How to take good care of our towels.

To maintain the fluffy texture of Foo Tokyo towels, it is important to take good care of them. Here are some tips on how to wash your towels at home to prolong their comfortable touch.

1. Do not use fabric softener

Although fabric softener is thought to make towels "fluffy," it actually contains oil, which tends to impair the original absorbency of towels and causes fine cotton fibers to fall out. Please take care of your towels properly and enjoy the original softness of the material.

2. Do not use fluorescent agents or chlorine-based detergents

We recommend that you wash towels with a neutral detergent that is both environmentally and naturally friendly. Fluorescent brighteners and chlorine-based detergents hide stains by bleaching the material rather than removing them. Towel cotton yarns are natural fibers, so using these products will damage the material and make it prone to shedding.

3. Wash with 100% cotton items

It is recommended that Foo Tokyo towels be washed with products that are also 100% cotton. If washed with products containing polyester or synthetic fibers, the dust from these fibers may adhere to the cotton and cause pilling.

4. Recommended washing machines

To make Foo Tokto's towels fluffy and long-lasting, we recommend washing them gently with plenty of water. In fact, vertical-type washing machines, which can wash towels with plenty of water, are better suited for washing towels than drum-type washing machines, which are sold for water conservation.

5. Recommended laundry detergent

We recommend Eucalan, which is made from naturally derived ingredients that work well with cotton and other natural fibers for washing. By washing gently and with care, you can prolong the soft and fluffy touch of your towels.

6. To prevent snagging and shedding

We recommend that the pile be placed in a laundry net, as it may get caught when washed with items with zippers or Velcro tape. If the pile material gets caught, please use scissors to cut the yarn to prevent the fraying from spreading.

7. How to dry to keep the towels fluffy

Shaking the towel well in the air makes the fibers stand up and fluff up the towel. It is also important to straighten the entire towel by pulling it in all directions before hanging it out to dry. Sun exposure will damage the fibers, so hang it in the shade in a well-ventilated area. *If you hang it in the sun for a long time, the ultraviolet rays may cause it to turn yellow.