"What is the meaning behind the gift?" How to choose the best gift for the recipient and the occasion, and recommended items.

What do you consider important when choosing a gift?

The criteria for selecting a gift vary from person to person, such as "whether it suits the recipient" and "whether it will make the recipient happy.

The basic idea is to give a gift that the recipient will enjoy, but there is a "clear meaning" hidden in the gift.

If a gift is given without knowing the meaning, it may make the recipient feel uncomfortable or cause misunderstanding.

In this article, we will introduce the good/bad meaning of a gift for each item.

Knowing the meanings of gifts, give your loved ones a gift that is a cut above the rest.

What is the meaning behind the gift?


You probably have some idea in your mind that "this is the gift for this celebration," such as giving each other a ring when you get married or a towel when you move into a new house.

While there is an aspect of "old tradition" in these gifts, there is also a meaning behind each item.

In Japan, there is a long-standing custom of valuing good luck and word-of-mouth, and this also comes into play when giving gifts.

Although too much attention to the meaning of a gift can make it difficult to choose the right one, it is worthwhile to keep the meaning of the gift in mind to avoid mutual disappointment.

The following is an explanation of typical items and their meanings, divided into four categories: gifts with good meanings in general, gifts with good meanings when given to lovers, gifts with good meanings when given to friends and family, and gifts with bad meanings.

As for gifts that can actually be purchased, please check out the recommended items from Foo Tokyo, a luxury lifestyle brand from Tokyo, which match the meaning of the gifts.

What is a typical gift with "good meaning"?

Foo Tokyo,ギフトボックス

Let's start by looking at gifts that have a good meaning that we are happy to receive.

In the second half of the article, we introduce Foo Tokyo items that you can actually buy.


It is said that consumable items are a good gift for someone who cares about you. Typical items include "bath salts," "handkerchiefs," and "towels.

Basically, giving consumable items as gifts has many good meanings. Towels have the meaning of "let's let bygones be bygones," and are recommended for wedding and get-well gifts.

There are many consumable items, so please research the meaning when purchasing.


Sweets, alcohol, and other items that can be given without hesitation and will be appreciated are ideal for gifts. Candy in general means "I want you to spoil me."

Digging deeper, candies mean "I want to be with you" because they can be enjoyed for a long time, and macaroons mean "someone special" because they are more expensive than other sweets.

Conversely, marshmallows are not suitable as a gift because they melt quickly, meaning "I don't like you."

Alcohol, the next most common gift, means "I want to drink with you, I want to be close to you," which is a great way to express your desire to get to know each other.


Various items that can be used on a daily basis are the go-to gift items.

If you are giving it to someone at work, you are probably more likely to give a mug, business card case, or ballpoint pen for use at work, or a pen case if you are giving it to a friend at school.

Mug cups are meant to say, "I want to be your friend, I want to get to know you."

Although it is an accessory item that can be easily given as a gift, it has a good meaning, but it also has a bad meaning, so you should be a little careful.

Writing utensils, business card holders, and commuter pass cases are actually not suitable gifts because they mean "be more diligent," "study hard," or "work hard."

Foo Tokyo's recommended gifts for immediate purchase.

Above were examples of gifts with good meanings.

Now we will introduce some of Foo Tokyo's items that we recommend as gifts with these meanings.

Recommended for wedding gifts and get-well gifts, Organic cotton towels.

Foo Tokyo,オーガニックコットンタオル,今治タオル,タオルギフト

Quality towels are recommended for wedding and get-well gifts, as they mean "let bygones be bygones."

At Foo Tokyo, towels made of organic cotton are often chosen as gifts.

The towels have a sophisticated and fashionable design but are also full of Japanese tradition and the spirit of craftsmanship, and are often praised for their "exceptional softness that I have never experienced before.

Once you use them, you will never go back to the towels you have used before."

The high quality of each towel, carefully made by Japanese craftsmen, is sure to captivate anyone who uses it.

Three colors are available: white, pink, and charcoal gray.

Foo Tokyo,オーガニックコットンタオル,今治タオル

All towels are certified under the Imabari brand, known for its "Imabari Towel," and are manufactured in Imabari, a famous towel production area in Japan.

