Looking for stylish men's pajamas? 5 recommended men's pajamas that are comfortable to wear

Many men probably sleep in sweatshirts or other loungewear instead of pajamas.

Many men may have such problems as "I don't sleep well," "I don't feel tired no matter how much I sleep," "I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night..." and so on.

Many men may have these problems. However, these problems may be solved by wearing good quality men's pajamas at bedtime instead of sweatshirts or other loungewear.

Sweatshirts, worn-out T-shirts, and other loungewear are not suitable for comfortable sleep because they are not made for sleeping.

For example, turning over in a sweatshirt, worn-out T-shirt, or jersey causes a lot of friction with the bedding and drains your energy.

On the other hand, pajamas are clothes made for sleeping, so they are less likely to cause discomfort during sleep.

In this article, we have selected a selection of high-quality, stylish men's pajamas that men of all ages can wear.

We will show you how to choose and recommend stylish pajamas for men.

How do you choose stylish men's pajamas?


Pajamas are an essential item for comfortable living.

This is because it is said that human beings spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping, and by improving the quality of that sleep, we can dramatically improve our quality of life.

Some may think that wearing pajamas for adult men would make them look childish.

However, with the right design and type of fabric, you can make a grown man look more stylish and attractive.

Here we will show you how to choose the best men's pajamas for adult men.

"Stress-free" is the key word when choosing pajamas.

Pajamas are an essential item for comfortable living.

This is because it is said that human beings spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping, and by improving the quality of that sleep, we can dramatically improve our quality of life.

Some may think that wearing pajamas for adult men would make them look childish.

However, with the right design and type of fabric, you can make a grown man look more stylish and attractive.

Here we will show you how to choose the best men's pajamas for adult men.

”Stress-free" is the key word when choosing pajamas.

To get a good night's sleep, choose pajamas based on this characteristic, taking into account your lifestyle, body shape, and comfort.

For example, if your pajamas are too tight, they will gradually worsen blood flow during sleep and prevent you from having a good night's sleep, as well as prevent you from having a relaxing sleep.

Deterioration of blood flow can lead to cold hands and feet, etc., and can also lead to chronic sensitivity to cold, so tight designs and fabrics are not a good choice.

To prevent these problems, choose a garment that is not constrictive or one that is made to release the body.

If you put stress on your body by wearing the garment, you will not be able to get a good night's sleep, nor will you be able to relieve daily fatigue.

Wearing pajamas that do not put such stress on your body and that have various innovations will solve your sleep problems.

Choose men's pajamas by design and color

The most important thing is to choose pajamas with a "design you like" because it is what you will wear.

For adult men who want to relax well at home, we recommend a calm color scheme.

A calm gray or pale blue color will naturally relax him.

On the other hand, if you wear colors that are too loud or primary colors, you may feel uplifted and not very relaxed.

Also, it is not a bad idea to choose something that emphasizes functionality because you will only be spending time in your room, but if you want to spend quality time at home, design is also important.

Men's pajamas may have the same basic shape, but you can enjoy various designs in details such as the shape of the collar and the type of sleeves.

Gown and bathrobe types are also recommended, although they may not be so familiar in Japan.

Just by putting them on, you can enjoy a luxurious feeling and look like an adult man.

Material is also important in men's pajamas

Pajamas touch bare skin. While appearance is important, the material that provides comfort is also important.

You want to choose pajamas made of silk, cotton, organic materials, etc. that are not only gentle to the skin, but also provide high quality comfort that soothes both the body and mind.

Silk material may have a feminine image, but it is a material that adult men should definitely try.

Silk is not only smooth and comfortable, but also has excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties.

Organic cotton is also a good choice for those who want to be gentle on the skin and practical.

The reason why cotton is stress-free is that the tips of its fibers are rounded. This makes it soft to the touch and gentle on the skin.

Foo Tokyo's popular and stylish pajama items for men


From here, we will introduce some of the items from the Tokyo-based luxury lifestyle brand "Foo Tokyo " that are ideal for mature men.

