What is appropriate clothing for sleeping? Why separate "loungewear" from "pajamas"?

Are you particular about what you wear to bed?

Many people have trouble sleeping, such as feeling somewhat uncomfortable in bed or having difficulty getting a good night's sleep after a hard day's work.

Sometimes the reason you have trouble sleeping well has to do with the clothes you wear to bed. It is impossible to get a good night's sleep if you do not wear the right clothes to bed.

This article will explain why you should separate loungewear from pajamas and what kind of pajamas are appropriate for sleep.

A good night's sleep will improve not only your daily sleep, but also the quality of your life.

Please refer to this article and try to sleep in the right clothes for sleeping.

What are the best clothes for sleeping? Features of loungewear and pajamas


Many people use both loungewear and pajamas as their sleeping clothes and wear loungewear to bed as well.

However, in order to get a good night's sleep, it is considered better to separate loungewear and pajamas.

This section explains the difference between loungewear and pajamas.

Loungewear is clothing for spending time in the room

First, we will explain the characteristics of loungewear.

Clothes to be worn in a room

オーガニックコットン ロングスリーブ スウェットシャツ ベージュ

Lougewear refers to clothing worn in a room. Jerseys and sweatshirts are also called loungewear when worn in a room.

In recent years, clothes specifically designed for inside the room have been sold in response to consumers' needs to be fashionable even inside the house.

There are various types of room wear, ranging from loose-fitting designs to those that look cute.

The goal is to be comfortable in the room.

Foo Tokyoのコットンウールパイル パジャマ


Loungewear is intended for spending a comfortable time in a room, such as relaxing or doing housework.

Clothes specially designed for loungewear are characterized by their materials, and many loungewear are made of soft and comfortable materials.

They can be worn at any time of the day, morning, noon, or night, so that you can stay comfortable all day long.

Loose-fitting loungewear that does not feel uncomfortably tight is best

FooTokyo コットンルームウェアワンピース

If you are going to relax in your room, you want to be particular about the loungewear you wear.

When choosing loungewear, it is best to choose loose-fitting designs and materials that do not constrict the body.

Loose-fitting designs and materials allow you to relax.

Styles that are not embarrassing to wear in public

Basically, since loungewear is clothing worn in the room, it is unlikely to be seen by others.

However, many people wear it when visiting guests or going out in the neighborhood.

If you expect to be out in public, try to dress in an outfit that can be used as one-mile wear so that it is not that sloppy.

Pajamas are clothes for sleeping

Next, let's look at pajamas.

Clothes for sleeping

Pajamas are clothes for sleeping and are used exclusively for sleeping.

Unlike everyday or loungewear, they are clothes worn only for sleeping and have a limited use.

They are designed to help you sleep soundly and peacefully.

There are a wide variety of pajamas that are made with particular attention to materials and functionality, and are suited to the season and the constitution of the wearer.

Loose-fitting pajamas that do not constrict are best

For a comfortable night's sleep, it is necessary to choose pajamas that are not uncomfortable to wear.

If they are too tight, you will have difficulty sleeping and will not be able to get a good night's sleep.

When wearing pajamas to bed, wear loose-fitting pajamas that do not constrict.

The pressure caused by tightness is a great enemy to sleep.

Usually, people never go out in pajamas

Pajamas are clothes you wear to sleep and change into when you wake up.

Basically, you do not go out in pajamas, so there is almost no chance that others will see you in pajamas.

Therefore, you can wear any design you like without worrying about what others might think.

Reasons why you should separate your sleeping clothes from your loungewear

Foo Tokyoのシルクパジャマ ミントグリーンを着た女性が椅子に座って本を読んでいる

After reading this article so far, you may have wondered why loungewear and pajamas are best when loose-fitting, but why it is best to separate the two types of sleepwear.

In the following, we will specifically explain the difference between loungewear and pajamas.

Reasons why you should separate your sleeping clothes 1) Moisture absorption

One reason why you should separate your sleeping attire is the issue of perspiration.

It is said that we sweat profusely during sleep, and the amount of sweat is estimated to be as much as a cup of water.

Depending on the material of the clothes you wear to bed, your clothes may be wet with sweat when you wake up.

If your clothes are wet with sweat, they will feel uncomfortable to the touch, and you will not wake up feeling good.

