Which Japanese brand of luxury pajamas is best? Recommendations & popular items for ladies

Wearing comfortable pajamas or loungewear relaxes the body and mind, allowing you to face the next day in comfort.

Pajamas and loungewear made of high quality fabrics have an excellent relaxing effect in addition to their functionality as indoor wear.

In this day and age, when many people are busy working, many people may be looking for comfortable pajamas/loungewear to make their time at home as comfortable as possible.

This article introduces "Foo Tokyo", a Japanese pajama brand popular among women as luxury pajamas that pursue comfort.

If you are looking for pajamas and loungewear with excellent design and functionality, it is best to buy from a brand that specializes in pajamas and offers high-quality products.

Please take a look at the benefits of spending time in luxury pajamas, how to choose, and our carefully selected and recommended items. 

How to Find [Luxury Pajamas] for a Quality Night's Sleep

高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

As time at home has become more important in recent years, pajama and loungewear specialty stores have increased in number.

Specialty stores offer a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes, making it easy to find your favorite items that suit your body.

Select the one you really like from the full lineup available only at specialty stores, using high quality materials.

Of course, you may feel that the price is high for items made of the finest fabrics and sewn with the utmost care.

However, if it has excellent functionality and design, you can use it for a long time instead of disposing of it for one season.

The best way to obtain comfortable and satisfying high-end pajamas/loungewear is to buy from a specialty store.

How can I buy pajamas/loungewear from a specialty store?

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If you look for items at pajamas and loungewear specialty stores, you will find your own favorite piece of clothing that you will love for a long time.

Buy at a physical store of a specialty store.

Pajamas and loungewear are meant for relaxation, so fit is important.

If they are too small, they will be too tight when you sleep, and if they are too big, you may worry that they will be too revealing.

The advantage of visiting a store is that you can check the actual fit and fabric.

If there is a specialty store nearby, it is a good idea to visit one.

Online shopping at the official website of the specialty store.

Normally, it is better to check the actual size and feel at a store, but if there is no nice specialty store nearby or you can only go to a physical store at a pop-up store, you can visit the official website of the specialty store.

These days, most brands can be purchased online from their official websites even if they do not have a physical store.

The official websites also provide detailed descriptions of the products, and you can find items that are not available in stores, and some even offer gift-wrapping services.

Foo Tokyo is available at department stores such as Matsuya Ginza and Osaka Takashimaya in Japan, and pop-up stores are held regularly, so if you are interested in seeing the actual products, please visit the stores in Japan.

Points to consider when choosing luxury pajamas.


Luxury pajamas are more expensive than regular pajamas, therefore we really do not want to make a mistake in the selection process.

So, what basis should we use to choose from among the many types of pajamas available?

Material quality and comfort

The first important factor is the quality of the material.

Since pajamas are worn every day, inexpensive pajamas often use synthetic fibers such as polyester that are easy to care for, but luxury pajamas are different.

What is mainly used are high-quality natural fibers. Silk, known as a luxury fiber, and rare varieties of cotton are used, which are comfortable to the touch and breathable, supporting a comfortable sleeping environment.

Since pajamas touch a large area of bare skin, make sure that the parts of the pajamas that come into contact with the skin are made of high-quality materials.

高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

Design and sewing quality

Luxury pajamas should also focus on the quality of design and sewing.

Choose pajamas that are carefully crafted and tailored in silhouette and have refined details.

Because pajamas are simple, attention to detail is important.

Another point to consider is the sophisticated design and color range. Choose a design that suits your style and taste.

Luxury pajamas must be both comfortable and well designed.

Paying attention to materials and design will ensure a good sleep experience and a sense of satisfaction.

What is the popular Japanese luxury pajama brand [Foo Tokyo]?

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One of the most recommended Japanese luxury pajama and loungewear specialty stores is Foo Tokyo, a Tokyo-based brand.

It debuted on May 23, 2018. It was created with the hope that all busy business people will find the utmost comfort at home.

The brand name comes from the "foo" (similar to a "phew," but in Japanese) that comes out of one's mouth when relaxing.

Foo Tokyo is a brand that offers comfort to tired bodies and minds to make tomorrow brighter.

The brand concept is "doing nothing = luxury" in today's world where people who work hard don't know how to rest and tend to work too hard.


高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド


With "Soak in the daydreams" as another concept, Foo Tokyo offers items that promise a relaxing time that makes you want to indulge in your fantasies.

Just as you exhale when you feel truly rested, wearing Foo Tokyo's loungewear will allow you to enjoy even more relaxing and quality time.
Click here to visit the Foo Tokyo online store.

What does Foo Tokyo offer for [Women's Pajamas and Loungewear]?