The lineup of sizes ranges from mini hand towels to bath towels in standard shapes.

Gift combinations are also freely available, so please choose according to your budget and the lifestyle of the recipient.

Explore our towels here.

Aroma bath oil, delivering refreshment.

Foo Tokyo,バスオイル

Aroma bath oil is the perfect gift for those who are always working hard and want to relax.

Foo Tokyo's bath oil is rich in plant oils that firm the skin and have high moisturizing power, bringing moisture to the skin after bathing.

It has a luxurious fragrance that makes you feel as if you are in a luxury hotel, and there are two types of fragrances in the lineup.

Luxe Flower is based on the fragrant Darjeeling tea and fresh herbal greens that evoke the image of a luxury hotel, with a rich jasmine aroma.

Dreaming Aroma has refreshing citrus notes of lemon and bergamot in the top notes, followed by the elegant scent of Darjeeling tea and fresh herbal greens.

The price is reasonable, so it would be just right for a small gift for a friend.

Plus, since it is a small consumable, you don't have to worry about it taking up too much space, and we recommend giving it as a housewarming gift with a set of towels.


Foo Tokyo,ギフトボックス

Next, Foo Tokyo recommends the following items that have good meaning to give to friends and family.

Building long-lasting relationships, Silk products

Foo Tokyo,シルクパジャマ

Silk is the longest fiber per strand among natural fibers. It is said that 1,000 meters of fiber can be obtained from a single cocoon.

Silk is a fiber that has been valued since ancient times for its brilliance and efficacy. When you give silk as a gift, why not include the meaning of "building a long-lasting and shining relationship like silk"?

Foo Tokyo's representative silk items are made of rare 5A and 6A rank silk, the highest rank in the world.

Among them, silk pajamas are often chosen as gifts for important occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, and are the brand's No. 1 most popular item.

Silk is a material that is not hard on the skin and leads to deep sleep. If you know someone who usually works hard at work or housework and is tired, please give them these as a gift.

Silk Pajamas

Foo Tokyo,シルクパジャマ,パールホワイト

The most popular pajamas are plain silk pajamas in beautiful colors inspired by traditional Japanese colors.

The finest silk is carefully stitched one by one by Japanese craftsmen.

Silk is a gentle material for skin and hair because it is made of protein similar to human skin and hair.

Its moisture-dissipating properties make it comfortable even in summer, and its ability to retain moisture protects it from drying out in winter.

It is available in five colors: elegant navy, pink beige, mint green, charcoal gray, and pearl white.

Sizes range from S to LL, so it can be worn by unisex people.

We have thoroughly removed any discomfort when wearing it so that you can relax to the maximum when sleeping.

By adopting the sewing method used when making baby clothes, the seams do not touch the skin for ultimate comfort.

Explore our silk pajama collection here.

Watercolor Silk Pajamas

ウォーターカラー シルクパジャマ,Foo Tokyo,シルクパジャマThe water-colored silk pajamas, created in 2022, are popular for their unique design.

These items are designed to be "resort sleepwear" that allows you to share an enchanting view as if you were in a dream.

The wish is that the clothes will allow you to go back and forth between "dream" and "reality".

The misty lakeside and hazy atmosphere of the air, which are symbols of resorts, are expressed through abstract paintings and watercolors.

The lineup includes two colors, Misty Lake and Evening Glow.

The "Misty Lake" is a beautiful gift to give with such a thought in mind. It is wonderful to give as a gift with such a thought in mind.

Lace silk shirt and bottoms

Foo Tokyo,シルクパジャマ,レースシルクパジャマ

In response to the demand for comfortable silk pajamas that can be worn outside, a fashionable silk set-up that can be worn outside debuted in 2023.

This artistic and beautiful silk shirt and silk pants are made of standard silk fabric and decorated with Art Nouveau style domestic embroidered lace carefully made in Japan.

This luxurious and sumptuous piece can be worn not only as relaxing wear but also as the hero piece of an outfit for special occasions.

The silk shirt has a more formal look with its double-layered placket that hides the buttons.