You are sure to find items that satisfy you in terms of both quality and design. Please check out this article as well as our store!

Silk pajamas that offer a superb sleeping experience

【セットアップ】シルクパジャマ チャコールグレー - Foo Tokyo公式ストア

Foo Tokyo's standard and most popular item is silk pajamas made of 100% special silk, which is classified as the world's highest "6A / 5A rank" silk.

Silk is said to be a wearable beauty serum, as it is made of protein close to the skin.

Its ability to retain moisture prevents it from drying out in winter, and it also retains heat, so you can surprisingly spend time in a heated room even with just a single piece of silk.


The silk fabric is carefully dyed in a domestic factory and comes in five colors: elegant navy, charcoal gray, pink beige, pearl white, and mint green.

They are available in a wide range of sizes and are sold separately for tops and bottoms, so you can freely combine them according to your body shape.

As men's pajamas, the L and LL sizes, as well as the charcoal gray and elegant navy colors, are popular.

Wrap yourself in the high-quality fabric and experience the ultimate in sleeping comfort.

Explore our silk pajama collection here.

Cotton wool pile pajamas that can be worn as a matching set with your partner.


Cotton wool pile pajamas are made of cotton wool fabric with a soft touch that is perfect for fall and winter.

They are available in three colors: lavender, which is good for your eyes before bed, turquoise, which may lull you into a deep sleep, and burgundy, which is a soothing color. The unique color lineup is perfect for the fashion-conscious.


The fabric used is a short pile that is so smooth to the touch that you want to keep touching it.

Wool is used in the yarn in addition to cotton, which provides heat retention and antibacterial/odor control. It should be able to be worn not only in fall and winter, but also until early spring when the nights are still chilly.

【トップス】コットンパジャマ ターコイズ - Foo Tokyo公式ストア

This is also a unisex design and is available in a wide range of sizes from S to LL. They can be washed at home, so they can be worn with ease.

Explore our cotton pajama collection here.

Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas for Formal & Relaxation feelings

foo Tokyo のロイヤルオーガニックコットン ダブルボタンパジャマ

Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas are relaxwear with the double buttons utilized in jackets, a typical formalwear item.

They are favored by those who do not want to compromise either comfort or fashion at home.


Although it is a unique design, its popularity is slowly spreading due to its rarity, and it has even been adopted as in-flight wear for private jets and indoor wear for famous hotels.

It is available in three chic colors: navy, off-white, and cobalt blue. The appeal of these simple colors is that they are comfortable for adult men to wear.

The 100% cotton fabric is easy to care for and can be washed at home.

The formal design elements make it ideal for something easy to wear from the plane to the airport or from the hotel room to the lounge.

Recommended for men who travel on business or frequently travel.

Premium striped pile bathrobe that looks and feels like a grown man.

プレミアム メンズバスローブ ストライプパイル - Foo Tokyo公式ストア

How about Foo Tokyo's highly functional bathrobe for your bathrobe debut?

The original colors and striped piping give a calm impression, and the smooth velour feel of the shearling finish is appealing.

The lining is made of highly absorbent pile fabric, making this a gem of functionality and design at the same time.

The bathrobe can be used not only for wiping moisture from the body after bathing, but also for wearing over pajamas or loungewear to protect against the cold.

Foo Tokyo's bathrobes are carefully crafted one by one in Imabari, a city known as a famous towel production center.

プレミアム メンズバスローブ ストライプパイル - Foo Tokyo公式ストア

Once you have adopted these bathrobes into your daily life, you will not be able to let them go because of their comfort.

At Foo Tokyo, our bathrobes are patterned to fit any body shape, so they are neither too big nor too small, and they come in different sizes for men and women, so you can wear them in the best length for each gender.

Why not spend a luxurious nighttime in a chic bathrobe?