To wake up refreshed, we recommend that pajamas be made of moisture-absorbent materials.

For a comfortable sleep, it is important to understand the difference in moisture absorbency between loungewear and pajamas.

Moisture absorbency of loungewear

Many people use casual clothes such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jerseys as loungewear.

However, these clothes may absorb too much moisture when used as loungewear, and it is not uncommon to wake up in the morning drenched in sweat.

Moisture Absorption Properties of Pajamas

Pajamas are often made of fabrics with a good balance of moisture absorption and desorption to ensure a good night's sleep.

If they have good moisture release properties, they will release excess moisture, allowing you to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Reasons to separate sleeping clothes 2) Sleeping comfort

Loungewear and pajamas serve different purposes and may be made differently to begin with.

If your clothes are not designed for sleeping, you may find it uncomfortable to sleep in, and even if you do fall asleep, you may wake up quickly or have only a shallow sleep.

If you cannot get a good night's sleep, it may lead to poor health.

Check the difference in comfort between loungewear and pajamas, and sleep in clothes that are comfortable.

Loungewear emphasizes ease of movement

Many loungewear clothes are designed for ease of movement so that you can stay comfortable in your room.

They are not made for sleeping and are not suitable as sleeping clothes.

Pajamas are designed to be comfortable when you sleep

Pajamas are made with particular attention to material and shape for comfortable sleep.

Not only are they comfortable to the touch, but they also accommodate changes in the body during sleep, making them comfortable clothing for sleeping.

Reasons to separate sleeping clothes 3) Sleeping rituals


Have you ever heard of a sleep-entry ritual?

A sleep-entry ritual is a habit of performing the same action every day before going to sleep to switch on sleep and help you fall asleep naturally. It is believed to influence quality sleep.

If you have trouble falling asleep even when you are trying to sleep, please refer to the specific steps of the sleep-entry ritual as described below.

Procedure for sleep-entry rituals

  • Drink a slow cup of herbal tea before going to bed
  • Go to the restroom
  • Brush your teeth
  • Change into pajamas
  • Get into bed (futon)
  • Go to bed

It is easier to have a smooth sleep if for example the above actions are habitual.

It is important to repeat them every day, and there is no need to do anything difficult.

It is also a good idea to use what you normally do casually as a sleep-entry ritual without being caught up in these activities.

Putting on pajamas switches your brain into sleep mode

Changing from loungewear to pajamas is a good way to switch your brain into sleep mode.

By changing into pajamas before going to bed each day, you can prepare yourself for sleep.

Not only your body but also your mind will be ready for sleep, and you will be able to fall asleep naturally.

Reasons to separate sleeping clothes 4) Cleanliness


The cleanliness of the clothes you wear is important when you sleep. Sleeping in dirty clothes will affect not only your body but also your bedding.

You may end up sleeping far from a good night's sleep because you will not be comfortable. Be aware that there is a difference in cleanliness between loungewear and pajamas when sleeping.

Loungewear easily gets dirty

Loungewear is easily stained in daily life. When you eat, clean, and do other activities throughout the day, you sweat without realizing it.

Loungwear may absorb dust generated in daily life, and if you go to bed without it, your bedclothes will also become dirty.

Sleeping in unsanitary conditions will not allow your body to rest and you will wake up feeling uncomfortable, so pay attention to cleanliness.

It is preferable to change into clean pajamas when going to bed

By changing into clean pajamas, you can effectively rest your body. When you wake up, you will feel good and ready to go for another day.

Ending and beginning the day in clean pajamas is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Reasons to separate your sleeping clothes 5) Wrinkles

Wrinkles are an unavoidable part of wearing loungewear. Some clothing materials tend to wrinkle easily, which is noticeable and gives others an unflattering image.

Since they can form in casual, everyday life, be careful when wearing loungewear.

Wrinkles are more likely to form when sleeping while sleeping

Backs and backs of knees tend to get wrinkled while sleeping, so if you sleep in your loungewear, they will get wrinkled.

It may be fine if you don't see anyone all day, but there is a possibility that you may be seen in your wrinkled loungewear by a sudden visitor or a delivery service.

Also, if you go out without noticing the wrinkles, you may be embarrassed, so it is safer to change into pajamas when you go to bed.