The silk pants have a slightly slimmer design than conventional silk pajama bottoms for a clean and stylish look.

Shadows falling from the lace create beautiful patterns on the skin. The design is meant to say, "When the sun goes down, when it comes up, let's be together for a long time to come."


Silk pillowcase

シルクピローケース,カーキ,Foo Tokyo

A lighter gift than pajamas is a pillow case made of 100% silk.

Silk also helps to moisturize hair, so this item is especially recommended for those with long hair or those who are concerned about hair damage.

The fabric is the same as that used for pajamas, so matching pajamas is also recommended.

Why not give a silk pillowcase as a gift with the thought, "I want to live with you and have good dreams with you."

We also offer silk eye masks, scrunchies, and hair bands.

Cotton Pajamas that will make you "love them more."

For a more casual gift than silk, cotton products are the best choice, as they are easy to care for.

Cotton means "to like/agree" in English, mainly used in the United States.

Why not give them to your family, friends, or other loved ones with the intention of "liking you even more than you already do”?

Double-button pajamas.

Foo Tokyo,コットンパジャマ,ダブルボタンコットンパジャマ

First, we would like to recommend the double-button pajamas, one of Foo Tokyo's most popular cotton pajamas.

This product was designed to be "formal wear" and is the complete opposite of pajamas.

A jacket is a typical example of formal wear. The double-button design often seen on such jackets was adopted to create an elegant silhouette for pajamas.

The pajamas are made of DCH cotton, a rare extra-long staple cotton that only 0.1% of all the cotton in the world can be harvested and are characterized by their silky softness and smooth feel.

It is a unisex design and available in a wide range of sizes from S to LL, so why not try matching them for couples or lovers?

You will surely fall in love with each other even more than before.

Cotton wool Pajamas

Foo Tokyo コットンパジャマ

How about cotton wool pajamas, a blend of cotton and wool, for a gift for the fall and winter seasons?

These pajamas have a classic shape, but the fluffy texture of the material and fashionable coloring make them popular.

Victoria Merino Wool, a "special yarn" made by crossing the natural functional fiber "extra-long Supima cotton" with a small amount of "extra-fine merino wool," is produced using Foo Tokyo's proprietary blend.

This gives the garment an airy, melting feel like wearing silk, and a unique, stress-free feel that does not restrict movement.

These cotton pajamas offer the highest level of comfort, overturning the image of wool as "prickly" or "easily stuffy" while maintaining wool's characteristic heat-retaining and odor-eliminating effects.

【トップス】コットンパジャマ ワインレッド - Foo Tokyo公式オンラインストア

It is available in three colors: light lavender, stylish turquoise, and chic burgundy.

Many couples purchase matching items, and they are popular as gifts for birthdays and other occasions.

Foo Tokyo Online Store - 【Co-ord】Cotton Pajamas Lavender – Foo Tokyo Global

Foo Tokyo Online Store - 【Co-ord】Cotton Pajamas Turquoise – Foo Tokyo Global

【SET-UP】Cotton Pajamas Wine Red – Foo Tokyo Global


Royal Organic Cotton Flared Dress

Foo Tokyo,ロイヤル オーガニックコットン フレアワンピース,ルームウェア

If you want to give loungewear to a woman who loves pretty things, we recommend the one-piece type.

The Royal Organic Cotton Flared One-Piece is generously made of rare royal organic cotton.

The "crepe de chine knitting" used for formal wear adds a unique firmness to the fabric, making it more than just loungewear, but also a one-mile wear.

A seam under the chest gives the garment a style-enhancing effect. The flared design around the legs allows the fabric to sway gracefully.

Since it is made of cotton, why not give it as a gift to commemorate the beginning of living together with your girlfriend with the feeling of "liking each other more"?

Foo Tokyo Online Store - Royal Organic Cotton Flared Dress Gray – Foo Tokyo Global

Foo Tokyo Online Store - Royal Organic Cotton Flared Dress Gray – Foo Tokyo Global

Gifts that mainly have "good meaning" when given to a lover.


Next, let's look at gifts that have good meaning when given to lovers and partners, among others.

