Ginza Mitsukoshi | Pop-up event

Foo Tokyo Xmas Banner

New holiday gift collection release from this Friday, November 27th.

There are many people who have been looking for their own effortlessly comfortable relaxing moment at home, as for this Christmas, we have created special gift collection for the special occasion. 

For the first holiday collection launch, we have collaborated with three brands of different genres to create the original gift items, Foo Tokyo original items are also included.


[Pop-up shop information]

We've established our limited shop that can allow you to enjoy your shopping while choosing gifts of our beautiful selection in our store.



This year's featured theme focus on the "the relaxation of home", you can purchase original gift coordinated items. In addition, we will present John Master Organic co-branding gift selection to our customers. 

*please note that the amount has been very limited for exclusivity. 

Purchase amount of 10,000 yen & above (tax-excluded):

- T&E Hand Refresher (Tea Tree & Eucalyptus) 50mL
Purchase amount of 30,000 yen or more (excluding tax):

- Evening Shampoo 236mL

  • Period/Business hours: December 9 (Wednesday) to December 25 (Friday) 10:00-20:00
  • Venue: 3F Promotion
  • Address and phone number: 4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (03-3562-1111)
  • Collaborative brands: Foo Tokyo (room wear and miscellaneous goods) / John Masters Organic (hair care and body care) / Minokamo Chaho (tea) / Sghr Sugahara (glass) 

collaboration brand

For this Christmas, we are conveying our warm home images to propose a peaceful state of mind. A warm collection that you can enjoy peacefully at home. 


John masters organic collaboration

A collaboration item that delivers special care that transforms the usual time into a luxurious time.

An evening care time for you to enjoy.

We have created a rewarding care gift for you who want to take time to take care of your hair but find it difficult to take care of yourself.

We offer special gift items that are assorted with John Masters Organic's popular hair care and body care items, as well as organic cotton towels, room socks, and bath oils from Foo Tokyo.


A collaboration gift that "gives recovery time for tomorrow".

A collaboration item that wraps your skin with the gentle touch of a towel and complements the comfort with the scent and taste of Minokamo tea house roasted tea.

One of Minokamo Tea's "Hojicha" packages has a limited color inspired by the color of roasted tea leaves.

Savor the deliciousness of tea, savor the luxury of brewing tea, and enjoy the moment when your body turns on and off.



A “towel candle gift” that will light up your thoughts forever.

“Towel Candle” is a “towel candle” that was inspired by sghr Sugahara’s glass balls and Foo Tokyo’s organic cotton towels.

A towel in a glass is used as a candle, and dried flowers are used as a flame to express "eternal love" as a candle that does not burn out.


Soft knit room socks and cardigans that are perfect for the winter season when the body gets cold from the core, silk gowns using silk fabrics that have been well received, and original blankets made with special attention to the processing of towel fabrics. Did.

Fluffy Interior socks that wrap your feet

Original blanket made from towel fabric 

Luxurious silk with premium silk fabrics 

Wool cardigan that wrap your body comfortably at home 

Immersed yourself in relaxing moment with a series of warmest gift

Every once in a while, you deserve some rewards for yourself, 

A warm gift with the pleasant blessings both for your loved one & yourselves.