Foo Tokyo recommends loungewear and pajamas

Foo Tokyoのシルクパジャマを着た男女がベッドで談笑している姿

Introducing loungewear and pajamas that enhance the quality of life from the items of Foo Tokyo, a luxury lifestyle brand from Japan.

Recommended loungewear

Let's start with loungewear that will keep you comfortable all day long.

Organic cotton sweatshirts and sweatpants that give off an elegant impression

Foo Tokyo オーガニックコットン スウェットシャツ & スウェットパンツ

Sweatshirts are the item you want to wear when the weather starts to get chilly. Although these items give a casual impression, Foo Tokyo focuses on comfort and elegance.

The cotton fabric with a natural and elegant sheen is made of rare extra-long staple cotton such as suvin.

Extra-long staple cotton has long fibers and high oil content, making it possible to produce yarns that are moist and smooth to the touch.

The fabric is knitted on a low-speed knitting machine called an "Azuma knitting machine" to create a fabric with a fluffy feel without putting extra strain on the yarn.


The collared design, which is unusual for a sweatshirt, gives the shirt a classy feel.

Slits on both sides of the shirt provide a sense of design and ease of movement around the waist at the same time.

The hem of the sweatpants has a slit and can be fastened with a button. They can be used as straight pants or wide pants depending on your mood.

Royal Organic Cotton Flared Dress with rich design

Foo Tokyo,ロイヤル オーガニックコットン フレアワンピース,ルームウェア

For a relaxed feel, we recommend the loose-fitting dress type.

The Royal Organic Cotton Flared Dress is a piece that is generously made of rare royal organic cotton.

Its lightweight texture makes this loungewear ideal for spring and summer.ロイヤル オーガニックコットン フレアワンピース グレージュ - Foo Tokyo公式ストア

The "crepe weave" used for formal wear gives this easy loungewear a unique firmness that makes it more than just loungewear.

A seam under the bust adds style. The flared design around the legs allows the fabric to swing gracefully.

The bust is trimmed with ribbons that vary in color depending on the fabric color.

Collaboration with popular models [Cotton Cashmere Pile Set (Pullover x Pants)

コットンカシミヤパイル セット(プルオーバー×パンツ) 刺繍

This item is a collaboration with Lautashi, a brand created by Emi Suzuki, who has been active as a fashion magazine model since her teenage years and is a woman's dream.

This stress-free loungewear is made of cotton cashmere with a fluffy texture.

The pullover is designed with a wide neck and loose sizing. The leggings-like pants fit the legs but are not painful due to the very soft material.

コットンカシミヤパイル セット(プルオーバー×パンツ)

The neck is embroidered with an original logo designed by Mr. Suzuki in collaboration with her beloved daughter.

It is available in three colors: pink, gray, and brown. In addition to the pullover set, there is also a set with a bustier that is perfect for enjoying yoga and other activities indoors.

Furthermore, since the collaboration is based on the theme of "clothes that allow parents and children to feel connected," kids' size items are also available.

Why not enjoy a matching set between parents and children?

Sheer cotton long cardigan is useful as a gown/outer


This long cardigan is perfect for throwing on lightly when it is a little chilly.

It is made of cotton mixed with nylon yarn, which gives it both a soft texture and wrinkle resistance.

The chest is decorated with an original embroidery that combines a single rose and the Foo Tokyo logo.

シアーコットンロングカーディガン 刺繍ロゴ ディテール

When worn over silk pajamas on Foo Tokyo, it looks like a rose stuck in the breast pocket, which is a very stylish design.

The sheer material is very lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, so it is recommended for travel and as an in-flight gown.

Silk gowns that add luxe color to everyday life

シルクガウン イブニンググロウ

For a more luxurious gown, how about a gown made of silk?

Silk, as you know, is a natural material made from silkworms.

Because it is made from ingredients close to the skin, it is less stressful on the skin and is attracting attention, especially from beauty lovers.

In addition, its moisture-absorbing property makes it comfortable even when sweating, making it suitable for use in warm rooms with heaters on.


The lineup includes a variety of items, from plain colors such as simple white and pink-beige to patterns with beautiful gradations reminiscent of a dream world.

They are ideal as gowns for spending time indoors in comfort and style.

Recommended Pajamas

Pajamas for a good night's sleep are available in a variety of materials, from silk to cotton, with silk items being the most popular at Foo Tokyo and often chosen as gifts.

