[2024] What gifts were you happy to receive on your maternity leave? Manners and recommendations

A colleague who has been working with you is finally going on maternity leave. You want to give her a gift to express your wish that she will give birth to a healthy baby, but sometimes you are not sure what to send her.

In this article, we will introduce the etiquette regarding gifts before maternity leave, gifts that you were happy to receive, gifts you don't need, recommended gifts before maternity leave for the second child, and what to do in return. What gifts are recommended before maternity leave for the second child?

This article is supervised by Foo Tokyo's brand concierge and is based on our experience. Please use this article as a guide to help you choose a gift that will be appreciated.

Manners related to gifts before maternity leave


Unlike ordinary gifts, pregnant women are often nervous about giving birth and sensitive about changes in their living environment before maternity leave. Therefore, make sure to give a gift that is well mannered and not disrespectful.

Choose a gift that the expectant mother can use herself

For a gift before maternity leave, we recommend that you choose an item that the expectant mother can use herself, if possible.

Giving birth is a life-threatening event. While we want her to have a healthy baby, we are also concerned about what might happen if something goes wrong. This is why some pregnant women may feel pressured by the gift of baby items.

If possible, it would be safer to choose goods that the expectant mother can use herself or that she can use to raise her child after using them, so as not to put a burden on her.

Give a gift in an amount that will not cause problems when they think about giving something in return

If you give a gift that is more expensive than the market price because the birth of a child is a matter of congratulation, you may make the expectant mother feel uncomfortable.

In fact, before maternity leave, you are likely to receive gifts from several colleagues. Then, the expectant mother will return the gift with a private gift when she has given birth and settled down.

The beginning of parenthood is a time of high expenses for baby items and other items. If you have to give an expensive gift in return, you will be placing a burden on them. If possible, it is advisable to give a gift of 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen.

It is possible to give a pre-maternity leave gift as a group with colleagues at work

You can give gifts individually, but it is also possible to give gifts from a group. If you have a close relationship, check to see if there are any slightly more expensive items that you would like, and if you all give together, the expectant mother will be happy.

Add a message of support to the gift

When giving a prenatal gift, be sure to include a message of support for the birth of the baby. Pregnant women, especially those who are giving birth for the first time, have a lot of anxiety about their first delivery and are sensitive due to their hormonal imbalance.

At such times, a gift from a colleague with a message that says, "Good luck with the birth," or "We are rooting for you, too," will surely give them courage. Please don't just give them a gift, but also attach a heartfelt letter.

What you don't want as a gift of maternity leave?


Some gifts are seemingly easy to give as gifts before maternity leave, but some gifts may put pressure on some pregnant women.

While there is no absolute rule against giving such gifts, it is important to be aware of the mental state and feelings of the expectant mother, and check for gifts that should not be given to the type of person who might cause anxiety.

Amulets for safe delivery

Many people will go all the way to a shrine before maternity leave to get an amulet to pray for an easy delivery and give it as a gift. However, some pregnant women have suffered miscarriages in the past or are nervous about whether they will give birth safely due to illness or the course of their pregnancy.

While they would normally be happy to receive an amulet to pray for a safe delivery, some people may feel pressured to do the opposite and become mentally depressed. If you think the pregnant woman is in such a situation, it would be safer not to give it to her.

Baby items that can cause pressure

Baby items are also usually a nice gift, and many people actually give them. However, just as with amulets for safe delivery, some people may feel pressured to give these items depending on the circumstances of their pregnancy and how anxious they are about the birth of their child.

This is fine if it is a gift during maternity leave, but if you are not yet certain that the baby will be born safely, it would be a good item to avoid in the pre-maternity leave stage.

Caffeinated drinks to avoid if you are pregnant

During pregnancy, all nutrients are delivered to the baby through the mother's blood. So, you can't drink drugs, alcohol, caffeine, or anything else you used to be able to drink all the time. It is easy to forget this if you are not pregnant, but if you give a beverage as a gift, be sure to choose a caffeine-free beverage.

Caffeinated beverages are not acceptable as a gift. Even after the birth is over, you still cannot drink while breastfeeding, so be sure to avoid caffeinated drinks only.

Strong flavors that affect morning sickness

There are many different types of morning sickness, but there is also a type called "smell sickness," which is sensitive to smells and can cause nausea and sickness.