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Foo Tokyo's assortment of women's pajamas and loungewear includes tops, bottoms, dresses, camisole dresses, shorts, and nightgowns.

Materials are made from the finest silk as well as rare and organic cotton.

The silhouettes are also attractive and have been carefully studied by skilled pattern makers to ensure that they are not too tight on the body.

The secret of our popularity is a simple design that can be worn by people of all ages, yet has a sophisticated style that expresses a mature and comfortable feeling.

The secret is the simple design that can be worn by people of all ages, yet the sophisticated style with a mature and comfortable feel. But ordinary pajamas are not enough.


The brand has gained popularity among those who feel that "firmer pajamas are too cute to wear, but regular pajamas are not enough. But regular pajamas are not stylish enough".

高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

Another reason why Foo Tokyo's items are popular in Japan is that they are available in a wide range of sizes.

Many items are sold separately in top and bottom sizes, so you can freely choose the size combination that is comfortable for you.

Many people think, "I can't afford to buy luxury loungewear myself, but I would be happy to receive it as gifts."

Foo Tokyo's items are perfect for such needs. Foo Tokyo also offers a wide variety of gift services, making it a popular choice as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions for your loved ones.

Foo Tokyo's Recommended [Women's] High-class Pajamas and Loungewear
Let's take a look at some of Foo Tokyo's many assortments, mostly popular items for women.

In the latter half of the article, we also introduce items recommended for men, so please take a look at them for gift-giving ideas for men.

The most popular items [silk pajamas]

Foo Tokyo's silk items are made of 6A/5A grade fiber, which boasts the highest quality among silk.

We use 100% luxurious silk with a melting texture, and once you wear it, you will never be able to go back to other silk.

From simple silk pajamas to silk dresses and camisoles that can be used for everyday wear, the brand offers a wide range of products.

[Silk pajamas], a basic item that has been loved since the brand's establishment.


高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

Silk pajamas, which are synonymous with the brand, are so comfortable that they absorb to the bare skin, inviting you to a comfortable sleep.

Silk is a material that causes little damage or burden to the skin because it is made of protein close to the skin. For this reason, it is also called "wearable beauty essence."

Foo Tokyo's pajamas are not only made of silk, but also have a special attention to the sewing of invisible parts.

高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

The brand's synonymous silk pajamas have a "French seam" to hide the edges of the fabric, reducing the stress caused by uncomfortable edges touching the skin.

Since the same sewing method is used to make baby products for babies with sensitive skin, it is also recommended for those with sensitive skin.

高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

A total of five solid colors are available: mint green, pink beige, pearl white, elegant navy, and charcoal gray.

In addition, Foo Tokyo's original fashionable patterns are also available.

These luxurious pajamas can be recommended from all aspects, including their calm and elegant colors, smooth and comfortable fit considering the skin, and well-calculated silhouette.

Click here for silk pajamas

Comfortable and functional [Silk camisole and shorts] with cups.

高級パジャマ,シルクルームウェア,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド,キャミソール

For those who want to incorporate silk pieces more casually than pajamas, we recommend a camisole and shorts.

The silk camisole can be worn alone with cups, and the silk shorts have a lovely flared detail like a skirt.

The camisole has adjustable shoulder straps and a scooped back.

高級パジャマ,シルクルームウェア,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド,キャミソール

The shorts have a loose flare that covers the thigh area, creating a silhouette that looks great with style.

Both are made of the same top-quality silk fabric as our basi silk pajamas.

Depending on the occasion and time of year you wear them, you can coordinate them with a camisole and silk pajama bottoms, or silk pajama top and shorts.

The combination with the silk gown introduced next is also wonderful.

A lightweight [silk gown] that can easily be worn as a layering piece.


高級パジャマ,シルクガウン,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

Silk gowns give you a luxurious feeling just by wearing them.

This gown is made of the same silk material as pajamas and camisoles, and has the same melting feel.

It has a tie at the inside of the waist so there is no need to worry about the gown slipping down.

It is a comfortable piece that can be worn alone as a dress or easily layered over pajamas or loungewear.

The sleeves are slightly flared and half-length so they fit neatly at the wrist. It gives you an elegant look every time you move.

高級パジャマ,シルクガウン,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

A silk gown that can be easily worn during skin care after bathing or when drying your hair is sure to come in handy.

They are also popular as gifts for loved ones and as a treat for yourself.

Comfortable, easy-care [cotton] pajamas

Since pajamas are worn every day, we recommend cotton pajamas for those who think that pajamas should be easy to wash if possible.

The following pajamas can be washed at home, so you can wear them every day without hesitation.

Cotton pajamas are popular for fall and winter.

高級パジャマ,コットンパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

These classically shaped cotton pajamas are made of a cotton-wool fabric that feels great against the skin for fall and winter.

