Guide to luxury towels made in Japan! Recommended brands and how to choose the types of towels?

Towels are a classic gift item. Since they are daily necessities, you can never have too many of them, and among them, luxury towels are appreciated as gifts since they are not something you would buy for yourself.

This article introduces quality towel brands made in Japan for those who are considering giving towels to their loved ones as gifts.

Towels range from inexpensive ones given as rough gifts to high-end ones that are particular about materials and manufacturing methods.

In Japan, Imabari is said to be a famous towel production area, and towels made in Imabari go through a rigorous testing process to earn the "Imabari Towel" certification.

Imabari towels are already known by many and have become synonymous with luxury towels. Did you know that there are many products called luxury towels, with Imabari Towel at the top of the list?

Among the many luxury towels, we have picked out the best items for gifts and wedding presents. We introduce everything from recommended towels to how to choose, so please take a look at this page to help you choose the right gift.

What is the charm of Japanese luxury towels?

Foo Tokyoタオルで顔を拭く女性

High-quality towels have a variety of attractions that inexpensive towels do not have.

There are many points to consider when evaluating towel quality, such as material, texture, absorbency, quick-drying, and durability, and luxury towels are produced with a focus on each of these points in pursuit of user satisfaction.

Materials that support the quality of luxury towels

First of all, materials are the basis of quality.

Towels are made from cotton, linen, polyester, and many other materials.

The most widely produced is the familiar cotton. Organic cotton is the one that is organically grown under pesticide-free conditions.

Organic cotton is produced with consideration for the environmental impact and the working environment of the producers, as well as the absence of chemicals in its cultivation process.

There are even certification organizations that verify the traceability of raw materials and the content of organic cotton in products.


However, just because there is a large production volume does not mean that cotton is by any means the only superior material. For example, some manufacturers combine cotton and bamboo fiber (bamboo).

Combining the advantages of both can achieve the seemingly incompatible goals of firmness and softness at the same time.

Many manufacturers have a long history, and each company uses its own unique manufacturing process to protect its quality.

Manufacturing Processes Important for Luxury Towels

Luxury towels are not only made with the finest materials, but also with the most careful attention to detail in the processing process.

Even if no chemicals are used in the cultivation of the materials, if chemical dyes are used as dyes or large amounts of bleach, softeners, or other chemicals are used, the organic quality of the towels will be ruined.

Therefore, the use of chemicals in the production process of high quality towels is minimized as much as possible. Water is also used in the manufacturing process, and luxury towels are particular about the quality of the water.

It has been found that when water is of high quality and soft, the fabric is softer than when water of lesser quality is used.Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオルの制作背景

A towel with excellent water absorbency will begin to sink in just a few seconds when floated in water. Luxury towels often claim to be absorbent and meet this requirement.

Some brands even set a quality standard that the towel sinks within 5 seconds after being floated in water both unwashed and after being washed three times.

High-quality towels are manufactured with this kind of attention to detail.

Recommended brands of luxury towels made in Japan


Now that we have explained why luxury towels are called "luxury," here are some recommended brands of luxury towels.

Foo Tokyo is a luxury lifestyle brand born in Japan. It offers pajamas and accessories made of the highest quality silk, as well as towels and loungewear made of organic cotton.

Organic cotton towels are especially popular as gifts for various celebratory occasions. There are bath towels, face towels, and hand towels in a variety of types, and baby items made of towels are also popular.

First, let us explain why Foo Tokyo towels are so popular, and then introduce some of our recommended gift items.

High-quality towels made in Japan: Foo Tokyo's organic cotton towels

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオルを持っている女性

Foo Tokyo's organic cotton towels have a sophisticated and fashionable design, but at the same time, they are filled with the spirit of Japanese tradition and craftsmanship.

We received a review that said, "Once you use them, you will never go back to the towels you used before.

The towels are so high quality that they have been handled by "Ugenta" (Kibune, Kyoto), one of the finest ryokan in Japan, which has been awarded five Michelin stars for nine years in a row.

The high quality of each piece, carefully crafted by Japanese artisans, is sure to captivate anyone who uses it.

The color lineup includes white, pink, and charcoal gray. This color development was inspired by the story of a single cherry tree.

It is the Usuzumizakura, one of the five most famous cherry trees in Japan.

The cherry tree is 1,500 years old and is known for its pink buds that turn white as they reach full bloom and turn a pale black when they fall.

These three traditional Japanese colors evoke the beauty of the passage of time.