For this reason, it is taboo to give strongly scented items to those who experience strong morning sickness during pregnancy. It is common to hear that the smell of freshly cooked rice causes vomiting, and some people even find the scent of soap unappealing. Please give consideration to the strength of the fragrance.

Items you feel happy to receive as gifts before maternity leave


Next, we would like to introduce some of the most popular gifts that people have actually been happy to receive before their maternity leave. These are gifts that can be given with peace of mind to pregnant women, whose bodies and minds are delicate. Please check them out.

Organic cotton towel gift from Foo Tokyo

Towels are always nice to receive and can be used every day. If you are going to give a towel as a gift, why not give a real, high-quality towel that can be used on a newborn baby's skin? We recommend Foo Tokyo's organic cotton towels.

Foo Tokyoのタオルで顔を拭く女性

Foo Tokyo is a brand that offers a wide variety of items that are made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. We carry items that create a wonderful home time. The lineup includes towels, loungewear, cosmetics, and gifts of the highest quality.

Foo Tokyo recommends the "Foo Premium Bath Towel Gift Set," a luxury towel that is packed with Japanese craftsmanship and tradition.


Explore our towel collection here.

Foo Tokyo's towels are made from organic cotton, which accounts for less than 0.001% of the total cotton production, and are characterized by their fluffy texture. In terms of functionality, the towels have excellent water absorbency, sinking into water within 5 seconds, and dry quickly. Another key point is the long-lasting fluffiness, made possible by a special manufacturing process. The quality is so good that you can tell the difference the moment you put your face in it, and you can look forward to seeing the joy on the recipient's face when you give it to them.

All processes from production to quality control are carried out in Imabari, the birthplace of towels. The Imabari brand tag is also attached to this product as an Imabari towel brand certified product that has passed the high examination standards. The design is also very particular, and the embroidery of a gold bird is a key point.

FooTokyoのタオル 今治タオル

Various gift sets with towels are also lined up and recommended.


Foo Tokyo's gift boxes are also very stylish and popular. They are popular not only for maternity gifts, but also for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, promotion gifts, and various other gift-giving occasions. They are also good as a return gift for a maternity leave present.


Organic cotton that is gentle on your skin and the environment, a gift you will be happy to receive before you go on maternity leave

Because of the increased time at home, we also recommend giving pajamas, loungewear or loungewear.

Foo Tokyo ロイヤル オーガニックコットン ポンチョ & ワイドパンツ

In recent years, high-end pajamas made of organic cotton have been attracting a great deal of attention among women, with many items made of a material that is designated "royal," a material that exists in only 0.1% of the world, and items so well designed that they have even been worn in TV dramas.
Organic cotton pajamas, loungewear, and towels, which gently encourage childbirth while also being environmentally friendly, make ideal gifts before maternity leave.

ロイヤル オーガニックコットン ワンピース

From Maternity Leave to Paternity Leave, Baby Gifts for the Safe Birth of a Child


If you have a baby on the way and have not been able to give a gift for maternity leave, we recommend Foo Tokyo's Baby Gifts! If so, Foo Tokyo's baby gifts are the perfect gift for you.

The lineup includes a variety of items that will be necessary for the baby's upbringing, such as a swaddling clothes, a stylus, a rattle, and a belt cover, making it an ideal baby gift.

Foo Tokyo おぐるみ ベビーシフトセット

Because they are to be used by newborn babies, all cotton used is special 100% organic cotton. We use rare extra-long staple organic cotton, which accounts for less than 0.001% of the world's cotton production. The cotton is carefully hand-picked one by one to avoid damaging the cotton fibers, which is why it remains fluffy and textured when it is finished into yarn.

Foo Tokyoスタイ

Three colors are available: white, pink, and charcoal gray. The color concept is inspired by the Usuzumizakura cherry tree, one of the five most famous cherry trees in Japan. The cherry tree, which is 1,500 years old, is known for its pink buds that turn white as they reach full bloom and turn pale black when mature. You can choose your favorite color from three colors that remind you of your baby's future growth and good health. 

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Silk pajamas from Foo Tokyo

When you go on maternity leave, you will be spending more time at home. Why not send a gift of pajamas that will allow you to relax at home?

