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About Towel Care

Foo Tokyo's Towel care instruction 

In order In order to not to damage the fluffy texture of the Foo's premium towel, it is important to take care of the towel properly. Here are some delicate tips on how to wash your clothes at home in order to retain the comfy & comfortable touch for goods. 

①Do not use fabric softener

Softeners are thought to make towels "fluffy", but since they contain oil, they tend to impair the towel's original absorbency and cause fluff shedding, make sure to take proper care & enjoy the original softness of the material. 

②Do not use fluorescent agents or chlorine detergents.

We recommend washing with a neutral detergent that is friendly to the environment and nature. Fluorescent brighteners and chlorine detergents hide stains by bleaching the material instead of removing them. Towel cotton thread is a natural fiber, so using it will damage the material and make it easier to fluff off.

③Suggested to wash only with 100% cotton 

Foo towels are also recommended to be washed with 100% cotton products. 

If you wash your clothes with polyester or synthetic fibers, the dust will adhere to the cotton and influence the fibers.

④ Washing machine recommended

To keep your Foo towels long-lasting, we recommend washing them gently with plenty of water. In fact, compared to drum-type washing machines, vertical-type washing machines are more suitable for washing towels because of the abundant usage of water. 

⑤ Recommended laundry detergent

The Foo Tokyo official online store offers Eucalan detergents made with natural ingredients that are compatible with washing natural fibers such as cotton. 

By washing the towel gently while taking care of the material, you can make the towel soft and fluffy to the touch for a long time.
See Eucalan laundry detergent >>

⑤ To prevent the pile from getting caught or coming off

If you wash it with items with zippers or Velcro tapes, the pile may get caught, so we recommend putting it in a laundry net. If the pile gets caught, cut the protruding part with scissors to prevent the fray from spreading. 

⑥How to dry to make a fluffy towel

Sunlight damages the fibers, dry them in the shade with good ventilation, 

*Note: please refrain them from the long-time sunlight which may turn yellow with discolouration if you dry it in the sun for too long. 

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