An inspiring journey into fantasy

The solution or idea to a problem that has been bothering you for a long time may not be the moment you face the problem in front of you, but it may be in the middle of an imaginary journey.

I saw an interesting article on Yahoo! News on August 16th.
It explores why new and creative ideas are more likely to occur during passive activities such as taking a bath or taking a walk than when you are facing a problem and thinking about it. This is the article.

The brain has an area called the DMN (default mode network) that is thought to be an important source of creativity. One study found that that area is most active at rest.

In addition, in a paper published in the academic journal Human Brain Mapping in February this year, positive and constructive fantasies (planning, pleasant thoughts, hopeful vivid images, curiosity, etc.) It has been shown to be associated with activity and creativity.

- "Mind Wandering" to activate DMN
"Mind wandering" refers to a state of mind wandering, a state of daydreaming.

Among them, `` unintentional mind wandering '', in which the person unintentionally leaves the problem and thinks about it, is known to be a very important time for generating ideas.

“Creative thinking happens when the mind is free from problems and wanders in fantasy,” says University of California psychologist Schooler.

- The importance of "indulging in daydreams" revealed by various studies
Our culture holds that good results and fresh ideas are the fruits of hard work. However, scientific evidence shows that working on a problem 24/7 does not always lead to good results.

Rather, when you want to get creative and new ideas, it may be a shortcut to your goal if you step away from the problem and let your mind wander freely in an environment where your mind is fully relaxed.

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In today's rapidly changing world, the "flexibility and creativity" that is required can be obtained by incorporating "time to do nothing" into each person's life. is a desire to increase the customer's "freedom of mind".

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