These are also items that are safer not to give to anyone of the opposite sex other than a lover, as they are a little heavier in meaning.


Giving jewelry as a gift implies "exclusivity.” Rings have a particularly strong meaning.

In addition to "possessiveness," rings also have the meanings of "bondage," "important presence," and "Restraint on others."

Since rings are often worn all the time, they are indispensable items to pledge eternal love, such as wedding and engagement rings.

If a ring is given to you by someone of the opposite sex you are dating, it probably means that he or she cares about you that much.

However, be careful about giving a ring to a person of the opposite sex with whom you are not in a relationship.

Since it means "exclusivity," it may be seen as heavy-handed or misunderstood. It is better to give it to your girlfriend only.


Basically, jewelry that has a ring around it has a strong tendency to be possessive, as in "I want to bind you." Necklaces are one of them.

Although the meaning is not as strong as that of a ring, you should be careful about giving a necklace to someone you are not close to or do not like.

However, they can be given more casually than rings, making them ideal gifts for couples or lovers. Choose a necklace that you think the recipient will enjoy.


For men who work mainly in suits, a tie is a practical item that you can never have too many of. It is also a standard item for women to give as a gift to men.

The meaning of such a necktie is "I'm crazy about you." In other words, "I love you."

However, if you give it to a man saying, "I want you to wear it all the time," it can imply "possessiveness," so be careful when giving it to a man.

On the other hand, neckties also have a meaning of "respect." It is recommended to give it to your boss at work or a senior colleague who has been a great help to you.


Watches are another classic special occasion gift item, but they have a variety of meanings.

The most obvious one is "I want to mark the same time as you." It is very romantic and a great gift to give to your sweetheart.

It is important to note, however, that this meaning is for a man giving it to a woman.

When a woman gives a watch to a man, it means "I want to keep your time."

Furthermore, the meaning also differs in the case of a gift from a parent to a child. In this case, it means "work hard at your work or study."

If there is something you want them to work hard on, it may be a good idea to give them a watch as a gift to cheer them up.


Scarves and neck warmers are classic winter gifts.

Since they are worn around the neck, they, like neckties, mean "I'm crazy about you" or "I want to be bound to you."

It also means "I want to spend the night with you," so do not give it to anyone other than your girlfriend.

Gifts with "bad meanings"

So far we have introduced gifts with good meanings, but the gifts below are mainly those with bad meanings.

The meanings have changed over time, but some gifts should be given with caution depending on the age and lifestyle of the recipient.

It is best to keep them in mind when considering a gift.


Aprons can also mean "work harder.# It is just a standard gift, and many people may not have known about it.

When giving it to a good friend or loved one, you may not have to worry so much.

However, if you give it to your in-laws or a friend's partner, avoid choosing an apron as a gift because it may offend them.


Many people give matching chopsticks as a gift on wedding anniversaries, for example, as it means "a bridge (chopsticks) that connects people."

However, it may have a very bad meaning if given to an elderly person.

In fact, it is said that when chopsticks are given to an elderly person, it has the meaning of "a bridge across the Sanzu River," and the message may be "I hope you pass away soon."

However, it is important to remember that giving chopsticks as a gift from a young person to an elderly person can also mean "passing the bridge (chopsticks) of good cheer."


Lighters are a classic gift item for men, including those with names or vintage ones.

Although they are a great gift item for cigarette smokers, they are actually considered a bad choice for "housewarming" or "opening a new store" gifts, as they are associated with fire.

If you give a lighter as a gift, consider its timing.

When giving a gift, think carefully about the "hidden meaning."

Foo Tokyo,ギフト

In this article, we have introduced the various meanings of gifts and recommended items that have good meanings.

Some of you may have thought back to gifts you gave in the past, saying, "I never realized that the gift I gave at that time had such a meaning."

Some gifts have different meanings depending on the recipient.

The time you spend thinking about what kind of gift would make the recipient happy, while taking into account their situation, will surely be invaluable.

If you know the meaning of a gift, you will be able to give something that will please the recipient without making a mistake in the occasion.

Please use the information in this article to help you choose the right gift.