Foo Tokyoのシルクパジャマ

We recommend Foo Tokyo's Interior Like Silk Pajamas. These pajamas are part of Foo Tokyo's popular series.
Foo Tokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク
Created under the theme of "Wear the Intelier", this item is also inspired by Japanese ceramics. While previous silk pajamas have been plain, the new silk pajamas feature a design of acanthus, which has been loved as a sacred plant since ancient Greek times and evolved into a Japanese arabesque pattern through the Silk Road, as well as the Foo Tokyo logo, a bird.
Foo Tokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク カップル

The calm colors and design make these pajamas perfect for relaxing at home.

We also recommend Foo Tokyo's cotton pajamas

Foo Tokyo's cotton wool pile pajamas are also comfortable and highly recommended.

Foo Tokyoのコットンパジャマ カップル

These cotton-wool pile pajamas are made of cotton-wool fabric that is soft to the touch and perfect for fall and winter. Available in turquoise, lavender, and burgundy, these pajamas are perfect as a pair of pajamas. They are perfect for a pair of pajamas.

Foo Tokyoのコットンパジャマ ワインレッド

The surface fabric used is a smooth short pile that makes you want to touch it all the time. In addition, wool is also used to keep the pajamas warm and provide antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

Foo Tokyoのコットンパジャマ 三点

It is a unisex design, so we recommend that couples or married couples wear them together.

The language of flowers is "hope", a bouquet of gerbera

Pregnant women spend more time at home after maternity leave. Pregnant women who love flowers will appreciate the gift of a bouquet of flowers so that they can enjoy their time at home with elegance.

We recommend a bouquet of gerberas.


The language of flowers for gerbera is "hope". It is a perfect way to express your heartfelt congratulations on your pregnancy. Moreover, gerbera is a flower that does not wither easily, so it can be enjoyed for a long time.

Items recommended as gifts before second childbirth leave


Pregnant women who are expecting their second child before maternity leave are especially difficult to find gifts for. This is because most of the goodies may have been given to her when she was pregnant with her older child, and she may not need baby items because she has some hand-me-downs.

So, here are some items we recommend to give to an expectant mother who is expecting her second child before her maternity leave.

Picture book


We also recommend the gift of a picture book that can be read with older children. Picture books can be read over and over again, no matter how old they are.

Bath salts

We recommend bath salts as a gift for pregnant women who want to take their time and enjoy their bath time. Bath salts do not leave a residue, so they are a great gift for anyone, regardless of the recipient's preferences.
Foo Tokyo バスオイル

Foo Tokyo's bath oil is rich in plant oils that firm and moisturize the skin.

Based on Darjeeling Tea & Fresh Herb Green, which has a fragrant fresh aroma reminiscent of a luxury hotel, Dreaming Aroma has a fresh aroma, and Luxe Flower has a rich jasmine aroma. The comfortable time flows as if you are in a fantastic dream.Foo Tokyo バスオイル 商品写真

Explore our bath oils here.


There is no day off for mothers with small children. Every day is a battle against time, and you are probably struggling to take care of your child. Bathing your children is an important part of your child-rearing routine. After taking a bath together, you must thoroughly wipe your child to prevent him or her from catching a cold. From the risk of getting cold from the hot water, bathrobes can help protect the health of your family. The advantage of using a bathrobe is that it naturally absorbs moisture and retains heat if you let your child wear it anyway.

After getting out of the bath, the child can quickly put on the bathrobe, and the mother can quickly put on the bathrobe as well, and both of them will not feel cold.。
Foo Tokyoのプレミアム レディースバスローブ
Foo Tokyo's premium women's bathrobe striped pile is the newest addition to Foo Tokyo's popular line of bathrobes, finished in Foo Tokyo's original gray color with striped piping and a shirred surface for a super soft feel. The lining has a pile finish. The pile finish on the lining ensures water absorbency, making it a bathrobe that achieves both design and functionality. The length and sleeve length have been adjusted to create an item with a size that even women can wear without difficulty.
Foo Tokyo プレミアム レディースバスローブ ディテール
It is a bathrobe that can be worn over bare skin or over pajamas to experience the comfort of wearing it.

Give a gift before maternity leave with good manners!


Gifts before maternity leave take a lot of care, especially during the pregnancy period. However, it is okay as long as you keep basic manners in mind.
Please give her a thoughtful gift that she will be happy to receive, taking into consideration her physical condition and feelings.

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