[2024] Let's give pajamas for Mother's Day. 3 recommended items for women in their 50s

In this article, we will discuss how to choose appropriate pajamas for Mother's Day, based on the concerns of women in their 50s.

The second Sunday of May every year is Mother's Day. Many of you may be wondering if flowers are a bit too much every year.

This Mother's Day, why not change things up and send pajamas?

If you are considering a gift for mothers in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, this is a must-read.

In their 50s, women are prone to a variety of physical and lifestyle concerns. However, no matter how old you are, you want your precious mother to stay healthy.

Giving her quality pajamas that allow her to relax and spend time at home will help her to spend her days in comfort.

Before you think about pajamas for Mother's Day.... What you need to know about the mind and body of a woman in her 50s


Everyone experiences the changes that women in their 50s undergo.

Many women are perplexed by the various changes that occur when they enter their 50s, even though they had no problems or concerns when they were younger.

1. entering menopause, physical condition changes drastically

In their 50s, women undergo various physical changes. This age group is plagued by menopause and perimenopause.

At the time of menopause, female hormones decrease, and the mind and body suffer from the discomforts caused by hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms of menopause vary greatly from person to person, but some people experience severe symptoms. This is a time when every woman, more or less, finds it difficult to go about her daily life.

2. Various signs of aging

In one's fifties, it is easier to recognize that one's body is aging, as one's eyes begin to age, gray hairs increase, and skin becomes drier.

Some may even develop osteoporosis, a condition in which bone density becomes low and bones become brittle due to a decrease in female hormones and a decrease in activity and exercise.

Hair will become dry and shiny, and the quality of hair will deteriorate, even though it has been cared for in the past.

Thus, in your 50s, you will experience various physical changes associated with aging, and you will have to face your own aging, even if you do not want to.

Aging is a natural phenomenon, so there is nothing you can do about it.

However, compared to men, many women want to stay young forever, so there are many people who become mentally depressed by the realization of aging.

Stop being negative! What are the benefits of aging?

Although many people feel that the aging process is unpleasant, aging itself is not a bad thing.

There are many advantages to getting older.

1. Adult calmness

Because they have had a lot of life experience and have been through many things in their lives, they have the strength not to be upset by the slightest thing.

It can be said that it is only after a certain age that they develop a mature composure that the younger generation does not have, because they have mental composure.

Some people may find that things that used to bother them when they were younger seem like small things. 

2. You will have more time to enjoy life

Since they will no longer worry about every little thing, they will have the leeway to enjoy life to the fullest.

Women in their 50s who have built up their careers over many years or who have supported their spouses at home will begin to feel financially secure.

Financially well off and confident that they have handled work, housework, and childcare, they are free to do what they like in their own way.

In Japan, there is a general tendency to view aging negatively, but there are many things you can do because of your age.

Ageing is not just a disadvantage. First of all, the key to a comfortable life in one's 50s is to recognize this and not be overly negative.

Things to keep in mind for women in their 50s, whose bodies and minds are prone to change

There are several points that women in their 50s, who are facing a turning point in their bodies and minds, should keep in mind in order to enjoy and feel comfortable in their daily lives.

1. Be conscious of a positive outlook on things.

When various physical and mental ailments begin to appear, we tend to feel depressed and think in a negative way.

Try to think in a positive way and keep your mind upbeat.

2. View changes in the body not as aging but as the natural order of things.

As the term "anti-aging" (anti-aging/anti-aging) suggests, there is a general image that aging is something to be resisted.

However, aging is a physiological phenomenon that happens to everyone, so it is impossible to resist it 100%.

The more you force yourself to resist, the more depressed you will become if things don't work out.

3. Recognizing the beauty of an aged woman in her own way

There is the beauty of younger women, and there is the beauty of older women.

The two are so different that they cannot be compared in the same breath.

It is important to recognize that there is a beauty unique to one's age.

4. Moderate exercise and a nutritionally balanced diet.

Maintain physical and mental health by taking care of your exercise and diet.

5. Keep in mind to be well groomed and fashionable both at home and when out and about.

Keeping a fashionable appearance will keep you feeling young. Stylish pajamas are recommended so that you do not look sloppy at home.

For Mother's Day gift selection, points to consider when choosing a pajama brand for people in their 50s. 財布、香水、メガネ、アクセサリーなとの毎日の持ち物

1. Authenticity

The first point to consider when choosing pajamas for Mother's Day is authenticity.

