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【SET-UP】Cotton Pajamas Wine Red


Product Summary

It is a unisex item.
Model wears: Female 168cm (L size), 160cm (M size) / Male 180cm (LL size)
Color: Turquoise/Lavender/Wine Red

Country of Origin: Japan
Materials: 58% cotton, 26% wool, 16% polyester
Sizes: S / M / L / LL

Models wearing size: Female 168cm (L), 160cm (M) ) / Male 180cm (LL size)
Special cotton pajamas that are perfect for pair pajamas, 

The color variations are turquoise, lavender, and wine red, and are perfect for paired pajamas.

Foo Tokyo's cotton pajamas are sold in famous department stores such as Isetan Shinjuku , and are highly rated nationwide.

Combining two natural functional fibers,
Originally developed by Foo Tokyo special cotton pajamas

Foo Tokyo's unique formula combines two natural functional fibers, "Extra Long Pima Cotton" and a small amount of "Extra Fine Merino Wool", to create a "special thread" that melts in your skin with an airy feel that makes you feel like you are wearing silk. We have achieved a unique stress-free wearing feeling that does not hinder movement .

"Victoria Merino Wool" , which is mixed with a small amount, uses a very rare grade call EXTRA FINE. As a result, while realizing the heat retention and deodorizing effects of wool, we have created a unique, airy, meltingly comfortable cotton pajamas that overturn the image of being tingly or stuffy.

All the cotton materials are designed to be ultra-comfy 

The unique hues of turquoise, lavender and wine red accentuate the beauty of the design. Plus the hyping in bronze and gold. It accentuates the gentle colors and enhances the feeling of well-being when worn.

A flat seam is used for the sewing specifications. It is a "four-needle sewing" using a special sewing machine, and it is a technically difficult specification that has been applied so that the seams of the fabric and the fabric are flat and there is no unevenness . In order not to impair the comfort of the skin, Japanese craftsmen have added to each and every seam .

Special cotton pajamas with design, comfort and comfort in mind.

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