How to store pajamas and loungewear that are often left lying around? Recommendations for sleep and loungewear

Pajamas gently lull you to sleep, and loungewear adds color to your relaxing time at home. The question you may come across is, where do I keep my pajamas?

This article explains where to store your pajamas and loungewear.

Before we jump into pajama storage ideas, let's get a little more familiar with pajamas and loungewear.


How long should pajamas and loungewear be worn?

First of all, pajamas should be worn when you are sleeping, and loungewear should be worn when you are not sleeping but relaxing and laying around at home.

Even on days when you are at home all day, it is recommended that you change from pajamas to loungewear when you wake up in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Since the time spent in pajamas is less than that spent in outwear or loungewear, it is not necessary to wash pajamas every time. However, regular washing is necessary to maintain cleanliness.

Also, because loungewear is worn longer and gets dirty easily through activities such as eating and cleaning, it needs to be washed more often than pajamas.

Why should you decide where to store your pajamas?

Even if you decide not to wash them because they are only worn for a short time, some people may not feel comfortable putting them in the closet.

As a result, they tend to leave them lying around, or just fold them up and leave them by the bed, or put them somewhere where they can be seen.

Although it may seem convenient to keep them where they can be seen, it inevitably makes the room look a little less organized.

A less organized room can make even the most relaxing time in the house less relaxing. To solve this problem, it is very important to have a fixed place to store your items and make sure that you keep them there.

Tips for storing pajamas by scene.


Now lets get into the specific storage of pajamas and loungewear.

We will divide them into three scenes: when they are freshly taken off, just before washing, and storage of bulky pajamas, and furthermore, we will explain recommended storage locations.

1. Storing freshly taken-off pajamas on hangers.


Let the moisture out of your pajamas. Keep them clean.

How should you store pajamas and loungewear that you have taken off?

If you have only worn them for a short time and have not yet washed them, or if you have time to spare before washing them, we recommend hanging them on a hanger rack.

Pajamas and loungewear worn even for a short time often retain moisture, and if left in an unventilated condition, the moisture can damage the fabric.

Dry them in the shade on a hanger rack to release moisture and keep pajamas and loungewear clean and of high quality.

If you wear loungewear frequently, it is a good idea to hang your washed pajamas and loungewear on a hanger rack, not only the ones immediately after taking them off.

On the other hand, if you don't wear them often, fold them in the closet after washing. By storing unneeded items out of sight, the room will not look untidy.

Hanger racks are easy and come in many varieties.

Hanging clothes on a hanger rack is also easier and less time-consuming than folding them, and it also keeps them from looking untidy.

Various types of hanger racks are available, so choose the one that best fits the size and number of clothes in each room.

2. Pajamas and loungewear to be washed immediately should be stored in a basket.


Storing them in baskets is an easy way to do laundry right away.

Pajamas and loungewear that are washed immediately should be stored in a basket.

When you have room in your schedule and can do laundry immediately, fold them lightly and place them in the laundry basket.

Putting them in the basket makes it easier and easier to put them straight into the washing machine for washing.

Laundry baskets can also be used for interior decoration.

Many stylish laundry baskets are available these days, so they can also be used as interior decorations.

Choose the laundry basket that best fits your room with particular attention to materials and colors.

Storing your laundry in a laundry basket not only makes your room look less untidy, but it also makes your room look more stylish, which is killing two birds with one stone.

Of course, if you have time to spare before laundry, you can simply remove them from the hanger rack and wash them as they are hanging on the hanger rack.

3. compactly store bulky pajamas and loungewear in compression bags.

Foo Tokyoのコットン パジャマディテール

Bulky pajama and loungewear vaccum bags come in handy.

Many pajamas and loungewear with cute designs are made of bulky materials, and you may have trouble finding space to store them.

Vaccum bags can be useful for storing such bulky wear.

Cute, bulky pajamas popular among women, for example, can be put into a compression bag after washing and then put away in the closet, saving a lot of storage space.

It is a good idea to choose your pajamas and loungewear carefully.

It is easy to buy a lot of cute loungewear, but to save storage space, it is important to wear fewer and wear them more often.

Know that three or so pieces are enough to get you through the day, and be careful not to buy too many, especially bulky types.

If you are going to reduce the number of loungewear and be selective, you still want to have it in high quality. For quality loungewear, we recommend Foo Tokyo.

Foo Tokyo sells a variety of made-in-Japan loungewear that are carefully designed and made of the finest materials.

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Pajamas and loungewear should be stored in the place where you always change your clothes.


Decide where to put your pajamas and loungewear.

It is recommended that the storage area, hanger rack, and basket for washed pajamas and loungewear all be kept in the same place.

By keeping the storage place for the pajamas and loungewear you are going to wear and the storage place for the clothes you have taken off in the same place, that place will inevitably become the place where you change your loungewear, and the loungewear will not be scattered in any other room.

By creating a situation where you can take off your going-out clothes and immediately have clean loungewear at hand, you can spend a very comfortable time.

Points to keep in mind for clean storage of pajamas and loungewear.

椅子の上に置いているパジャマパンツThe following is an explanation of the absolute most important points to keep in mind when storing clean pajamas and loungewear.

Since pajamas and loungewear are worn when spending time by yourself without meeting others, it is easy to fall into a situation where you neglect taking care of them.