Good materials that are age appropriate.

Many women are concerned about their appearance as their skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry, and the quality of their hair becomes hard.

To look beautiful, it is better to wear age-appropriate clothes rather than forcing yourself to wear clothes that are inappropriate for your age, so that you do not feel uncomfortable with your appearance.

Young women can wear inexpensive clothes and still look reasonably good.

However, if you are a woman of a certain age, it is recommended that you wear clothes made of authentic and good quality materials.

High-quality natural fibers are recommended.

For example, pajamas made of organic cotton or 100% linen are suitable materials for older adult women.

Genuine, high-quality natural fibers will make an older woman in her 50s stand out. Another advantage of both is their resistance to washing.

The more you wear them, the more supple they become and the more comfortable they become against your skin.

When worn as pajamas, wrinkles are a concern because of the amount of standing and sitting involved, but with linen, wrinkles are part of its texture.

Linen does not need to be ironed, so you can easily wear it every day.

2.  Comfort

Comfort is the next most important factor in selecting pajamas for Mother's Day.

Ease of movement is key.

As we get older, our body shape changes, and wearing clothes that constrict the body too much can be uncomfortable.

Pajamas should be loose-fitting and easy to move around in, especially since they are worn during relaxation time.

If you wear pajamas that are roomy enough to allow you to be active and move around, you will be more comfortable when doing household chores.

Some people may not like loose-fitting clothes because they are for older people.

However, there are plenty of loungewear options that are sophisticated and comfortable if you look for them. Choose designs that allow you to be active.

Natural fibers are recommended.

Recommended pajamas are those made of natural fibers.

Natural fibers are very soft to the touch and are less stressful to wear.

They may shrink slightly in the wash, but this is hardly noticeable if you have originally chosen a loose-fitting design.

You will be comfortable all day long, even if you wear them from the morning all the way to bed. Once you find one pair of pajamas that you like, you will enjoy every day.

You will be able to enjoy your favorite things, such as drinking coffee or gardening.

3. Elegance

Class is also an important aspect of Mother's Day pajamas.

Many people may have loved cute fashion when they were young.

However, as an adult woman, you want to focus on elegance rather than cuteness.

Cover your body shape with just the right size.

There are several points to consider when choosing pajamas that look classy.

First, choose room wear that is loose-fitting in design but true to size.

Wearing large-size clothes that cover up your body shape and wearing loose-fitting but loose-fitting clothes are quite different, although they may seem similar.

Oversized clothes may look cute on young women.

In fact, some may have loved to wear them when they were younger.

However, there is no denying that women in their 50s and older may find the clothes unbalanced with their age.

Natural fibers are recommended.

If adult women want to wear pajamas with elegance, natural fiber pajamas are recommended.

Natural fibers have a unique beauty, luster, and firmness in the fabric itself, and are of high quality.

They will produce a sense of elegance appropriate for older women.

4. Covering body shape.

In one's fifties or older, one inevitably becomes concerned about losing one's figure.

Many people are concerned about sagging around the stomach, buttocks, thighs, etc., and usually wear only clothes that cover their body shape.

When choosing pajamas, it is best to choose loose-fitting designs that cover the body shape well.

Choose a size and color pattern that is flattering.

However, be careful not to choose too large a size, as it will make you look fatter than you really are. Pay attention not only to size but also to color and pattern.

Expanding colors make the body appear larger. If you want to look slimmer, choose dark colors.

Also, while large patterns are gorgeous and attractive, they can make you look fat.

If you are looking for a floral pattern, choose a design with a scattering of small flowers instead of a single large flower to make your figure look slimmer and more attractive.

We recommend a design that sits moderately close to the body and subtly disguises areas of concern.

Natural fibers are recommended.

When it comes to material, natural fibers are the best choice.

Natural fibers are loose and comfortable, so they can cover your body shape well.

Natural fibers have excellent moisture absorption properties, so you can stay cool in the summer without exposing your skin or body shape.

5. Underwear is also important.

When spending time in your room wearing pajamas, pay attention to the underwear you wear underneath as well.

If you want to spend your time comfortably in your room, you may want to remove tight underwear, but if you do not wear a bra at all, your breasts may become misshapen.