Foo Tokyo's most popular silk pajamas


Foo Tokyo's basic and most popular item is silk pajamas made of 100% special silk, which is ranked as the world's highest "6A / 5A rank" silk. They are popular as gifts because you rarely have a chance to buy them yourself.

Foo Tokyoのシルクパジャマ パールホワイト

The silk fabric is carefully dyed in a domestic factory and comes in five colors: elegant navy, charcoal gray, pink beige, pearl white, and mint green.

The tops and bottoms are sold separately and in a wide range of sizes, so you can freely combine them according to your body shape. With a wide range of colors available, these pajamas are also recommended as matching pajamas for couples or married couples.

Foo Tokyoのメンズシルクパジャマ チャコールグレー

Silk pajamas are popular for several reasons.

The first is their meltingly comfortable feel. Once you put your sleeves on, you will never go back to other pajamas because of the comfortable feel of high quality silk.

It is said that when you fall asleep wrapped in comfortable silk, the quality of your sleep will improve, and you will wake up the next morning feeling better. These pajamas are especially appreciated by those who are busy and do not get a good night's rest.

The second reason for their popularity is the beauty effect of silk. Silk has the effect of "beautifying and toning the skin," and silk pajamas are also known as "wearable beauty serum". If you give them to those with sensitive skin or those who care about beauty, they will surely be delighted.


The third reason for their popularity is their beauty, which is enchanting to behold. Open the gift box and there you will find luxurious pajamas with a beautiful pearl-like luster.

Explore our silk pajamas here.

Wearable art, Interior Like Silk Pajamas

Foo Tokyoのインテリアライクシルクパジャマ

The popular silk pajamas, Interior Like Silk Pajamas, are made of 100% high quality silk and decorated with Foo Tokyo's original textile.

Created under the theme of "Wear the Intelier," the item is also inspired by Japanese ceramics.インテリアライクシルクパジャマの生地

Basic silk pajamas are plain, but these silk pajamas feature the "acanthus pattern," which has been loved as a sacred plant since ancient Greek times and evolved into the Japanese arabesque pattern through the Silk Road, and the bird design that is the Foo Tokyo logo.

Recommended for those who already have silk pajamas and are looking for a special design.

You can wear at home or in public, Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas

foo Tokyo のロイヤルオーガニックコットン ダブルボタンパジャマ

Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas are relaxwear with the double buttons utilized in jackets, a typical formalwear item.

They are favored by those who do not want to compromise either comfort or fashion at home.


It is characterized by its simple yet unique design.

Its popularity is slowly spreading due to its rarity, and it has even been adopted as in-flight wear for private jets and indoor wear for famous auberges.

It is available in three chic colors: navy, off-white, and cobalt blue, and we highly recommend this item as a gift for those who are highly fashion-conscious.

The 100% cotton material makes it easy to wash at home.

The formal design makes it a luxe easy-to-wear garment that can be used from the plane to the airport, from the hotel room to the lounge.

This item is recommended for those who travel or go on business trips frequently.

Recommended as matching set, Cotton wool pile pajamas


Cotton wool pile pajamas are made of cotton wool fabric with a soft touch that is perfect for fall and winter.

They are available in three colors: lavender, which is gentle on the eyes before bed, turquoise, which seems to lull you into a deep sleep, and burgundy, which is a soothing color. The unique color lineup is perfect for the fashion-conscious.


The fabric used is a short pile that is so smooth to the touch that you want to keep touching it.

Wool is used in the yarn in addition to cotton, which provides heat retention and antibacterial/odor control. It should be able to be worn not only in fall and winter, but also until early spring when the nights are still chilly.


The unisex design and wide range of sizes make it a great choice for couples or married couples to wear together.

The busier you are, the more you should be dressed for bed!ベッドでくつろいでいる女性

Good sleep is necessary for those who are busy with work, family, and private life.

Lack of sleep can lead to lifestyle-related diseases, skin problems, and other physical problems due to the disruption of the rhythm of life.

Even a small difference in what you wear can help you get a good night's sleep.

If you want to get a good night's sleep, relieve physical fatigue, and live a healthy life, it is recommended that you keep your loungewear and pajamas separate.

Please remember what this article has told you, starting tomorrow!