A pure white towel gift to celebrate special occasion.


As we enter June, we often hear the term “June Bride”.

June Bride is an old saying goes that Brides who marry in June will be happy of all times, the reason why many couples decide to get married in June is simply for the blessing month that comes up. 

From an ancient times in Japan, there has been a custom of arranging the lucky charm during the celebration. 

When it comes to celebrating the beginning of the marriage, 

people would send out the gifts to their wished for their long-lasting happiness.

Foo Tokyo's " towel gift " is chosen as such a wedding gift. 

- Why choose Foo Tokyo towel gifts

1. Lucky charm 

Towels are made by each threads tying together, considered as the gifts related to each connection we've encountered in life, also being very popular as perfect suit for wedding gifts.

Foo Tokyo is embroidered with our representing logo, the blessing bird that symbolizes the meaning of peace & happiness, celebrating the special occasion together. 

2. One-of-the-kind fluffy texture 

The towels are made from the rare & hand-picked organic towels, softly tender fabrics that wouldn't be harmful to your skin, the quality is surely guaranteed. 

Peace & happiness are brought to lives.

Foo Tokyo offers pure white towel gift as a blessing wedding present to each others that celebrate the eternal happiness of each all. 

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