Amazingly smooth and comfortable, Washi paper Moss Stich Bi-color Polo Shirt

Foo Tokyoの和紙ポロシャツを着ている男女

Ideal for spring and summer, the Washi Paper Moss Stich bi-color polo shirt and half pants use a special yarn mixed with Japanese paper calles washi. The mixture of Japanese paper gives this item a cool and refreshing feel.

Washi has natural deodorant effect, ultraviolet rays cutting effect, and humidity control effect. The light and functional washi yarn is twisted with polyester yarn for added strength and also enhanced quick-drying properties.

和紙カノコ バイカラーポロシャツ&ハーフパンツの生地表面

The fabric is knitted using a "moss stiching" technique, which is highly breathable and has a small contact surface with the skin, preventing the fabric from sticking to the skin even when sweating.

The fabrics and silhouettes express the "beauty in everyday life" that you may notice when you take a breath, and are incorporated into the clothes.

オーガニックコットン バイカラーポロシャツ ブルー - Foo Tokyo Japan 公式オンラインストア

The bi-color design is fashionable and can be used as something wasy to wear for quick outings.

The loose-fitting silhouette allows you to spend all day in comfort without feeling constricted.

The lineup comes in two colors, beige and blue, and in three sizes, S, M, and L.

What kind of quality sleep style do adult men expect from men's pajamas?


Adult men who wear high-quality, fashionable pajamas are also particular about their sleeping style.

The benefits of men's pajamas are explained below.

What are the benefits of "Sleep Ceremony?"

Wearing pajamas does not only benefit you during sleep.

Some people may find it difficult to fall asleep even after getting under the covers.

That difficulty in falling asleep may gradually improve if you make it a habit to wear good quality pajamas.

This is why we want you to know about "sleep ceremonies.”

This involves changing from loungewear to pajamas before bedtime.

Changing into pajamas puts your brain into sleep mode, and once this becomes a habit, you will sleep better.

By telling your brain that you are ready to sleep, both your brain and body switch to sleep mode, relaxing your mind and body and allowing you to have a good night's sleep.

Pajamas provide a comfortable sleep

Wearing pajamas that are stress-free and relaxing is an essential element for a good night's sleep.

Comfortable materials and designs enhance the effects of falling asleep.

As men get older, their body shape changes, and they are less likely to be interested in clothes with tight silhouettes.

Similarly, it is important to choose pajamas with a "roomy form" that does not constrict the body.

If you choose tight-fitting or constricting construction, it will be stressful just to wear them, especially when falling asleep, and you will have difficulty sleeping.

In pajamas, pajamas with a slightly roomy and comfortable form and design are just the right size.

How to be a cool "mature man" at home

Grown-up men who want to be cool in their private life should pay attention to the design of their pajamas in addition to their quality.

It would be wonderful if you could spend your time smartly at home by wearing pajamas with a stylish and sophisticated design, rather than thinking that anything is fine as long as you can wear them because you are not going to show them to anyone.

If you are wearing a worn-out T-shirt at bedtime, your lover may be disappointed in your heart.

You would look more attractive in your carefully designed pajamas than you do in your worn-out T-shirt.

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, so get something special for your pajamas!


In this article, we introduced stylish, high-quality men's pajamas.

It is said that "1/3 of life is sleep," and the way we spend our sleeping time affects our daily health and even our thoughts in a wide range of ways.

If you go to sleep in clothes that are not suitable for sleep, you will not be able to get a good night's sleep, of course.

If your clothes are not "made for comfortable sleep," your mind will not switch to sleep mode, and you will fall far short of a good night's sleep.

No matter how troublesome it may be, changing from loungewear to pajamas will help you fall asleep better and get a comfortable sleep.

The appearance, material, and feel of the pajamas are all important to different people.

The pajamas we have picked up this time are all high-quality items that have been carefully selected.

Once you try these high-quality pajamas, which were selected with your lifestyle and comfort in mind, you will not be able to put them down because of their good quality and comfort.

Pajamas that improve the quality of your sleep are essential for your best performance, whether at work or in your private life.

Why not select pajamas with your own tastes?

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