Foo Tokyo,オーガニックコットンタオル,今治タオル

All towels are certified as Imabari brand, known as "Imabari Towel," and are manufactured in Imabari, a famous towel production area in Japan.

The water in Imabari is soft water with few impurities. A large amount of this soft water is used in all processes, which makes the fabric softer than ordinary towels made with normal water.

Foo towels are made with beautiful natural water, which brings out the original qualities of the yarns and fabrics.

The lineup of sizes ranges from mini hand towels to bath towels in standard shapes.

Gift combinations are also freely available, so choose one that fits your budget and the lifestyle of the recipient.

Explore our towel collection.

Recommended items of high-end towels made in Japan

Next, let's take a look at the towel items we recommend at Foo Tokyo. Not only regular towels, but also baby items and ponchos made of towel fabric are available.


All types complete Bath Towel & Hand Towel & 1 Piece each Gift set

オーガニックコットン バスタオル&フェイスタオル&ハンドタオル 各1枚入り ギフトセット

A popular gift is a set that includes one bath towel, one face towel, and one hand towel.

The set includes standard sizes for easy everyday use, making it possible to use Foo Tokyo items for all the towel products in the house.

White is the most popular color, but can also be combined with chic charcoal gray and pink, which blend easily with interior decor.

Choose the one that best suits the recipient.

Relaxing aroma, 1 organic cotton face towel & bath oil LUXE FLOWER ・DREAMING AROMA Gift Set

オーガニックコットン フェイスタオル1枚&バスオイル LUXE FLOWER ・DREAMING AROMA ギフトセット

Along with towels, we also recommend a set of aroma bath oils that will turn bath time into a healing experience.

Foo Tokyo's aroma bath oil has a luxurious scent that will make you feel like you are in a luxury hotel.

This gift set includes Dreaming Aroma based on Darjeeling Tea & Fresh Herbal Greens with a fresh aroma, and Luxe Flower with a rich jasmine scent.

Each features dreamy packaging based on Foo Tokyo's "Soak in the daydreams" concept, which is sure to make you feel like you are immersed in your own fantasy.

The bath oil moisturizes the skin and relaxes the mind.

Organic cotton hooded ribbon swaddling clothes that wrap babies with tenderness

Foo Tokyoのおくるみ

Foo Tokyo's signature brand is pajamas made of the finest organic cotton, towels and silk, but baby goods using the same materials as its popular towels are also a hidden favorite.

One of the most highly rated baby goods is the "swaddling clothes" that gently wrap babies.

The most distinctive feature of Foo Tokyo's baby wrappers is how soft they feel on the skin. It is made in Imabari, a famous towel production area in Japan, using the finest organic cotton. 

Foo Tokyoオーガニックコットンタオルの表面

The product is made of DCH-32, a rare extra-long staple organic cotton, which accounts for less than 0.001% of the world's cotton production.

The farm is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in southern India. Surrounded by a harsh environment with a temperature difference of more than 20°C between day and night, this organic cotton is grown in good health by the blessings of the seasonal winds blowing from the Arabian Sea to the Indian Ocean.

Organic cotton is cotton grown without genetic modification on land that has not been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers for at least three years.

The most important thing when it comes to baby swaddling is whether or not it is safe for the baby's mouth, and Foo Tokyo's swaddling is made of 100% organic cotton, so it is safe to put in the mouth.

Foo Tokyoのおくるみ全色が並んでいる様子

It also has a hood decorated with bear ears. It gently cradles the baby's head and transforms it into a cute figure.

It is available in three colors: simple white, pink, and charcoal gray.

In addition to the swaddling clothes, a rattle, a stylus, and a belt cover are also made from the same fabric, so they can be used together.

You can never have too many, Organic Cotton Baby Bibs

ベビーギフトセット(おくるみ×1 、スタイ×2) - Foo Tokyo公式ストア

A baby's slobber coat, "bib" are an item you want as many as you can get because you wash them every day.

This one is also made of organic cotton and features a fluffy feel that is safe even when wiping baby's mouth.

The Foo Tokyo logo is delicately embroidered on the front.

Snap buttons are placed on the side for easy attachment when sitting facing the baby.

What is it that you keep in mind when you are choosing a brand of luxury Japanese towels?

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオルを手に持つ様子

It can make your daily life a little more luxurious. You can give the gift of a moment of happiness with a comfortable touch.

Luxury towels are a very nice gift that allows the recipient to enjoy a moment of luxury. Because they are not something you would buy for yourself, towel gift sets are appreciated.

