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Silk Ribbon Accessories : 2WAY Type Elegant Navy


Foo Tokyo's standard silk fabric is designed for silk hair accessories, containing full organic protein, skin-friendly & anti-aging, considered popular as a gift option, it's available at high-end department store

The 2way type of hair accessory is made of Foo Tokyo's standard silk fabric and accented with a slightly larger ribbon. Silk is made of protein and is gentle to hair, which is also made of protein.

The ribbon part is removable, so you can enjoy styling it as you like. We also recommend a total coordination with silk pajamas.

The five color variations are pink beige (light color), mint green (celadon color), elegant navy (victory color), charcoal gray (indigo brown), and pearl white (pearl color). They are often chosen as gifts by many people because of their "lucky charms," wishing the wearer good fortune.

Foo Tokyo's silk items are sold at Isetan Shinjuku and other famous department stores, and are highly appreciated nationwide.

Nurture your beauty in the comfort of quality.
The ultimate wearable beauty essence
Silk is also called "beauty essence to wear.

Silk is a special natural fiber that has been loved by people for its "skin beautifying and toning action. Its composition, rich in amino acids, is as close as possible to that of human skin, making it a skin-friendly material that even people with sensitive or atopic skin can wear. Foo Tokyo's silk items are made from 100% raw silk, the highest grade of silk available.

Eight hours a day are spent sleeping. The night time, which accounts for 1/3 of your life, turns into a special time to "nurture your beauty while caring for your mind and body.

What is Upcycle?

Ribbon chou chou is an item created by "upcycling. Upcycling is a sustainable approach to transforming the value of unused materials created in the production process into other products.

Upcycled products are subject to environmental burdens such as incineration in order to return them to raw materials, but upcycling allows for the effective use of resources as they are without such burdens.

Clothing is usually completed by cutting multiple parts from a single piece of cloth and sewing them together. When curved parts are cut from a rectangular piece of cloth, a small amount of "leftover fabric," or remnant fabric, is created in the gaps between the curved parts.

The ribbon chou chou is made from leftover fabric from the production of pajamas of the same pattern, making it a sustainable item.

Therefore, the product is available in limited quantities.

Outline of the product

Color: pink beige, mint green, elegant navy, charcoal gray, pearl white
Place of production: Japan
Material: 100% silk

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