a completely relaxed bath time ever in life. 


-Dreaming Aroma: Fragrance of fresh aroma

Soon as the refreshing top scent coming up from noses, the Darjeeling based tea & fresh herbal green tea combined feels like a daunting dream. 

- New package -

The packages with the theme of “Soak in the daydreams." acquires the images as if you were looking into a fantasy world through the perfect filters of perspective. 

- A richer gift lineup -

We've expanded our lineup of gift set collection including towels & bath oils, among which people can choose their gift freely based on their individual needs & budgets. 

How about sharing the gift to your beloved ones for their relaxed bath time.