New baby gift collection: Baby gifts at Foo Tokyo

Foo Tokyo starts selling baby gift collections that cover the needs for infant cares. All pile fabrics we chose to apply for baby items are made from organic cotton with the high rarity value grown without genetic modification of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, it's a baby-friendly skin products, absorbent & skin-friendly fabrics. 

The item is available in three colors: white, charcoal & pink, you can create your original gift set by customizing your favourite colors & items for baby gifts. 
Experiencing the delights of selection while thinking about the caring person you adores. Available items can be purchased in three colours: white, charcoal & pink, creating your own original gift set by customizing your favorite colors & items for baby gifts.  
With this concept in mind,
We would like to present our baby collection. 
A soft towel fabric swaddle that follows the Imabari towel standard certification.
The pipes & ribbons of each colours, adorable swaddle covers baby's bodies well, impressed by playful ear design with the stylish impression.
2. Cotton Ribs 
Cotton Ribs can be applied to new-born babies with the use of bathing & showering. Made from a very light towel fabric & texture, being highly absorbent & easy to dry after washing. 
Cotton Ribs have been considered as the must-have item for babies, made from light-weighted towel fabrics that is absorbent & easy to dry clean after frequent washing. 
Babies are used to putting the rattle toy inside their mouth, because it is made from organic cotton without any embedded pesticides & chemical fertilizers. 
Because it's a toy made of towel fabrics that is softly gentle to the skin, can be applied to frequently washed. 
The logo symbolizes the meaning of peace & happiness .
The belt cover keeps the baby carrier purely clean, a must-have item for keeping the baby clean, it is recommended to use towel fabrics that is easy to wash & water absorption. 
The belt cover is easily attached to baby's face, the covers are made from softer organic cotton piles.