Entry into the enchanting fantasy world of all times: Gift Collection Design

On July 1st, Foo Tokyo's brand-new collection:

Foo Tokyo's boxes are not only regarded as the accessories that only contain the decorated items but also being very appreciated as a piece of artworks. 

Today, we would like to introduce you with our new concept of the new gift boxes & our thoughts behind it. 

- "Windows on top of the boxes" -

By picking up the gift boxes, the initial eye-catching parts are surely the semicircular window that represents the brand icon drawn on top of the boxes. 

Why is it the window?

Due to the facts that Foo Tokyo has created the experiences that bridge the customers between fantasy & reality. 

Without doing nothing at home, by closing your eyes and daydreaming. Researches have shown that the relaxation leads to the results of vitality which will brighten your future tomorrow. 

As we can expected that any busy man do not have any time enjoying doing so.

Through Foo Tokyo's products, we're hoping that people who dedicated their time working hard every day will be able to immerse themselves to the time of doing nothing & imagine an entry of the fantasy world. 

Such image is expressed in the semicircular window, which is the entrance to the imaginary world. 

- Using a drawer-type box -

Continuing from the previous work, we adopted a pull-out box because we want the gift box to be a part of the interior of the room.

With the Foo logo on top of the boxes, representing a good relief of yourselves. 

For the colour, we have chosen to adopt a dark green that matches the interior design & gentles the mind & eyes. 

- Open the box and take out the item to explore the "imaginary world" -

When you take out the item and see the bottom of the box, what you see through the window is what Foo Tokyo envisions as an imaginary world.

Birds, which are symbols of happiness, are drawn in common to all landscapes.

The bird, which is also the brand logo of Foo Tokyo, plays a role in connecting you and the important person to whom you give the gift.

The gift box introduced above can be ordered from Friday, July 1st.

We hope that Foo Tokyo's new gift box will bring you a memorable gift experience.