Foo Tokyo x Seven stars in Kyushu : VIP guest room blankets of seven stars in Kyushu

Foo Tokyo is appointed as the brand for customized production for VIP guest room blankets of seven stars in KYUSHU
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"Seven Stars in Kyushu" is a seven-car train that travels through seven prefectures of Kyushu and the seven main tourist attractions of Kyushu (nature, food, hot springs, history and culture, power spots, human feelings, and trains). As the name suggests, it is a cruise train that offers the luxurious experiences of all time. 

It was around the spring of last year when we received an offer from such "Seven Stars in Kyushu" to produce blankets for guest rooms.

During the journey, guests can enjoy the scenery from their guest rooms, feel the luxurious and modern interior art of Kyushu craftsmen.

 The material of the original blanket is 100% cotton, and by applying different processing on both sides of the fabric, we pursued a comfortable feel all year round.
The blanket derives from the motif of “Kumiko”, applied for interior decoration, & adopted a design that expresses “Kyushu’s great nature” and “sea and mountains”.

Dyed with the brand color of Seven Stars in Kyushu, "Ancient Lacquer Color". The surface has a kumiko design that is reminiscent of summer mountains, and the fabric is shirred to create undulations.
Obverse: Summer Mountains 
The surface has been lightened to the Kumiko design, reflected by the luminous window of the train itself.
Reverse side: "Winter Sea"
Adopts the fabric method of Sazanami, perfect for a warm touch & cover in winter. 
 About Seven stars in Kyushu
A luxury sleeper train that runs on rails that connect seven prefectures in Kyushu. With the concept of "a trip to meet a new life", we will use the charms of Kyushu's rich nature, food, culture and history as a goal for a new life through interaction with locals and customers. Provide opportunities to meet.
The 7-car train is based on the concept of "nostalgic and present", and is decorated with various wood and fabrics.It is a space that fuses Japanese and Western, new and old, and has a bar counter and sofas where you can relax while listening to live piano music. You can enjoy the cruise train comfortably.
Foo Tokyo will continue to offer lodging facilities that provide a high-quality lodging experience, as well as manufacturing products and proposals for a peaceful lifestyle that will satisfy your time at home.