In fact, the breasts have an organ called the Cooper's ligament.

This subcutaneous tissue is mainly composed of collagen and holds the breasts in place so that they do not fall.

This Cooper's ligament is fragile to impact and can stretch when subjected to external shock.

When the Cooper's ligament is stretched, it becomes less strong to support the breasts, causing the entire breast to droop downward.

It is said that once the Cooper's ligament is damaged, it is never repaired.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a beautiful bust line, you need to wear something that protects the Cooper's ligament from external shock.

You do not have to wear a tight bra, but you should wear an indoor bra or night bra that is less constricting.

Best Gift for Mother's Day! How to choose the best pajama brands for Mother's Day and features of pajama brands for 50s.


Pajamas that match the mother's taste.

Choosing something to wear as a gift, like clothing, is actually not an easy task.

It is very difficult to choose something that the recipient will like, because people have their own tastes in what they wear.

However, if a mother and her child know each other's tastes well, the child can choose pajamas that suit the mother's tastes.

If the parent and child live in the same house, they may be able to choose something even better.

Also, since they are pajamas, they do not need to be chosen with as much care as those worn outside the home.

You may be able to get the mother to wear not only what she likes, but also one that is a little more playful as a gift.

It is also a good idea for parents and children to go to the store together to look for pajamas, and it can be quite fun to spend a whole day browsing through several stores.

As adults, parents and children rarely have the opportunity to shop together due to their busy schedules.

By looking for pajamas, you can create happy memories of shopping together in good company.

Characteristics of Pajamas to Give for Mother's Day: About the Material

Let's take a closer look at pajamas recommended for women in their 50s. First, let's look at the recommended materials.


Silk is made of the same protein as skin, so it does not irritate the skin and is extremely comfortable to wear. Therefore, even those with sensitive skin can wear it with peace of mind.

Another feature of this material is that it does not generate static electricity, so it is easy to keep clean and dust-free, and it is also resistant to the smell of sweat.

Its excellent moisture absorption and moisture retention properties keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

FooTokyoのシルクパジャマ ネイビー

Organic Cotton

This material has a pleasant feel against the skin.

It has excellent moisture absorption and moisture retention properties unique to cotton, making it pleasant to wear in summer and warm in winter.

The fluffy appearance is gentle and comfortable to wear. They will create an elegant loungewear style.

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンパジャマワインレッド


This material has many fans for its unique crispness and feel. When new, it may feel rough, but as it is washed, it gradually becomes softer and softer, becoming more comfortable against the skin. It is prone to wrinkling, but this is a characteristic of linen and gives it a unique texture.

Linen has a cool, light appearance and is a suitable material for summer because of its excellent water absorbency, moisture absorption, and wicking properties.

It also has moisture retention properties, so it can keep you warm even in winter.


For winter pajamas, yak material is also a good choice.

This fiber is made from yak hair and can keep you very warm in winter. It looks elegant and is a perfect choice for pajamas for women in their 50s.

Characteristics of Pajamas for Mother's Day: About the Item

There are actually many types of loungewear, so here are some items recommended for women in their 50s.


Dress-style pajamas are superior in every respect, including ease of movement, body shape coverage, and stylishness.

Since the top and bottom are connected, it is an item that can be worn comfortably, is easy to move around in, and is highly fashionable.

Dress-style pajamas also give a decent impression, so you can deal with unexpected visitors without being in a hurry.

Another advantage is that it is very comfortable to wear, yet it makes you look feminine.

Wide pants

Wide pants are recommended for those who like to wear sporty outfits.

The volume around the thighs allows for easy movement and does not restrict the movement of the legs.

Standing, sitting, going up and down stairs, etc. can be done with ease.

While the pants style is boyish, the soft and fluffy silhouette gives a feminine look.


A gown is a very convenient item to have.

If it is made of cotton, it can be used as a bathrobe.

During the hot summer months, it is perfect for taking the heat off your body after a hot bath.

In winter, one made of yak material can be worn over pajamas to stay warm.

[Foo Tokyo Recommends] Pajama Items for Mother's Day for Women in Their 50s!

Here are Foo Tokyo's recommendations for loungewear and pajamas for women in their 50s.

1) Cotton Cashmere Knit Dress

コットンカシミヤ ニットワンピース

The first one is "Cotton Cashmere Knit Dress."

