[2024] Luxury Towels as a Wedding Gift: What are the Popular styles?

Many of you may be wondering what to give as a wedding gift to a friend or relative.

In such cases, how about giving a towel, the classic gift, as a wedding gift?

For a festive occasion, we recommend giving a luxury towel that you would not buy yourself, rather than thinking "All the towels are the same so you should just buy the cheaper one". There are many uses for bath towels and face towels.

In this issue, we introduce the best brands of luxury towels for wedding gifts, as well as manners and points to consider when giving luxury towels as gifts. We hope you will find this information useful when choosing a wedding gift.

How do I choose a towel for a wedding gift? Is custom embroidery necessary?

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオル

When a couple first gets married, they start out with just the two of them, but eventually they might have children and their family would expand. Therefore, towels, being a consumable item, are a useful item no matter how many you have.

Moreover, since towels are made by spinning threads, they have the meaning of "weaving bonds between people," making them an appropriate gift for the joyous occasion of marriage.

Thus, luxury towels are appreciated as wedding gifts, but what kind of towels should be given as wedding gifts?

How to choose a recommended luxury towel

When giving a luxury towel as a wedding gift, you may choose a towel that is safe to use. It is also recommended to give a large towel that can be used by the family.

Although hand towels are a nice towel to receive as a gift because of their ease of use, they may feel inadequate as a wedding gift.

Therefore, if you are giving a luxury hand towel as a wedding gift, we recommend that you give it as a set with other towels of a larger size.

How to personalize towels

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオル フェスタオル

If you are giving a luxury towel as a congratulatory gift, you may wish to personalize it with embroidered name or other customization. By personalizing the towel, it can be used for a long time as a commemorative towel that was given as a wedding gift.

There are various ways to personalize towels. You can have it done as a service at the store where you purchased the towel, or you can have it custom-made after you have purchased the towel.

Some stores that carry high-end towels offer customization as a service. It is recommended that you also order customization when ordering towels.

What towel brands do you recommend for wedding gifts?


Introducing a towel brand that sells luxury towels perfect for wedding gifts.

Foo Tokyo

Foo Tokyo, a luxury lifestyle brand from Tokyo, offers a lineup of high-quality towels in a variety of sizes and colors. The brand's luxury towels are made of the finest organic cotton.

Foo Tokyoのギフトボックスと商品展開

When people relax in a space where they can feel at ease, they take a breath of fresh air. Foo Tokyo is a brand designed to make such moments of taking a breather even higher quality.

n addition to luxury towels, Foo Tokyo offers a variety of items that add color to daily life, such as loungewear made of high-quality materials, top-quality silk pajamas, silk accessories, room fragrances, and bath oils.

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオルギフトボックス

Explore our gift items here.

The Organic Cotton Towel, a luxury towel recommended as a wedding gift, boasts such a comfortable texture that you will let out a peaceful sigh of "Foo" when you bury your face in it.

The towels are made from 100% organic cotton, a rare and high-grade material that accounts for only 0.001% or less of the world's cotton production.

Another key point is the overwhelmingly high quality of the towels, which have received the Imabari Towel Brand certification. This is a sign that the towel has passed the unique quality standards of the Imabari towel brand, and is produced in the Imabari towel production area, from production to quality control.

The Imabari towel brand certification is only given to certain products that have passed strict standards for water absorbency, shedding rate, color fastness (resistance to color fading and color migration), and other qualities.

For example, Foo Tokyo towels boast high water absorbency, sinking within five seconds when placed in water because the yarn itself contains air.

Furthermore, the softness of the fiber is not lost during the process of transforming cotton into high-grade yarn, so the initial fluffy feeling is maintained even after washing.

In addition to the quality, the simple and fashionable design is also a key point that will please everyone. The original logo embroidered with a bird motif, a symbol of "comfort and happiness," is a design that is appreciated by those people who like fashion and interior design.

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオルギフトセット

Thus, Foo Tokyo's towels are not only highly functional, as recognized by the Imabari Brand, but also carefully designed and manufactured.

Our towels are sold at major department stores in Japan such as Isetan Shinjuku and Matsuya Ginza.

The lineup includes bath towels, face towels, hand towels, and mini hand towels in a variety of sizes.

In addition to the standard white color, the towels are also available in a variety of stylish colors such as charcoal gray and pink. Gift sets with bath oil are also available for a variety of gift-giving occasions.

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Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンタオル・バスオイルギフトセット

Luxury Towel Gifts for Wedding Gifts by Price

So far, we have explained how to choose a luxury towel as a wedding gift and the etiquette of gift-giving. Finally, we will introduce luxury towel gifts by price, divided into three categories: towels in the 20,000-yen range, towels in the 10,000-yen range, and towels under 10,000 yen.

20,000 yen range

The "Organic Cotton Bath Towel 2-Pack Gift Set" is a popular gift item. Since bath towels are used every day, it is a good idea to give a set for two people.

10,000 yen range

"2 Face Towels & 2 Hand Towels Gift Set" makes a great gift. Since the box contains 4 sizes of towels, it would surely be appreciated as a practical gift.

Under 10,000 yen

The "Organic Cotton Hand Towel 2-Pack Gift Set" is the perfect casual gift. Hand towels are a good manner for adults to have one, so it is guaranteed to be a gift that will be appreciated.

Is "White Towel" not a good wedding gift? Manners regarding gifts

Marriage is a matter of good fortune. For example, the wedding registry date and reception are often avoided on days that are not auspicious, and care is taken in the choice of words in congratulatory speeches.

The same is true for gifts, and you should refrain from giving anything that is not very auspicious.

In the past, "white towels" were considered contraindicated as wedding gifts, and colored towels were chosen. This is because white towels reminded people of the cloths used to cover the faces of the dead or of shabby towels.

Nowadays, "white towels" are chosen for celebrations because they are the same color as the bride and have an image of purity and innocence. It may be a good idea to celebrate a new beginning in white with the blessing that "the two of us will now dye it in our own free colors".

Foo Tokyo offers a variety of sizes and gift types of "white towels" embroidered with bird motifs, a symbol of "peace and happiness.

Gifts can be freely combined, so why not choose the one that best suits your needs?

Foo Tokyo's original gift box, ideal as a present


Foo Tokyo also offers original gift boxes. We have carefully designed a one-of-a-kind package that will lift your spirits the moment you receive it.

The dark green box seems to lull you into a deep sleep, and the Foo Tokyo logo is printed in an elegant gold color.

Foo Tokyoのギフトボックスと内部デザイン

The gift box also hides a surprise inside. When you open the box, you will see an imaginary world depicted by Foo Tokyo.

The design inside changes depending on the size of the box, so you can't wait to see what kind of design you'll find when you receive the box.

For wedding gifts, choose a luxury towel brand that emphasizes quality.


Luxury towels are called luxury not because they are expensive, but because they are literally superior quality towels.

Towels are used to absorb moisture, so high absorbency is a must for a high quality towel. Since they come in direct contact with the skin, good texture is also an important point to consider.

In addition, breathability is also important, as we want towels used in daily life to dry quickly. Therefore, in general, towels that meet the following three conditions can be said to be high quality towels.

  • Good water absorbency
  • Good texture
  • Good air permeability

Luxury towels are ideal for celebratory occasions, weaving a bond between people. Why not choose one of our high-end towels and give them as a thoughtful gift to the couple who have decided to get married? It will be a wonderful gift to bless and cuddle them in their new life together.