Enclosed Items for Delivery
To ensure that our products are used with good care.

Foo Tokyo provides gift cards with product care instructions and a brochure describing the brand story for both the gift giver and the recipient.

1. Product cards (5 types in total)

Depending on the item you order, we include a handling card that describes how to care for and use the product.

The cards are clearly written in an orderly manner so that you can use the items for a long time, from "I'm home" to "I'm leaving home," which are designed to provide comfort to your mind and body.

Introduction of the cards - Towel

This card describes how to care for organic cotton towels. The care instructions are designed to keep your towels in the fluffy condition they were in when you bought them. The points that are common to other cotton towels are also included.

Introduction of the cards - Silk

This card describes how to care for silk pajamas. Silk is an item that becomes more comfortable to your body each time you wear it and changes over time like leather. If you take care of it carefully, you can make it your own unique piece of clothing.

Introduction of the cards - Cashmere & Yak

This card describes how to care for bathrobes and gowns. Although we recommend that you send them to the laundry, you can also take care of them at home.

Introduction of the cards - Cotton

This card describes how to care for cotton products. Foo Tokyo items are made of organic cotton, which is fluffy and silky to the touch, which can be cared for at home.

Introduction of the cards - Bath oil

This card describes how to enjoy bath oil. Enjoy an elegant bath time with a soothing floral fragrance and an oil-like texture that moisturizes the skin.

2. Brochure

The brochure tells the story of how people spend their time from "I'm home" to "I'm leaving home" and the Foo Tokyo items that accompany these times.

We hope you will enjoy the world view of the brand's theme, "The Luxury of Doing Nothing".

Free Option - Message Card

A message card with a printed message can be attached as an option (200 yen) when purchasing a product.

Why not give them your thoughts in addition to the product?