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Premium Bathrobe Supima Cotton


This bathrobe is made of "Supima," a rare and high-grade cotton that accounts for only a few percent of all the cotton in the world.

Its suppleness, softness, and smoothness to the touch are its best features. The fabric is durable and strong, so it can be used for a long time without changing its texture even after frequent washing. It can be used in all seasons, making it a perfect item for first-time users of bathrobes.

Detail1 Process
The outer fabric of the gown is woven in a pile-like pattern, and the leading edge of the fabric is cut flat. You will enjoy a velvety smooth feel. The inner fabric is raised and has a soft marshmallow-like feel.

Detail2 Sewing
We pursue comfort by minimizing the number of seams that directly touch the skin.

By covering the hard seam allowance that joins the fabrics together with taping, we have researched specifications that do not cause unevenness on the inside, so that you can enjoy stress-free time at home.

These garments are sewn by skilled pattern makers who have supported numerous collection brands, paying close attention to the detailed silhouette and specifications, at a domestic factory with the world's top-level sewing technology that supports top European and U.S. maisons.

Detail3 Design

The armholes are positioned at the top to allow for a wider range of arm motion. When lifting the arms, it is not difficult to move them because of the tension of the garment.

The belt loops are looped and fastened at a single point so that the belt loops do not touch the wearer when he or she sits down. This design allows you to change the position of the belt at any time, for example, at the waist or stomach.

The elbow bend angle, pocket size, and slant were studied to ensure smooth access to the pockets. The pockets are not rectangular in shape, but rather cut at an angle so that the pockets slope down to the back portion.

Outline of the product

Material: 100% Cotton
Place of Origin:Japan
Size: FREE
Unisex size
Size:Length 130/ Bust 121/ Hip 123/ Hem 131.4/ Decreased length 83/ Cuff 37.5
(Unit: cm)
Model height: 170cm

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