Matsuya Ginza 6F Lingerie Floor | POP UP Event 2020.12.09-12.25

Foo Tokyo Xmas Banner

New holiday gift collection release from this Friday, November 27th.

There are many people who have been looking for their own effortlessly comfortable relaxing moment at home, as for this Christmas, we have created special gift collection for Christmas. 

For the first holiday collection launch, we have collaborated with three brands of different genres to create the original gift items, Foo Tokyo original items are also included.

[Limited time shop information]

We've established our limited shop that can allow you to enjoy your shopping while choosing gifts of our beautiful selection in our store.


"Scent gift collection" featured the theme of this year, you can purchase original gift coordinated items, presenting our co-branding gift selection to our customers

This year's featured theme focus on the "the relaxation of home", you can purchase original gift coordinated items. In addition, we will present John Master Organic co-branding gift selection to our customers. 

The theme focused on the theme of "Scent Gift Collection", we have selected a "scent" that heals the mind & body. Elegant fragrance will surely loosen your uptight tension at home. 

  • Period/Business hours: December 9th (Wednesday) to December 25th (Friday) 10:00-20:00 open until 20:30
  • Venue: 6F lingerie floor promotion space
  • Address and phone number: 6th floor, Matsuya Ginza, 
  • Participating brands: Foo Tokyo (room wear and miscellaneous goods) / Scentee Machina (fragrance) / KITCHIBE (fragrance) / Sghr Sugahara (glass)