Elegant cuteness is appealing.

This dress has an attractive silhouette.

It has a voluminous feel and is made in a silhouette that makes it difficult to see the lines of your body, but the beautiful drape of the fabric makes it look elegant and dressy, so you can wear this dress stylishly when you go out.

コットンカシミヤ ニットワンピース ディテール

Use of high quality materials.

We are particular not only about design but also about materials.

The Cotton Cashmere Knit Dress is luxurious loungewear made of luxurious cashmere, so you can stay warm in your house with just one piece, even in autumn and winter.

2) Cotton wool pile pajamas

Next, we introduce Foo Tokyo's "Cotton Wool Pile Pajamas.

Made of precious cotton

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンパジャマ

The surface fabric of these pajamas is a smooth, soft short pile that you will want to touch all the time, and in addition, wool is used to keep you warm and provide antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

Foo Tokyoのオーガニックコットンパジャマターコイズ

Three elegant and gentle colors

These pajamas are available in three colors: lavender, which is gentle on the eyes before bed, turquoise, which will lull you into a deep sleep, and wine red, a new addition.

All of the colors are elegant and gentle. You and your spouse can choose matching colors.

3) Silk Pajama


Let me introduce you to another pair of "silk pajamas" from Foo Tokyo.

Dignified colors that are both vivid and soothing.


These interior-like silk pajamas are a popular series from Foo Tokyo.

Created under the theme of "Wear the Interior," the items are also inspired by Japanese ceramics.

FooTokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク
The silk pajamas have been plain, but the new silk pajamas feature an acanthus pattern, which has been loved as a sacred plant since ancient Greek times and evolved into a Japanese arabesque pattern through the Silk Road, as well as a bird design that is the Foo Tokyo logo.FooTokyoのシルクパジャマ インテリアライク ディテール

The calm colors and design make these pajamas easy to wear for people of all ages, and they make a great gift.

Foo Tokyo Online Store - 【Tops】Interior Like Silk Pajamas – Foo Tokyo Global

We also recommend these bathrobes.

FooTokyoプレミアム バスローブ ストライプパイル

Last but not least is Foo Tokyo's bathrobe.

Premium Women's Bathrobe Stripe Pile is the newest addition to Foo Tokyo's popular line of bathrobes.

It is finished in Foo Tokyo's original gray color and features striped piping and a shirred surface for a superb feel.

The pile finish on the reverse side ensures water absorbency, making it a bathrobe that is both design and functional.

FooTokyoプレミアム バスローブ ストライプパイルディテール

The length and sleeve length can be adjusted to make this item a size that even women can wear without difficulty.

You can experience the comfort of this bathrobe whether you wear it over bare skin or over pajamas.

Give the gift of top-quality pajamas for Mother's Day!


Women in their 50s and beyond often experience stress due to the many changes that occur in their bodies and minds.

Some of them even suffer from mental hardships. However, having time to relax in quality pajamas may alleviate some of their suffering.

Mature couples will look good in matching loungewear.

Mature couples can also look great wearing matching loungewear.

Enjoy time together as a couple.

One of the joys of being a mature couple is that, unlike when you were young and busy with work and childcare, you can spend more time together now that you have finished raising your children.

They can spend more time at home than going out and enjoy a relaxed two-person life.

Since couples can spend a lot of time together, why not try wearing matching loungewear to spend time together?

Start with pajamas and gowns.

Many loungewear is made separately for men and women, and it may be difficult to find matching loungewear.

Also, some couples may feel somewhat embarrassed to wear the same loungewear all the time.

In such cases, matching pajamas and gowns are recommended.

Some manufacturers make men's and women's pajamas and gowns in the same design, and it is also possible to choose a type that can be worn by both men and women from the start.

Mature couples who have reached a certain age can look very attractive in matching loungewear.

It would also be nice to enjoy a delicious drink together before bed.

For this special Mother's Day, choose a pair of high-quality, elegant pajamas that cover up your body shape and are comfortable to wear.

The loose silhouette, ease of movement, and washability of the material will allow your mother to relax and enjoy her time in peace.

If you keep these points in mind, you can choose wonderful pajamas that will make a woman in her 50s or older look beautiful even in her room.

Give your mother a pair of stylish pajamas that suits her well and let her always remember her femininity and stay healthy in body and mind.