[2024] Loungewear to bring to the hotel

When you go on a trip, you probably stay at a hotel, but what would you bring your own loungewear? Some people may want to use loungewear that is fashionable and comfortable for their trip. If you are traveling alone, or if you are traveling with your partner or friends, you may be especially concerned about this.

In this issue, we will introduce Foo Tokyo, a popular loungewear brand that you may want to bring to your hotel. There is a reason why popular brands are so popular.

Not only are the designs stylish, but the loungewear brand's products made of high-quality materials and comfortable to wear are highly recommended, and you will not be embarrassed to show them to anyone.

Of course, they are easy to use at home as well as in hotels, so you should definitely have at least one.

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What to look for in hotel loungewear

For loungewear, first and foremost, you want to be comfortable. Especially when traveling, you want to rest your body well in order to enjoy the trip, so you want to wear easy and comfortable loungewear to rest your body well at the hotel where you will be resting.

However, hotel loungewear requires something different from the loungewear you usually wear at home. You may spend time in the same space with your partner or friends, and the hotel staff may even look at your loungewear. For such hotel loungewear, not only comfort but also appearance is important.

If you are going to be seen by your partner or friends, you will want something with a beautiful and fashionable design, and if you are going to be seen by hotel staff or other guests, it is even better if it is of a high quality.

The carefully selected loungewear brands introduced here are all excellent products that combine "comfort," "design," and "quality".

Loungewear that you want to bring to your hotel: Foo Tokyo


Foo Tokyo is a leading Japanese brand of loungewear, featuring products made of high quality fabrics. Because of the high quality of its products, Foo Tokyo has attracted a great deal of attention as it has been adopted by "Kibune Ugenta," a long-established ryokan in Kyoto that has been awarded five stars in the Michelin Guidebook for nine consecutive years.

The use of the highest quality products, of which the world can be proud, makes spaces that are different from everyday life, such as hotel stays, even more special.

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Simple and wonderfully designed loungewear

Foo Tokyo's products feature simple designs that are easy to use for everyone, regardless of generation. Despite their simple design, they are carefully crafted using high-quality fabrics, giving them a clean and fashionable look.

A wide variety of different types of dresses, gowns, tank tops, pants, etc. are available in a variety of colors, so this brand is recommended for those who want to dress beautifully while also showing their individuality.

We recommend silk loungewear

FooTokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク カップル

These interior-like silk pajamas are a popular series from Foo Tokyo.

FooTokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク 女性 上半身 シャツ

Created under the theme of "Wear the Intelier", this item is also inspired by Japanese ceramics.

While previous silk pajamas have been plain, the new silk pajamas feature a design of acanthus, which has been loved as a sacred plant since ancient Greek times and evolved into a Japanese arabesque pattern through the Silk Road, as well as the Foo Tokyo logo, a bird.

FooTokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク 女性 全身

The calm colors and designs of these pajamas make them easy to wear for people of all ages, making them ideal for gifts and other occasions.

We also recommend pajamas and loungewear made of cotton fabrics

Foo Tokyoのコットン パジャマ カップル

These cotton wool pile pajamas are made of a comfortable cotton wool fabric that is perfect for fall and winter. They are available in two colors: lavender, which is gentle on the eyes before bed, and turquoise, which will lull you into a deep sleep.

Foo Tokyoのコットン パジャマ 女性 ネイビー

The surface fabric used is a smooth short pile that makes you want to touch it all the time. In addition, wool is also used to keep the pajamas warm and provide antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

Foo Tokyoのコットン パジャマ

It is a unisex design, so we recommend that couples or married couples try on matching outfits.

Quality loungewear because for an amazing hotel stay!


The hotel you use when you travel is a space where you can feel special and different from the everyday life. To make the special time more precious and enjoyable, we want to make it special from what we wear. It is also a good idea to use loungewear for travel that you would not normally use. It will help you forget your everyday life and make your special trip even more special.