However, because the time you spend at home is special, you should take good care of them and keep them clean.

Leaving pajamas and loungewear in the washing machine instead of storing them is not a good idea.


Beware of germs and moisture.

Have you ever left your loungewear or pajamas that you plan to wash in the washing machine for a long time? Actually, that is not a good practice.

If you leave your undressed clothes in the washing machine, germs can grow and cause odors, and moisture can damage the fabric, which can ruin your favorite clothes.

How to keep moisture out.

If you have time to spare before washing, it is better to hang your clothes on a hanger rack to dry in the shade as mentioned above, or put them in a laundry basket to prevent moisture from accumulating.

Furthermore, those who keep laundry baskets in the bathroom should be careful, as moisture can easily accumulate in the room!

You can keep both pajamas and loungewear clean by turning on the ventilation fan to improve breathability.

If you are changing your wardrobe during a transitional season, be sure to wash both pajamas and loungewear before storing them.

FooTokyo スビンコットン ワンピース

Seasonal Wear.

As with going-out clothes, there are various types of pajamas and loungewear available for each season.

Foo Tokyo also sells loungewear made of various high-quality materials, such as cotton loungewear perfect for summer and white cashmere loungewear recommended for winter.

Be careful of yellowing.

Thus, it is necessary to change clothes for different wears used in different seasons.

However, it is not a good idea to store them in the closet without washing.

Even if the garment is only worn for a short time and does not seem to bother you, it is sure to be soaked with sweat. If the garment is stored without being washed and left in this state for a long time, it will turn yellow.

To avoid yellowing, be sure to wash your clothes before changing them.

Store securely with key points in mind! Five recommended pajamas and loungewear.


Based on the previous storage tips, here are some recommended pajamas and loungewear from Foo Tokyo, a lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of silk and cotton pajamas and loungewear.

1. Silk pajamas


These silk pajamas are from Foo Tokyo, a luxury pajama and loungewear brand.

The elegant colors and designs of these stylish pajamas first catch the eye, but the material used is 100% silk, which is also known as "wearable beauty essence".

Why don't you try these superb pajamas, which are made with the utmost attention to detail down to the seam allowance, and get a good night's sleep, which takes up 1/3 of your life time?

Explore silk pajama items.

2. Suvin cotton long dress 

スビンコットン ロング ワンピース グレー

This is the Suvin Cotton Long Dress in Gray, recommended for loungewear.

The material is 100% cotton, of which only 0.1% is harvested in the whole world, and the finest "Suvin" cotton, also known as "jewel cotton," is luxuriously used.

Subin cotton is harvested by hand, so the fibers are not damaged, resulting in a high-quality, delicate yarn with a silky, moist feel.

Enjoy the extremely soft thin fabric, the form-fitting ruffled sleeves, and the elegant silhouette of the dress.

3. Royal organic cotton T-shirt & wide pants

This is the "Royal Organic Cotton T-Shirt & Wide Pants in Gray" recommended for loungewear.

The T-shirt has a wide, loose-fitting design that gently wraps the body. The collar is covered with bias piping made of the same fabric, which is rare for loungewear, to reduce discomfort around the neck.

The bottoms are comfortable and loose-fitting, but with a transition in the front to create a silhouette that looks good. The front portion of the waist has built-in ties, while the rear portion is elasticized, making it possible to adjust the size while keeping a sleek appearance.

The item also comes with pockets, which is a nice feature for loungewear.

It is a comfortable and stylish loungewear with an elegant silhouette that is free from the dullness that is often associated with big silhouettes.

4. Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas.

These "Royal Organic Cotton Double Button Pajamas" are recommended as year-round pajamas.

These pajamas have an elegant silhouette with double buttons, which are utilized in jackets, a typical formal wear.

Yarns made from DCH cotton, which is gentle to the skin and the environment, have a silky softness and smooth texture that is pleasant to the touch. The fabric is made of cotton, so it is easy to care for.

Since it is made of cotton, you do not have to worry about the care of the material, and you can wash it in a household washing machine just like regular clothes.

5. Organic Cotton Sweatshirts & Sweatpants

オーガニックコットン スウェットシャツ & スウェットパンツ チャコールブラウン
This is the "Cotton Sweatshirt & Slit Sweatpants" recommended as functional and stylish one-mile wear.

It features a collared design, which is rare for a sweatshirt. In addition, slits on both sides of the shirt allow for easy movement while still having a design.

The sweatpants have a slit at the hem and can be fastened with a button, allowing them to be worn as either straight pants or wide pants, depending on your mood.

Although loungewear is "clothes for relaxing," Foo Tokyo's loungewear dares to incorporate a formal design into it, fulfilling the luxurious wish to be beautiful even during relaxation time.

If you want to stay comfortable, store both pajamas and loungewear neatly!

So far, we have explained the storage of pajamas and loungewear.

Stylish and high-quality pajamas and loungewear are essential items for spending a comfortable time at home.

Relaxing time in your room is very important to keep your daily life lively.

We want to keep the nice loungewear and pajamas that enhance the mood during such relaxing time stored neatly.

Correct storage will not only keep your room clean and tidy, but also keep your favorite wear clean and of high quality.

Why not review your storage to make your daily life more fulfilling?