Birthday gift surprises that double the joy - 15 recommended items and ways to give them

What and how do you give birthday gifts?

Birthdays, Christmas, celebrations, and many other occasions provide opportunities to give gifts, but if you are going to give a gift, we recommend that you give it with a surprise performance.

Not only will it double the joy, but it will be a memory you will never forget. In this issue, we will introduce 15 ways to give a surprise gift and special items that we recommend for a birthday present.

In addition, we will also introduce an extra section on proposal surprises.

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Foo Tokyo's selection of recommended birthday surprise gifts


Foo Tokyo is a luxury lifestyle brand that designs a relaxing home time between "I'm home" and "I'm leaving home". Under the theme of "The Luxury of Doing Nothing," the brand statement is "embrace to spend time doing nothing".

Foo Tokyo offers a wide variety of items that make perfect surprise gifts, so we would like to start by introducing a few items from the Foo Tokyo product lineup that we would like to recommend.

Recommended gift for a surprise birthday present 1) |Foo Tokyo silk pajamas

Foo Tokyo シルクパジャマ

How about giving the best pajamas to the person you want to make happier?

For this reason, we recommend Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas.

Silk is a natural material made from silkworms. These luxurious pajamas are made of 100% silk.

Silk is so rich in amino acids that it is called "wearable beauty serum". Just by wearing it, you can enjoy the benefits to your body.

Because we spend 1/3 of our life as sleeping time, we need the best sleeping comfort with luxurious materials.

Foo Tokyo シルクパジャマ チャコール

 Foo Tokyo pays attention not only to materials but also to details.

From every perspective, they are perfect: calm and elegant colors, smooth and comfortable to wear, and silhouettes that consider your skin's comfort.

Another key point is that silk pajamas can be worn all year round, so you can choose any season to give them as a gift.

Explore our silk pajamas here.

Recommended gift for a surprise birthday present 2) |Foo Tokyo cotton pajamas

Foo Tokyoコットンパジャマ ワインレッド

These cotton wool pile pajamas are made of cotton wool fabric with a soft touch that is perfect for fall and winter. They are available in three colors: lavender, which is good for the eyes before bed, turquoise, which lulls you into a deep sleep, and burgundy, which makes you feel elegant.

The surface fabric is made of short pile, which is so smooth to the touch that you will want to keep touching it.

In addition to that, wool is also used to keep these pajamas warm and provide antibacterial and deodorant effects.

ベッドの上カップルがFoo Tokyoコットンパジャマを着ている

It is a unisex fitting and design, so if it is a gift for a lover or partner, we recommend that couples wear them together.

Explore our cotton pajamas here.

Recommended gift for a surprise birthday present 3) |Foo Tokyo Silk Pillowcase

Foo Tokyoシルクピローケース

If you are looking for something a little more casual than pajamas or loungewear, how about accessories that are easy to give as gifts?

Silk pillowcases reduce friction between your hair and skin while you sleep.

Silk has excellent water absorption and moisture retention properties, so it absorbs and releases perspiration while you sleep, preventing steaming and keeping your hair and skin moist while also absorbing excess moisture and maintaining humidity.

In recent years, silk goods have been attracting a great deal of attention as beauty items.

Silk pillowcase can be used for beauty care while you sleep, so even busy people can use it without any difficulty.

Those who are highly sensitive to beauty will surely be pleased with this product.

Explore our pillowcase collection here.

Surprise gift for a birthday 4): 1 organic cotton face towel x Foo Tokyo bath oil Luxe Flower and Dreaming Aroma gift set

オーガニックコットン フェイスタオル1枚xFoo Tokyo バスオイル Luxe Flower ・Dreaming Aroma ギフトセット

Towels are an essential item that is always used in daily life. Foo Tokyo uses high quality cotton for these towels.

We use the world's finest organic cotton from Imabari, which accounts for only 0.001% of the world's harvest, so the towels are not only absorbent, but also fluffy to the touch.

Foo Tokyo's original bath oil will envelop you in a luxurious scent the moment you add it to your bath.

Ingredients include rosehip oil for beautiful skin, rice bran for hydration, and argan. A thin film of oil prevents the skin from drying out and keeps it supple even after you get out of the bath.

A gift set of towels and bath oil makes a wonderful gift for a wonderful bath time.

Explore our bath towel and bath oil gift sets here.

A woman's dream, 15 ways to give a birthday gift with a huge surprise


First, here are some ways to create an unexpectedness before giving a gift. An unexpectedness is a way to create a swing, such as disappointing them once and then making them happy, or making them think this is all there is and then giving them a gift that surpasses it.

How to Give a Birthday Surprise Gift? 

No.1 Pretend to forget

Make a promise to meet the person on his/her birthday. But even after you meet, pretend to forget about it completely without saying congratulations. Then, when the person stands up to go to the bathroom or other places, sneak the gift into his or her bag.

"Are they really forgetting?" When they are convinced, ask them to open the bag and receive the gift. However, since it is your birthday, the key to success is to keep the forgetting act short so that the disappointment does not last too long.

No. 2 Put the real gift inside the dummy gift

This is a classic surprise method. The dummy present should be a general gift that is large enough to hide the real gift. Then, prepare a real gift that the recipient really wants and hide the real gift inside the dummy.

For example, a ring in a purse, earrings in a compact mirror, or tickets to a game they've always wanted to go to in a bag.

No. 3 The room is full of decorations when you are supposed to be at work.

This method can be used for a person who lives with you. Tell your partner let's celebrate their birthday at home on a day when he or she has to work, and you secretly take a day off.

When they return home after work on the same day, the room is filled with balloons, garland, photos, and other decorations.
When you have surprised them, appear and give them a gift.