Foo Tokyo's proprietary blend of two natural functional fibers, ”extra-long Supima cotton” and a small amount of ”extra-fine merino wool”, creates a "special yarn.”

You will be addicted to the airy, melting feel as if you are wearing silk, and the unique, stress-free feel that does not restrict your movement.

高級パジャマ,コットンパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

Three colors are available: lavender, which is gentle on the eyes before bed, turquoise, which lulls you into a deep sleep, and burgundy, which makes you feel elegant.

高級パジャマ,コットンパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

The waist is elastic and the size can be adjusted with a drawstring.

How about these special cotton pajamas that have been carefully selected for their design, comfort, and fit?

Click here for a list of cotton pajamas.

Elegant dress-type loungewear for your time at home.

If you have a collection of high-end pajamas, you may also want to check out loungewear for a comfortable stay indoors.

In addition to pajamas, Foo Tokyo also offers a selection of luxurious loungewear made from high-quality materials. 

Organic cotton flared one-piece loungewear with a touch of elegance.

高級パジャマ,高級ルームウェア,ワンピース,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

This dress is made of royal organic cotton, a rare cotton that only 0.1% of the world's cotton is harvested.

The fabric is made by "nashiji-ori (pear skin finish fabric)," which produces fine bumpy texture like the surface of the pears, so the fabric does not stick to the skin, giving it a cool and comfortable feel.

The skirt part has a knee-length seam to create a gentle mermaid line silhouette. The skirt is finished with an elegant look.

The ribbon at the bust is in a different color, which is a key design feature.

Available in three colors: gray, beige, and navy, you are sure to find your favorite color.

Silk-like [Subin cotton long dress]

高級パジャマ,高級ルームウェア,ワンピース,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

This dress is made of luxurious Suvin cotton, the finest cotton available, and has a silky, moist feel to the skin.

The puff sleeves and ribbon at the bust are eye-catching.

The gathered hem at the back makes the entire dress sway softly as you move, creating a graceful atmosphere.

It is available in two colors, chic gray and navy. With its light and comfortable feel, this is a dress you will want to wear all day long.

Click here to see the list of dresses.

Silk lingerie that pleases bare skin.

高級パジャマ,シルクランジェリー,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

New items for Spring/Summer 2023 are the brand's first bralette and panties made of silk.

The highest quality silk material is the best fabric for lingerie that directly touches the skin.

The bralette is non-wired with cups, and the panties are designed not to constrict the thighs for stress-free comfort.

高級パジャマ,シルクランジェリー,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

It is available in pearl white, charcoal gray, and evening glow, as well as pearl white and khaki with lace design.

The lace is made of French river lace, which is also used for wedding veils.

This item can be worn with jacket innerwear or see-through tops for everyday styling.

Click here for the silk loungewear.

A gift for your loved one. Luxury pajamas and loungewear recommended for men.

高級パジャマ,コットンパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

How about giving your loved one a pair of luxurious pajamas or loungewear to help them relax during his busy days?

Foo Tokyo offers many items in men's sizes.

If you want to have a matching pair with your partner, check out the following items, which are available in a variety of sizes.

[Silk Pajamas] available in a variety of chic colors.


高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド,メンズパジャマ

As popular as they are with women, silk pajamas are still the most popular luxury pajamas for men.

All FooTokyo silk pajamas are available in unisex sizes, but two colors in particular are recommended for men: elegant navy and charcoal gray.

They are available in sizes up to LL, so tall men can wear them comfortably.

高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド,メンズパジャマ

As an unusual design for silk pajamas, the bottoms have pockets, so men who value functionality will surely like them.

Why not give the enchanting feel of silk as a gift?

The one and only formal design [Double-button organic cotton pajamas.]

高級パジャマ,コットンパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド,メンズパジャマ

This dress has an elegant silhouette with "double buttons" utilized in jackets, a typical formal wear.

Royal organic cotton, a rare cotton, is used for its silky soft and smooth feel.

In addition to being extremely comfortable to sleep in, the double-button top design that doesn't look like pajamas will make your sleep time more stylish.

This item is also used as indoor wear in private jets and luxury auberges.

Recommended for summer [Washi moss stitch bi-color polo shirt and half pants]


Ideal for spring and summer, this bicolor polo shirt and half pants are light and comfortable.

This washi moss stitch set up is made with a custom yarn made of Japanese washi paper and polyester yarn.

Washi paper has natural deodorizing, UV blocking and moisture controlling properties, and by weaving in polyester yarn with strength and quick drying properties, you can stay comfortable even on sweaty days.

With a stylish silhouette like sportswear, the design is useful not only as loungewear but also as one-mile summer wear.

The two color variations are blue and beige, and the coloring is fun whether you pair them together or use different colors.

