At Dusk - Summer dress collection

At dusk on a sunny summer day.
Spending time drinking a cup of sparkling champagne on the terrace of a restaurant & overlooking the sea, 
Extraordinary moments.
Relieve yourself from daily tension and stress
The moment when you let out a pleasant sigh,
The strength of my body suddenly disappears.
A breeze sways the hem of silk dress,
The colours of the dress resemble the scenery by sea.
The beaches, the sand, the breeze in the air. 
The dress coloured the special moment in each ways,
And that's the moment that confidences glows me inside & out. 

- Resort in the Dream -
Traveling Summer Dresses 


Water Color Silk Dress Evening Glow

 The green high-quality silk dress resembles the evening sky of the colours. 

As if you were encountered two types of landscapes with different kinds of taste. 

Water Color Silk Dress Misty Lake

Stepping away from hustle and bustle of daily life,

staying in a quiet cottage by lake instead.

The clear air of forest flows into the air,

surrounded by the whole views of sunset.


A silk dress with a colour inspired by the whole scenery of resort,

from trees , oceans to the soft sunlight.