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【SET-UP】Royal Organic Cotton Poncho in Navy & Wide Pants Greige


Elegantly designed loungewear made with world-class materials and techniques.

Royal Organic Cotton Poncho & Wide Pants Setup

Available in three color variations: Greige, navy, and beige.

The poncho is perfect as a loungewear top or outerwear, or as a one-mile wear. Although it has a simple rectangular design, it creates a beautiful drape when worn, creating a dramatic silhouette.

The bottoms have a comfortable and loose size, but by switching the front, you can create a silhouette that looks good. A string is attached to the front part of the waist, and elastic is inserted only at the back, making it possible to adjust the size while making it look neat. By finishing the pocket lining that touches the skin directly with the same fabric, we have created a design that allows you to fully enjoy the comfort of the fabric.

Rare royal organic cotton is generously used for both bottoms and tops. With the addition of the peculiar stiffness of the pear-skin knitting, which is also used in formal wear, the expression is elegantly tightened. A beauty you can't find anywhere else, where you can fully enjoy the elegant drape, which is unrelated to the lazyness that tends to be found in big silhouettes. This is the completed form of loungewear that Foo Tokyo has arrived at.

The elegant silhouettes are created by skilled pattern makers who have supported collection brands and Japanese sewing craftsmen who support famous European and American maisons.

Even with the same color setup, you can freely enjoy the combination of bi-color accents.

Room wear is also popular as a gift.
Also available at high-end department stores

Foo Tokyo's pajamas and loungewear are chosen as gifts by many people as the best piece of clothing to convey their feelings to their loved ones.

Foo Tokyo's loungewear and pajamas are sold in famous department stores such as Isetan Shinjuku , and are highly rated nationwide.

"This is the only one."
The Optimal solution of yarn and knitting is created with conviction
Refreshing and elegant comfort

A reliable combination from among the numerous materials in the world. That is to finish "royal organic cotton" with "nashiji weave". It is a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing that Foo Tokyo has arrived at that can achieve both "relaxation" as room wear and "dignified beauty".

Uses rare ultra-long cotton "DCH cotton" that can only be harvested at 0.1% of the cotton that exists in the world. Threads made from DCH cotton, which is gentle on the skin and the environment, are silky soft and comfortable. The unique texture, which is rare in the world, is suitable for relaxing wear.

In aiming for the perfect room wear, Foo Tokyo focused on the opposite idea of ​​"formal wear", nashiji knitting. Developments in the Bishu production area, which is famous for its wool fabric, which is synonymous with formal wear, the surface has fine unevenness and the fabric does not stick to the skin, so it is characterized by a refreshing feeling that can be worn even in summer. Because it uses high-quality and soft threads, it does not rub against the skin at all, and it is smooth yet smooth, giving you the ideal comfort that you will become addicted to. Not only that, but because it originated from formal wear, the finish is full of firmness and elasticity. The fabric is so comfortable and "elegant" that it makes you forget the heat.

In addition, the lining is sewn with a bag that does not show any seams, so that the part that touches the skin is designed to be as gentle as possible. Japanese craftsmen have added the hand of a Japanese craftsman to each seam .

Product Summary

Color: Greige / Navy / Beige
Country of Origin: Japan 

Material: 100% cotton

Tops Free size
Bottoms S/M/L

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