Not only luxury pajamas! Popular items that add color to your relaxation time.

In addition to luxury pajamas and loungewear, Foo Tokyo has other items that will take your relaxation time to the next level.

Check out these items as a treat for yourself or as a gift.

Night gowns as a must have item.

高級ルームウェア,カーディガン,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド,

With its delicate transparency and elegant long-length silhouette, this gown is an impressive piece of clothing that helps regulate body temperature indoors.

It is made of custom-made ultra-fine Supima cotton yarn wrapped with polyester filament yarn.

This light, fresh material with firmness and strength creates a beautiful transparency.

If you look closely at the embroidery on the chest, you can see a bird, the Foo Tokyo brand logo, hidden among the roses.

This design expresses the blurred vision between reality and dreams in the form of a deceptive picture.

高級ルームウェア,カーディガン,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド,

When worn over silk pajamas, the embroidery overlaps the chest pocket of the pajamas as if it were pierced, creating a playful effect.

It is available in two colors: beige, which blends well with the skin, and black, which is easy to use in everyday life.

The wrinkle-resistant material makes it a useful piece for travel or to keep with you in an air-conditioned room.

[Imabari Towel] that makes bath time more luxurious.

高級タオル,今治タオル,Foo Tokyo,

Bath time is an important part of relaxing time at home. Here are some items that will take your precious time to the next level.

The organic cotton towel series, made from the highest quality organic cotton from India, is one of Foo Tokyo's most sought-after gift items.

Because the yarn itself contains air, it boasts outstanding water absorbency, sinking within 5 seconds after floating in water.

The cotton is processed from the yarn-making stage to maintain its softness, so it does not become stiff even after washing, and it is made to special specifications that allow it to remain fluffy without the use of fabric softeners.

The production is done in Imabari, which is said to be a famous towel production area in Japan. It has acquired the "Imabari Towel Certification," which is difficult to obtain.

高級タオル,今治タオル,Foo Tokyo,

It is embroidered with the Foo Tokyo bird logo, and the "white" of the towel and the "bird" of the logo symbolize happiness. 

As a good luck charm, this item is also appreciated as a gift for celebration or as a token of gratitude.

Wrapping your body in a high-quality, soft towel after taking a bath will help you reset your daily fatigue.

Click here for towel items.

[Bath oil] that leads to beautiful skin.

バスオイル,Foo Tokyo,

An essential part of bath time is a relaxing soak in the bathtub. FooTokyo's bath oil is a great way to spend time with yourself, watching a movie, reading a book, or thinking about something else.

It contains a rich blend of pure plant-derived oils, including rosehip oil (caninabara fruit oil), which has high moisturizing power and firms the skin, as well as rice nuka, argan, and other plant-derived oils.

While protecting your skin after bathing, which tends to dry out, you will be healed by the wonderful fragrance while bathing.

バスオイル,Foo Tokyo,

Just a few drops of bath oil in the bathtub will spread a luxurious fragrance throughout the bathroom.

As soon as you get out of the bath, the oil spread over the surface of the water creates a thin moisturizing film on your skin, so you can massage it into your skin without rinsing it off.

The item is also reasonably priced, so it makes a great little gift.

There are two scents in the assortment: Dreaming Aroma with a fresh aroma and Luxe Flower with a rich jasmine scent. It is fun to change the fragrance depending on your mood of the day.

Silk hair cap and pillow case for dreaming time.

シルクアイマスク,シルクピローケース,Foo Tokyo

How about silk items for body care while you sleep?

Silk has excellent moisture retention properties, so it does not get sweaty even when sleeping. In addition, it also has excellent moisture retention properties, so it keeps the moisture content of your hair and skin.

高級パジャマ,シルクアイマスク,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

Sleeping with the silk cap on also has the effect of preventing sleeping habits and protecting the cuticles of your hair.

The cap has a ribbon-like detail on the front and an elastic at the back of the head to prevent it from slipping out while you sleep.

It comes in the same color variation as Foo Tokyo's silk pajamas, so you can enjoy total coordination with your pajamas.

高級パジャマ,シルクピローケース,Foo Tokyo,

If you are not comfortable wearing a cap while sleeping, or if your hair is too long to fit in a hair cap, try changing your pillow case to silk.

It will protect not only your hair but also your skin from friction against the pillow.

You can also enjoy color coordination with pajamas.

Spend a luxurious and relaxing time in luxury pajamas!


高級パジャマ,シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,パジャマブランド

Luxury pajamas and loungewear are items that you can treat yourself to or give as a gift to a loved one.

With their sophisticated design and comfortable fit, they will turn your home time into a healing time.

Give your busy life a moment's rest by wearing these luxurious pajamas that care for your mind and body.