However, the more expensive the towel is, the better it is. It is important to select a luxury towel gift set that is comfortable to use and that takes into consideration the occasion for which it will be given.

Here, we will explain how to choose a luxury towel.

Select by feature 1) Feel on the skin

Towels are in direct contact with the skin, so feel is an indispensable factor in towel selection. The gentle touch of a high-quality towel will soothe your daily fatigue.

The texture of towels varies depending on the material, yarn, and weaving method. If you are looking for fluffy towels, we recommend towels made with low-twisted yarns.

For those with sensitive skin, a gauze towel that is soft enough to use will also be appreciated. In both cases, the better the quality, the less fluff will fall out and the longer the texture will last.

女性がFoo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオルで顔を拭いている様子

Select by feature 2) Absorbency

The first impression of a towel is determined by its texture and visual design. But there are also good qualities that can be appreciated only after use.

The most important role of a towel is to wipe away moisture. No matter how good it looks, if it does not absorb water, it is not a good towel.

For absorbency and quick-drying performance alone, synthetic microfiber towels are superior. However, if you are choosing a towel as a gift, natural cotton is the best choice because it is gentle to the skin and absorbs water well.

Select by feature 3) Durability

Your favorite towel becomes hard and stiff after repeated washing....

Have you ever had such a regrettable experience? It is very difficult to achieve both fluffiness and absorbency and durability in towels.

Towels that are fluffy, airy, and absorbent are inevitably difficult to maintain for a long time. On the other hand, if durability is increased, the towel will become stiff and rough.

High-quality towels strike a balance between the two. The fluffy feeling lasts longer because of the careful weaving of high quality materials.

Select by feature 4) Material

Cotton is the most famous towel material, but there are actually many different types and origins of cotton, including Egyptian cotton, Indian cotton, and Supima cotton.

There is also organic cotton, which is grown without pesticides in consideration of the environment and human health.

Using organic cotton products means protecting the global environment and preserving the future. Choosing materials from this perspective is also a wonderful choice.

Another thing that should not be forgotten in towel materials is "water”.

The excellent quality of the famous "Imabari Towel" and "Senshu Towel" is supported by the high quality soft water of each region.

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオルに顔を埋めている女性

Choose by occasion 1) Special gifts

Gifts for life milestones such as wedding celebrations, or gifts to express heartfelt appreciation, such as on Father's Day or Mother's Day. For such gifts, choose something special that conveys your feelings.

For such a special gift, we recommend the finest bath towels. They will make your recipient's bath time at the end of the day a time of healing.

Embroidering a name or initials on the towel will further convey your feelings.

Selection by occasion 2) Gifts for superiors

For occasions when you are giving a gift to a superior, such as a mentor or company boss, a high-quality, classic item is appropriate. Rather than an unusual gift that expresses a sense of your style, it is better to choose a gift that anyone can recognize as a good product at a glance.

For towels, you can rest assured that they are certified Imabari towels. You can give a gift with confidence because you can tell at a glance that the towels are of high quality.

If you are giving a gift to someone whose private life is not so visible, it is best to use a standard white face towel.

Selection by scene 3) For families with small children

Foo Tokyoのベビーアイテムギフト

Towel gifts for baby gifts or for families with small children. Such families appreciate towel gifts regardless of size.

Babies and small children have more delicate skin than adults. First and foremost, choose towels that are comfortable to the touch. For babies, gauze towels and lap blankets are also recommended.

Foo Tokyo has a large lineup of baby items made of organic cotton. Please try to choose according to the age of the baby.

Explore our Baby Gift collection.

Selection by occasion 4) Gifts for a large number of people

What if you want to give the same gift to many people, such as a housewarming gift and a greeting for your neighborhood or new job?

In such cases, it is best to choose a simple gift that would be liked by the majority of people regardless of individual tastes. You can choose the size according to the purpose of the gift and your budget.

For a small gift, a towel handkerchief or hand towel is a good choice. If you are in doubt, it is best to choose a set of face towels that can be appreciated by any person.

Many people prefer white towels, so simple white towels are often preferred. The simpler the towel, the better the quality of the towel itself.

Give the gift of a Japanese luxury towel at the next level!


High-grade towels are more expensive because of the attention to detail in the materials and manufacturing process. However, the price is more than just the price of the towels, as they are gentle and comfortable on the skin and will help you relax both body and mind.

When giving a gift, the most important thing is to make the recipient happy, and luxury towels are sure to satisfy that need.

Why not give the gift of a towel of the highest quality and comfort and enjoy a lifestyle that is one rank above the rest?

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