No more summer fatigue - Building a body that can withstand the heat.


We hope that everyone is still doing well upon the arrival of the recent hot waves.

It is said that during the humid summer season in Japan, many people will suffer from the so-called summer fatigue, a condition in which the autonomic nervous system is disturbed that resulted in the pressures of the body & the loss of one's appetite. 

If you have once experienced these kinds of symptoms, it's surely an emergency signals from your body, therefore, taking a good rest may ameliorate your nervous system embedded in your body.

Let us share some tips on advancing your body type in summer,

- Why is the autonomic nerve disturbed in summer?

"Summer fatigue" is considered to be caused by heat, as a matter of fact, there are some cases existed where there are surely some issues caused from the heat countermeasures.

Body usually gets cold from the continuous usages of the air conditions.

At home, preventing your body from getting too cold, not only can we reset our indoor temperatures to above 28°C , but we can also bring along our handy blanket & cardigan to cover our body & heat the temperature.


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- Good quality sleep is essential for autonomic nerve recovery


A Good quality sleep is essential to restore the disturbed autonomic nervous system. During summertime, there are many people who do not take their bath in the bathtub but instead taking their cold quick shower. By applying your favourite scented bath salt that can refresh your tiredness.

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Choosing to wear the suitable pajamas that is surely less-pressuring to your skin & body could facilitate your quality of sleep time. 

Designs & Fabrics: Fabrics & Designs are surely an essentials related to body care. Make sure to choose the fabrics that can reduce the pressure of one's body & cause less fatigue at sleep.

- Choose a balanced diet & stay hydrated 
During summer, in order to prevent yourself from fatigues & bad appetite, 
It's surely important to have supplied from vegetables & vitamin b1 on the daily basis. As the hot days will continue to rise, however, whenever you have felt tired, make sure to take an appropriate rest this summer.