A great place to decorate is the bathroom. A moody setting with flower petals and candles and the gift in the middle is also a nice idea.

Next, we will show you how to give a surprise gift with the help of someone or friend. Please refer below for some lightweight, standard surprise presentations, as well as some more serious ones.

No.4 Rely on the waiter's help

When celebrating at a restaurant, some places offer a service where they bring a birthday cake and sing a song of congratulation for you. By all means, when you make a reservation, check to see if they offer such a service.

Another nice idea is to pretend that you have to use the restroom and ask the waiter to bring the birthday cake and present to the waiter, and when you see that the person is surprised, return to your seat with a hidden bouquet of flowers and say "Happy Birthday".

No. 5 A large gathering of friends when you open the door

This is a great way to get your friends involved in the surprise. When they arrive at the meeting place, they are surprised to find many of their friends there.

Some of them are used to staging surprises, so the key is to hide them thoroughly so that they will never notice.

No.6 A trick where many balloons pop out when a large balloon is broken.

Another fun way is to use a balloon production company. Some balloons can be used to decorate the whole room, while others are large enough to hold a person, and when you break them, many small balloons will pop out from inside.

No. 7 This can also be used at weddings. Surprise with a flash mob

Have you heard of flash mobs, which became a hot topic for a while? It is a performance in which people who blend in with the crowd suddenly sing and dance together as if they are all waiting for the same person to show up. However, if only amateurs who are not used to singing and dancing try to do it, it may end up looking cheap and disappointing.

Let's ask a professional flash mob production company to do it for us. The point is to use it for a really special celebration, as it can be quite a big deal.

No. 8 When you turn on the TV, a handmade movie will play.

On the day of the event, invite them to watch the DVD you borrowed at home with you. Pretend to be in the bathroom, turn on the TV and play the handmade movie. These days, there are many software programs that make it easy to make movies, but you can also ask a contractor to make a full-fledged memory movie or celebration movie for you.

Something extra fun: How to give a birthday surprise gift?

The next step is to direct the guests to find their own gifts. You can make it a game, a quiz, or a riddle, and depending on how you think about it, you can make the search for the present a fun time.

No.9 Give the present as a treasure hunt game that even children can enjoy

Send an e-mail or LINE message to the person you are going to give the gift to on the day of the event, simply asking him or her to "look for a certain place". When they go to that location, they will find the following instructions inside. The direction is that if they follow the instructions one after another, they will eventually arrive at the place where the gift is located. If you put up pictures of memories at each point, the mood will gradually become more exciting.

No. 10 This can also be used on an ordinary day. Put a present on the pillow when you wake up

This is a recommended method for people who live together. You can also use this method when giving gifts to your children and other people. While they are sleeping, leave a gift or a message card under their pillow. This is a surprise method that will surprise them when they wake up in the morning. It is also fun to write instructions on the message card and combine it with a treasure hunt.

No. 11 Secretly giving a gift in a car or locker

This is a method of planting a present in a place where the recipient is sure to see it, without giving it directly to the recipient. For example, if it is a co-worker, it can be in a locker that they will open every day. If they drive to work, put it in their car. If it's for a housewife, choose a place where the gift will be easily noticed and surprised as much as possible, such as in the refrigerator.

How to Give a Surprise Gift at the Proposal

ピンク 花

Lastly, the biggest surprise of your life, a proposal. Let's prepare carefully and make it a great success!

How to Give a Surprise Proposal Present?

No. 1 The engagement ring inside an original picture book

You can make it by hand or use a service. Make an original picture book in which you look back on your memories with your partner and propose on the last page. On the last page, tie an engagement ring with a ribbon.

The point is to give it on an anniversary, such as your birthday or the anniversary of your relationship. This is a way to make people think it is a gift for that anniversary, but actually propose on the last page. It will be a one-of-a-kind picture book that you will keep forever.

Hiding the engagement ring inside something is a very popular way to propose. For example, a carefully wrapped engagement ring inside a gift of fine towels is the most romantic of all.

No. 2 Surprise your partner with a bunch of romantic candles

One of the most exciting ways to make a proposal is to blindfold the couple. Ask a friend to make the place where you want to propose incredibly romantic. For example, prepare a place decorated with lots of candles and flower petals.

On the day of the proposal, blindfold your partner and lead them to the center of the candles. When they take off the blindfold, there will be romantic candles swinging, and you will kneel down to propose to them. It will be a day you will never forget!

No. 3 Propose to a Disney lover at Disneyland

If your partner loves Disney, one idea could be to surprise them at Disneyland. That is to propose in front of Cinderella Castle at Disneyland with an engagement ring in a glass shoe.

It would be very embarrassing if you get rejected, but if you succeed, the advantage is that people around you will surely notice, and everyone will celebrate with you. For Disney lovers, this will be a proposal that will make them happy many times over. In particular, many people propose at Christmas, when Disneyland is the most romantic place of the year.

No 4. As a gift in return, propose to your partner

Prepare the engagement ring on the day your partner is expected to give you a gift for yourself, such as your birthday. After they have congratulated you in full and given you the gift, say, "Well, I'll give you one too," and return it with an engagement ring and a proposal.

They will be surprised and delighted by your birthday, which they never expected to be celebrated by you.

Make your happiness multiply many times over with a birthday surprise gift!


We introduced ideas and recommendations on how to give a birthday surprise gift and how to surprise someone with a proposal. They ranged from simple standard ones to full-fledged ones using professionals. Please combine these ideas or incorporate new ideas as you go along to surprise and delight your partner.

The success of a surprise gift depends only on careful preparation, anticipating various problems. We hope your surprise gift will be a great success on the day of the event!

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